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Who doesn't love movies? But if you are a fashion lover on top of that then you are in a treat when it comes to the 2013 film The Great Gatsby. Along with the exciting storyline and the impeccable acting the costume designers have also worked the magic. If you love your vintage styles then the Great Gatsby costumes would give you the perfect styling. There are a lot of styles to look out in the film and it would be the perfect chance to imitate the styles. In this article we discuss the mens Great Gatsby costumes and all that you need to know about the styles before you try it for your own.

The costumes for the gatsby men were all picked out vey carefully so that they have an underlying concept to it. Also the film is originally set in the 1920s and 30s timeline and thus the styles give out a vintage vibe. Depending on the look that you need and the one that impresses you the most pick out the best. If you are dressing for the Halloween or a vintage themed costume party then the mens Great Gatsby costumes would be a perfect pick.

Mens Great Gatsby | Leonardo Dicaprio Suit in Light Brown | Leonardo Dicaprio Suit in Taupe

Now each of the character in the film has a different style and thus you will have to learn more about the style that you aim to go with. If you are thinking of choosing the Great Gatsby costume styles then here are some points that might help you with picking out the right style. Starting with the main character jay Gatsby we all know that the film was adapted from the novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald. In the book it is portrayed that jay Gatsby is a total clotheshorse. It is also mentioned that he piles the shirts like bricks. It also helps that he is filthy rich. Thus if you are a person who has atleast half of Gatsby's love for clothes then mens Jay Gatsby costume is the best pick for you.

Now after you decide on the great Gatsby costume style there are different ones to choose. Starting with the most formal style which is the tuxedos you can try the classic Gatsby tuxedo. But when it comes to the tuxedo in the film you will note that the Gatsby tuxedo has many non traditional details that has been instilled intentionally by the costume designer. This is because of the fact that Gatsby's love for clothes also makes him try many new styles. When you need this style all you have to do is to get the great Gatsby costume black tuxedo with the peak lapels and three button closure. Other than this you can also note that the tuxedo jacket comes with flapped pockets and side vents. The vest that he wears with the tuxedo is cut high with five buttons. The tuxedo jacket comes with gauntlet cuffs which are usually not considered appropriate for tuxedo. The usual tuxedos come with single button closure and the vest should be cut low. The difference in the style of the great Gatsby costume tuxedo makes it very conspicuous like the character itself.

The next mens great Gatsby costume style that we would recommend for you to go with is the casual summer suit style. This Gatsby Leonardo DiCaprio suit is ivory colored and he wears it with an odd vest and a pair of spectator shoes which further aids the casual look of the outfit. To enhance the summery vibe of this outfit a yellow tie is added. If you are more into the lightweight suits and the summery vibes then you can choose to go with this ensemble. You can dress up this great Gatsby vested suit for special occasions like summer weddings and such.

The next style that we want to recommend for you to try out is the Gatsby's best suit in the film. For this scene he wears a brown wool suit that comes with peak lapels and four button closure. The subtle windowpane pattern on this mens Great Gatsby brown suit makes it even more elegant. A dark brown v neck vest with about 6 buttons is added. The pants are of the same fabric and it is also flat fronted with the single pleat being pressed down to the front legs. This medium width of the pants were the trend at the 1920s since the wide jazz pants has not entered the scene yet. He pairs this mens Great Gatsby suit with a French cuff light blue shirt with a pointed collar and the collar is held in place with the help of collar bar. A burnt orange tie with colored stripes is added to the mix which perfectly showcases the trend in the 1920s. A gold silk pocket square and a wooden walking cane with golden handle are some of the accessories that would help you perfect the look.

As for the material of the mens Great Gatsby costume usually the wool suits and the tweed suits were the most popular ones. The heating system was not very advanced at that time and thus people required durable and think clothing to ward off the cold. Now with the advancement in both the clothing industry and the heating system the clothes have become lighter. Thus you might find a lot of thick wool and tweed suits when you research the 1920s style.

When you watch the scene where Gatsby shows up in Nick's cottage you can see that he is a tweed Great Gatsby suit costume. The suit jacket appears brown in colour with peak lapels and 3 button closure. The three piece great Gatsby costume might not be perfectly tailored with the fit giving off a more boxy vibe. Also the lapels on the suit jacket are tiny and DiCaprio wears the trousers high. Also the great Gatsby costume is accessorized with a straw boater which has a wide brim and shorter crown. Also the hat seems to be made from finer straws making the accessory look more elegant.

