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Mens Al Pacino Tony Montana Scarface Package | White Suit + Red Shirt



This is a classic 2 button white suit that will have you be looking like Pacino as Tony Montana in Scarface, taking in the Miami Parties. Perfect Halloween costume. Pants come 6 inches smaller than jacket. Comes with Red Dress Shirt.

When the topic of dressing for Halloween comes into context most would suggest the obvious options of the dracula and the deranged joker. While these are great outfit choices for Halloween it involves a lot of dedication and time to create the standard imitation of these outfits. Men who haven't got the time for this or the ones who would like to appear sharply dressed on Halloween may not be very convinced with trying out these costumes. In that case you will have to select the Halloween costume that will help you dress in a decent way and also which is easy to put together. In this article we discuss about scarface white suits and why this is the perfect match for all those above mentioned conditions.

 If you are a fan of cult classic movies then you would have definitely heard about scarface. But for those who don't even have a vague idea about what we are talking about then we are obliged to explain. Scarface is a  movie that came out in 1983 and it is based on the life of Al Capone who was a Cuban immigrant who rose to power as one of the most feared gangsters ever to have lived in America. Al pacino plays the role of the main character and has delivered one of his best performance as the gangster.bThe movie did not have a great reception on its release since it was critiqued to have immense violence and the gore in the film is too much to digest. But with time scarface seems to have gained a massive fan base all over the world and has earned the cult classic status.

 Apart from the unforgettable storyline and the screenplay the movie is also well known for the wardrobe choices of the main character. Mens scarface white suit is one among the styles that gained a lot of attention even from the fashion experts. All the Tony Montana outfits in the movie are designed to showcase the characters love for dressy styles. This stems from the fact that the real Scarface was also  very fond of quality and stylish clothing and never slipped in that area. The film has done justice to that aspect and the popularity of the outfits even after almost 45 years of the films debut is one of the proofs. If you are a fashion enthusiast and still haven't watched the film then you should definitely give it a try.

 The Scarface white suit is simple and therefore easy to put together. It will not need much time and effort. As mentioned before the film is almost a classic and thus you will not have to describe and explain your outfit to everyone since it is pretty famous. You just will have to out minimum effort and you will be resulted with one of the best styles for a Halloween night or any costume party. Thus it will save you a lot of time and tension when you go with the Scarface white suit  for this Halloween costume.

 Scarface was the actual nickname of Al Capone since he had a scar on his cheek. He was conscious about the scar and even asked to be photographed on the other side. The film was named after this detail though all through the movie Tony Montana is only referred to Scarface only once. Now coming back to the Scarface white suit the first one we are going to discuss is the one that he wears in the wedding scene. It is already established that scarface is not one for subtle dressing. All through the fim he appears in eye catching styles like floral shirts and bright colored suits. This is actually the perfect depiction of the dressing style of Al Capone since he is probably the only criminal who never acted like one. He was often spotted in public taking evening strolls dressed in high quality suits. He loved to flaunt his wealth and one of the ways to do this was to dress in expensive clothing. He never considered himself to be a criminal though he was involved in a drug cartel and supplied alcohol but more of a business man. And due to this he attended public events but was never arrested since the police could not gain substantial evidence about his crimes.

 Considering the characters love for fine clothing it is not surprising when Al Pacino appears in a flashy white tuxedo for his wedding. The scarface white wedding suit is more of a cream color. But most of time it is referred to as the white suit. The Scarface white suit is eye catching and gives Al Pacino a great look. Here are the details of the Scarface wedding white suit in case you are going to adopt this style for the Halloween costume.

 The single breasted Scarface white suit fits Al Pacino beautifully and little on the bigger side. The 2 button Scarface white suit jacket has padded shoulders and slightly hangs off the torso. As for the details the white suit jacket comes with welted breast pockets, ventless back and straight hip pockets with flaps. Al Pacino wears the suit jacket open the whole time perfectly delivering the swag of the gangster.

 The Scarface white suit comes with a best which has a notched bottom. The 3 piece Scarface white suit is a perfect look considering that it is a special occasion which is his wedding. The vest of the Scarface white suit is single breasted and is worn with reserve pleated trousers. As for the Scarface white suit trousers it had plain hemmed bottoms and is worn with a slim tan leather belt. This Scarface white suit is paired with a white formal shirt that has an attached wing collar and cuffs which are rounded. As for the buttons on the cuffs they are single buttoned and this type of shirt is considered to be less formal than the single had double cuffed shirts. As for the tie that is paired with the Scarface white suit it is a dark red silk one.

