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How to Style Double Breasted Suit for Men

Posted on February 15 2021

What is a Double Breast Suit?

A double-breasted suit is a jacket designed specifically for men. It has front lapels overlapping two-button pillars. The term "double-breasted suit" usually refers to an entire garment: a double-breasted coat and trousers. A jacket, blazers, and trench coat can all be double-breasted.

Double-breasted suits have been popular from the mid-1930s to the mid-century later, and dates back to the mid-1980'smid-1980's and remained popular until the mid-1990'smid-1990's. It was boxy and square, the jacket was longer, and the lapels were wider.

Unlike the old days, blazers with two modern breasts are artfully crafted and cut short. The jacket stays close to the body but is not tucked in, and the sleeves are cut at the top to make them look clean. The shoulders are natural, soft, and designed for rather than sharp and robust. It was made for a double-breasted suit that reserved its original sense of beauty while embracing modern minimalism. 

The office is an excellent place to play a two-breasted suit, stand out from the crowd. For everyday work, the simplest is better, to choose the design of 6 × 2 buttons. Tie the center button while leaving the bottom undone, and keep it that way - standing or sitting. The anchor button should also be fastened at all times.

Double-breasted suits are a statement on their own, so you may feel like you need to go overboard with great prints and patterns. It's also essential to create your primary colors like navy, gray, black, and maybe even a subtle look if you feel like a little playful.

How to Style Double Breast Suit 

Without a doubt, a single-breasted jacket is more convenient than a double-breasted one. However, not only does a double-breasted jacket suit any occasion well. It is also matchless, both unique and providing a bit of a delicate look. 

When it comes to wearing a double-breasted jacket accurately, the same rules apply to any other coat: the middle button must be fastened, or the top and the middle one. 

Not everyone feels comfortable with a double-breasted jacket: some say the jacket should have buttons open; others suggest keeping buttons to protect the creases. 

Double Breasted Suit with White Pants

White pants with two breasts are best to make a style statement. The jacket's seamless roots - with links to the peacoat - make it the perfect blazer for summer. And a sharp outer layer when you want that clean seafaring look. A white shirt with sweet cotton is a great base, allowing a royal or red jacket to go around this boat style.

Double Breasted Suit with Jeans, T-shirt 

It is an indication of how twisted the old rules of men's clothing are that you can now wear a double-breasted jacket with jeans, sportswear, and elite trainers and still get a quiet nod of approval from passers-by who love the street. A double breast suit is a classic outerwear, suitable for fall or under a winter coat when the temperature drops steadily.

It is also a fashion that sells well to work, accept high and low conflicts, both formal and informal. Wear some mid-length, loose-fitting, retro trainers and a sweatshirt or hoodie top - then transform that student outfit into one of the most thought-provoking outfits with a sizeable double breast jacket that makes you look smart, sleek, modern, and refreshing, all at once.

Double Breasted Suit with T-Shirt

Staying casual is one thing but staying formal is another. When the weather is hot, there is no need to throw a two-breasted suit.

If you want to look is a bit relaxed, so you are allowed to wear it with a t-shirt. But be careful with the quality of your tea and the choice of sneakers.

"If you're wearing a double-breasted suit and sneakers, make sure they are clean white tennis shoes and stay away from unusual (torn, thick, and hairy) sneakers. 

Double Breasted Suit with Shorts

You can wear a double breast suit with shorts to make your style. When it comes to polo activities, a man can't go wrong with nice shorts and a double breast suit.

A double breast suit and matching shorts feel a little out-there at. First, the combination is unexpectedly practical. Add some chunky sneakers with a double breast suit and shorts for the ultimate mix of business and pleasure.

Where to Wear

1. Casual

The great thing about double-breasted suits is that they work amazingly well. You might think of style as the most complete and formal of the informal setting. But it is a combination of the double breasts' traditional appearance with an exceptional finish that makes for a pleasant association. For some reason, it just works.

Your sartorial intuition will be an essential factor in how you wear a double-breasted suit. Pair the double breast suit with chinos, jeans, or shorts in a natural way. Bright colors are great, especially the summer vibe. One way is to combine the perfect suit with white trainers and a colorful shirt. Anyway, what happens under your jacket sets the tone. Tie a tie and go for a T-shirt or linen shirt in a minimal, casual style.

2. Formal

A double breast suit is the best way to style up at your formal events to look handsome and stand out. 

For a night out, a double-breasted jacket is a good choice. It can be worn in many dating venues, whether it be a fancy restaurant or a cocktail bar.

A double-breasted tuxedo is just as good as your wedding dress. It is one of the most formal ways to wear a double-breasted suit. Pair with a black tie and Oxfords, leaving you looking classy and polished.

A double-breasted white suit is a bold choice that works well for most formal occasions, too. Black loafers and a black handkerchief will complete your look and leave you feeling sophisticated and classy.

A blue and black double breast suit is the perfect way to take a serious business meeting seriously. A red or blue tie and brown loafers complete this look of power.

 A double-breasted gray suit jacket with matching pants is a great way to dress for a business conversation. Wear this with a clean shirt. It will leave you feeling superior and professional.