If you are more into the flashier types of look or you simply want to dress up for the event then you can choose to go with the infamous white great Gatsby Mens Roaring 1920s costumes. This is one of the outfits that was adapted from the book with little changes. In the book Gatsby is mentioned to be wearing a wide notch lapel white suit that he pairs it with a grey shirt and gold colored tie. This minimal yet elegant look is something that makes the outfit interesting.

In the movie adaptation Leonardo is seen wearing a slim peak lapel suit with 3 button closure. He pairs this great Gatsby suit with a brown odd best and a check gold tie. He further adds with the outfit a pair of spectator shoes that has the colors interchanged. This indicates his experimental and dandy nature when it comes to clothing. The suit is paired with a light blue dress shirt, orange tie and brown pocket square that complements the vest. White suits are mostly avoided by the men but you can style this great Gatsby costume outfit for the special occasions. While most of the above mentioned outfits can work for the costume events and such you can also choose it as great Gatsby wedding outfits and great Gatsby prom dresses.

Now if you have had enough of the mens jay Gatsby costume style then you can move on further to costumes of the other characters in the film. The next character that we are going to discuss in the mens Great Gatsby costume style is nick carraway's style. Nich carraway character was played to perfection by Tobey Maguire and his style involved a lot of earth tones and repp stripes. If you are a person who likes subtle styles then nick carraway suit costume style is just for you. His costumes are also reflect the ivy League look and thus would be the best when you want the trendy look.

In the scene which he moves to new York Tobey Maguire is seen wearing a tweed suit with an odd vest and a diamond print bowtie. This three piece suit give a dapper and interesting look to the character and he adds a straw boater to the outfit. During his visit with Tom and daisy he is again seen wearing a three piece tweed suit paired with a club collar shirt and a repo stripe bow tie. This gives a more modern give to the vintage suit that is classically designed.

Tobey Maguire is spotted awfully lot in his brown tweed suits throughout the film though it does not make sense why he goes on wearing the tweed suits through the summer. If you want to experiment with shades then you can choose to go with the mens Great Gatsby costume style where he wears the light brown tweed suit with a contrast club collar shirt and a check brown bowtie. Other than this you can also pair it with a dark brown odd vest which further enhances the outfit. This tonal mens great Gatsby costume would definitely deliver you the vintage vibe.

In a rare occurrence nick is spotted wearing a different color suit. This is a typical business suit which the charcoal grey color and 3 button closure. It is a flannel suit and he pairs it with a white dress shirt, red and grey striped bow tie, red pocket square, a high neck vest and a pair of white dress pants. This is evidently the best look of nick through the film although we are not sure why he wears a straw boater with a winter suit.

Mens Great Gatsby | Leonardo Dicaprio Suit in Cream | Leonardo Dicaprio Suit in Cream

The night after the party Gatsby himself takes nick for his day out in NYC. For this scene nick is seen wearing a classic suit which is by far our favorite. The 3 piece tweed mens Great Gatsby costume seems to have a subtle striped pattern on it. The mens Tobey Maguire suit is paired with a club collar shirt and multi color striped tie. The shirt is light pink in color and comes with a contrasting white pointed button down collar. This is a detail that indicates the timeline at which the story is set. Detachable collar shirts were trending at that time especially among the working class people. Nick carraway does not come from money and thus he is seen wearing these contrast collar shirts while Jay gatsby costumes all have the French cuff pointed collar shirts. To further make the outfit look perfect you can add with it the watch chain that nick is seen wearing attached from one vest pocket to the other hooked in the middle on the vest button.

If you are more into the rough and gangster type look then you can choose the Tom butchanan's costume styles of the mens Great Gatsby costumes. For this go with the tweed herringbone Gatsby double breasted suits and pair it with high neck vests. Though he is conservative in his costumes you can also spot him wearing the double breasted suits without buttoning them. The high neck lapelled vest covers most part of the shirt he wears exposing only the knot of his tie. Again tom also prefers the repp stripe for his ties. He sticks with the dark blue shades for his suits rather than the brown for nick and different colors for Gatsby.

Now that you have an idea of mens Great Gatsby costume styles of the important men in the film it would be easier to find the style that suit you. Now if you are getting the garment for only a costume party and have no intention of wearing it again then you can go with the great Gatsby costume rental. But if you are truly fascinated with the Great Gatsby 1920s costume styles and what one for yourself then you can try the Great Gatsby costumes nearme option to get the perfect one.