 As for the accessories Tony Montana seems to have been generous. While he goes with the simple choice of pairing the Scarface white suit with a pair of tan leather oxfords he goes crazy on the jewellery. There are almost six pieces of jewellery on the man including his gold wedding band. If you want to be specific on the details then you can go with wearing two gold chain necklaces under the dress shirt and two gold rings on the fingers. Add a gold wristwatch on your left wrist and a white carnation on the left lapel of the scarface white suit jacket. While this Scarface white suit costume is not a usual style that you would see yourself wearing on the regular days it is one of the easily Recognisable looks from the classic movie. Thus it would be best if you recreate this Scarface white suit costume style perfectly even if you consider it to be a little tacky or excess.

 The next Scarface white suit that we are going to discuss is the one that Tony Montana wears when he goes home to his mother to flaunt his wealth but is immediately put in place. Again it is a Tony Montana three piece white suit which he pairs with a black shirt. This scarface white suit was made especially for Al Pacino by the paramount tailor tommy velasco. This Tony Montana white suit is said to have the same aesthetic as the one worn by john Travolta in Saturday Night fever but looks updated for the 80s trend. The notch lapel Scarface white suit looks reduced from the dramatic peak lapels on the suit jacket. The single button Scarface white suit jacket is wide in construction and comes with passed shoulders and long double vents. As for the other smaller details the white suit jacket has two button cuffs and straight flapped hip pockets. The Scarface white suit jacket has a welted breast pocket in which he wears a loosely puffed black pocket square.

 This Scarface 3 piece white suit is paired with a soft silk black shirt which he wears open for the first few buttons. The black shirt has a spread collar which he wears flattened over the jacket lapels. The vest that he wears with the Scarface white suit is single breasted and has five buttons. Al Pacino wears the vest properly with the top 4 buttons fully fastened  and the last one left open. The vest comes with jetted lower pockets. As for the Tony Montana white suit trousers it has flared bottoms which comes with turns ups on the end. The black belt that he wears with the Scarface white suit comes with a squares single prong buckle.

 Tony seems to be wearing a pair of black Cuban style boots that comes with raised heels with this Scarface white suit. When we wears the same scarface white suit while he takes his sister shopping he is seen wearing tan patent leather cap toe oxford shoes. Again he goes excess on the jewellery by wearing two gold necklaces and a lot of gold rings, a diamond ring and a ruby one. Again go with a luxurious watch if you can add the detail.

 The last Scarface white suit that is being discussed is the scarface white pinstripe suit. This is the suit that Tony Montana wears when he meets up with Sosa. This scarface white suit consists of thin dark pinstripes. The double breasted Scarface white suit comes with a 4 x 1 button front. The peak lapel scarface white suit comes with padded shoulders and a slanted gorge. The 3 button cuffs are made from white horn which is the same as the button front on suit jacket. The scarface double breasted white suit do not have any vents and fits perfectly for Pacino. The suit jacket does not look tightly fitted even when he fully fastens the suit buttons. He properly follows the suit etiquette by fastening the buttons while standing and opening it while sitting.

 Al Pacino wears this scarface white suit with a solid red shirt which makes the outfit look flashy. This was the time when Miami Vice was popular and as a result of that the white suit and pastel colored shirts were trending. But this Scarface white suit with solid red silk shirt screams 80s drug dealer and thus is a more strong outfit. He wears the solid red shirt open for the first few buttons and this reveals the jewellery that he wears which is the two gold necklaces.

 Tony wears a red display handkerchief on the welted breast pocket. The red handkerchief is made from silk and has polka dots on it. He wears the display handkerchief loosely tucked and it mostly hangs out of the pocket. He goes with flat fronted scarface white suit trousers and holds it in place with a cordovan leather belt. As for the footwear he wears a pair of cordovan leather shoes that matches with the bely.

 When you are going with the scarface white suit costume there are a few more points to note. Choose the fabric of the suit wisely so that you can use it for other purposes. Wool Scarface white suits and cotton Scarface white suits can give a formal look while the linen Scarface white suits will provide you with a casual look that is ideal for summer events. Silk Scarface white suits are for dressy look while the synthetic ones like polyester Scarface white suits and rayon Scarface white suits are recommended when you need a cheaper choice.

 The fit of the scarface white suit is another important thing to note while purchasing the suit. Slim fit Scarface white suits and classic fit Scarface suits are the ones that are most recommended which you can get from Scarface white suit online sales.

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