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In the fashion world there are styles which come into trend every day. While most stay in the trending charts for a month or even a year only very few tend to occupy a permanent place in fashion. When it comes to formal garments like suits and tuxedos we stick with the safer picks and go with the standard styling. It also helps a great deal that the style and the basic structures of the suits have not changed much over the years since it's origin. But one major change you would note is that the three piece suits are less prevalent than it was in the early times. But in recent times the vested suits have come back in style and people are fascinated with the potential of the style. In this article we discuss the Mens Suits and all you need to know about the style before you choose to purchase it for yourself.

Mens 2 Button Skinny Vested Wool Suit in Olive Green

Before we go into the styling and details of the vested suits it will be best for you to learn the history surrounding the vested suits and how it has reached the place it is now in. Vested suits have been the original style since the advent of the suits in menswear. The elegant and sophisticated look that the vested suits offer was considered to be the perfect style for a man. As for the origin story of the vested suits it is believed to have originated in the late 1600s. During the origin the suits were only worn by the royals and high court officials but over time it became the customary garment for the special occasions like weddings and such. But soon it jumped the threshold and became a business wear that was worn on a daily basis.

The vest was first introduced as the extra garment that accentuated the body shape of the wearer. But over time it became a default piece of the suits and people were wearing it all the time. Also the hearing system of that time was not advanced as it is now and thus any extra garment that offered warmth was greatly welcomed. For a long time people even wore the vests inside their homes. But when the war came the rationing began and the raw materials for the clothing was also among the list.

Thus the extra garments such as vests were considered a luxury and were cut off. Anyone who still indulged with the vested suits were seen as to be the enemy of the country. Thus even after the war and the raw materials were available in abundance the vests did not come with the previous force. This with time led to the rise of the 2 piece suits and the vested suits were now reserved for the special occasions like weddings and such. While this was the case for most of the 21st century in recent times the interest towards the vested suits and using the vests as separates have increased. Thus if you are thinking of trying the vested suit style then now is the best time.

When choosing the vested mens suits there are a few things that you will have to note. The first thing that we think is important while choosing the vested 3 piece suits is the fabric from which it is made from. This greatly influences the comfort of the wearer and also to down extent the look of the suit. Thus keep in mind the event you are attending and also the climate which is prevalent for most of the year. For example when you need a standard and formal style which would work for most of the events then go with the wool vested suits. It will be best to keep in mind that the wool is a thick fabric and with the extra garment will provide you warmth. If you are getting the garment for office use go with flannel vested suits but for a more interesting look go with worsted wool vested suits.

Other than wool you can also try tweed vested suits and these have a unique texture which will make it look best when you style it for events like formal weddings. But if you think that the wool and tweed fabrics will be too suffocating for the hot climate at your place then try going with the lightweight fabrics. Cotton vested suits would be a good choice for formal look but when you need a more relaxed look choose the linen vested suits.

But if you are looking for a more luxurious fabrics that will make you look dressed up for the occasions like weddings and parties then you can choose the satin vested suits or boys suits. This is because of the sheen of the fabric that is present naturally and it will give you a flashier and richer look. You also have the option of synthetic fabrics but it will be best for you to choose the blended vested suits that has the natural fabric more in percentage.

When the vested suits first originated the length of the jackets and the vests were longer than the modern styles that we have now. Over time the length was trimmed and now the best length for the vest will be to just cover the belt while the person is standing upright. The bottom button of the vest should always be left open just like with the suit jacket.

The fit of the vested suit is another important thing to note. Vest is the most fitting garment that is present in menswear and thus make sure that it is perfect for your body type. The ideal fit of the vest should be close to your body without hugging your body too tight so that it restricts your movements. If the vest is too loose then it can make your outfit look sloppy. In most vests there are straps that are present at the back which helps in the adjustment of the fit of the vest.

When choosing the fit of the vested suit it would be best if you consider the type of your body type. For example if you are a tall and lean person then you can choose to go with the slimfit suit. This is the most preferred choice but if you want a still more fitting look that fits your torso like a glove then we would recommend you to choose the skinny vested suits. Other choice include the modernfit vested suits which is the best pick when you need a versatile style that you can wear to both formal and casual events. When you need a roomier style that you can wear comfortably then it would be best for you to go with the classic fit suits. If you find all these fits unsatisfactory then go with the custom vested suits or the designer vested suits since they usually have better fits when compared to off the rack suits.

There are other smaller details like the style of the suit, type of lapel, number of buttons on the suit and the vest which should be noted carefully for your outfit to look it's best. When it comes to styling the vested men's suits here are some ideas which we think might help you figure out the one which would suit you the best. Starting with a formal style which would get you through any of the formal events it would be best for you to stick with the dark colored vested suits. For example a navy 2 button vested suit paired with a white dress shirt, burgundy striped tie and dark brown pocket square would be a standard and elegant look. To complement the outfit in the best ways and to add a look if stylish casualness pair it with brown leather desert boots. But if you are bored with the navy suits and charcoal suits then you can choose to try a different look. For example a dark brown classic fit suits. paired with a white dress shirt, tobacco Paisley tie and a dark brown print pocket square would be a good choice to give the classic look a twist without overdoing it too much. To finish off the look and give it a laid back and casual look you can choose to add with the outfit a pair of dark brown suede tassel loafers and also add a brown gingham overcoat.

The style of the vest is another thing to note since there are different details that give out varied look for the style. For example the single breasted vests are the ones that are most preferred but when you need a more classic and formal look then you can try going with the double breasted suit. For a ruggedly sophisticated style that also has a contemporary spin to it you can choose to style the navy wool double breasted vested suit with a white striped dress shirt, white pocket square and a black silk tie. To complete the look in the perfect sense you can add with the outfit a pair of black socks and black leather Oxford shoes. The single breasted vests are more versatile than the double breasted vests but the latter even when worn separately without the jacket can give you a dressier look.

Mens 2 Button Modern Fit Vested Wool Suit in Chestnut

The neck style of the vests should also be noted since it is the part that shows even when the jacket is worn on the top. The most recommended and preferred style is to go with the V shaped neck in the vests especially if you are getting the best for the business and formal purposes. If you are thinking of styling the vests separately without the jacket then you can choose to go with the vests that come with the lapels. For example you can choose to style the peak lapel vest suit with white dress shirt, white pocket square and a blue floral tie when you need a formal yet sophisticated look. To complete the look you can add a pair of black leather Oxford shoes and black socks to the outfit. For a plain vested suit outfit you can choose to style the light grey vested suit with a white dress shirt and navy tie. To finish off the look you can add with the outfit a pair of black leather loafers and dark green socks. Other than this there is also the option for you to go with the U shaped neck for the vests. These style of the vests are considered to be dressier than the V shaped ones. If you are choosing the suits for special occasions like for boys tuxedo or for proms you can choose this style of the vests. For a fail proof elegant style you can choose to style this classic vested suit with a white dress shirt, burgundy paisley the and white pocket square. To finish off the look you can choose to add with the outfit a pair of dark brown socks and brown leather loafers.

Other than the solid vested suits there is the choice for you to go with the patterned vested suits. The 3 piece vested suits look great when it comes with standard patterns. For example the striped vested suits and vested plaid suits are some of the most popular styles in menswear. As for styling you can choose to style the navy windowpane vested suit with a white dress shirt, dark brown print tie and white pocket square when you need a sartorially superior look. To complete the look perfectly you can choose to add with the outfit a pair of navy socks and blue leather tassel loafers. Now you know that there are a lot of styles in the vested suits and thus when you put some time you can choose the one that is best for you from the mens vested suits sale in online sites.