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Weddings are one of the events which require to dress up and this is where we stop from the daily grind and put some real thought into our outfits. We mostly attend the weddings as families and if you have a little one then dressing them becomes an added responsibility. There are different types of weddings but most of them require you to be dressed in formal garments. While for some tuxedos might work it can be overwhelming to be dressed in tuxedos if you aren't the groom. Thus it would be a better choice to stick with the suits unless the dress code mentions a tuxedo. Same goes for the children but you have a lot more options for dressing them in suits. In this article we discuss the boys suits and some of the best ways in which you can try styling them.

Little Boys and Toddlers Wool Blend Husky Suit in Cobalt Blue Before going into the shopping spree it might be best for you to consider some important things since you are not choosing the outfit for yourself. Mostly when we go suit shopping for ourselves we do not pay much attention to the smaller details and just focus on how best the suit looks on us. But this might not be sufficient for the children since these are the people who are used to the casual and comfortable clothing and suddenly a transition from the t-shirts and shorts to a full blown suit might be met with some retaliation.

Thus it is best to make sure whether your child is on board with your idea of going with the boys wedding suits. To coax them into a yes you can take them along when you go shopping for the boys wedding suits. The change of atmosphere and the new setting might make them wonder about the suit and make them want to try it. Also you can choose to get some suggestions from them on some details of their interest like the color or such. This will make them more involved in the garment and help you sail better when you actually try to make them wear the suits.

As for the main detail to note it would be better for you to put some time into deciding the fabric of the boys wedding suits. This might not be the first one that popped into your mind when we said suit details but it is the one of utmost importance to the children. As mentioned before the children are used to the comfortable casual clothing and thus might find the formal clothing like suits restrictive. When you add with it an uncomfortable fabric then there is very little chance of your child wearing the outfit or for it lasting a long time. Thus make sure that you put some time into finding the right style which would work for your child.

The choice of the boys wedding suits fabric must depend on the nature of the wedding you are attending but most importantly the season at which it is occuring. We all know that the wool boys wedding suits and cotton boys wedding suits would provide the best standard look for any formal event and thus are recommended for the conservative church weddings. But the real choice is the season at which is it is scheduled that is if the wedding is in winter then go with the former choice of the wool boys wedding suits but if you think the climate is slightly more humid then go with the lightweight choice of the cotton boys wedding suits.

But the outdoor and more casual weddings are another story on the whole. To battle the heat make sure that you choose the breathable fabrics. Cotton is the one that is most recommended for children since the natural fabric works well with the sensitive skin of the little ones. But if you want a more relaxed and cool look then you can try out the linen wedding boys suits for your child. While linen also has great breathability and better moisture wicking properties they wrinkle easily making the men avoid them for the formal occasions. But when it comes to children whatever you choose is going to be wrinkled and thus you need not mind much about the garment getting wrinkled. If you are still concerned then try going with the blends of the linen boys wedding suits with silk or cotton.

Now while the above fabrics give out a grounded look for the child there are times which warrant the child to be dressed impeccably so that people inevitably notice. For example if your child has an important role to play like being the page boy or the ring bearer then it is important that the child is dressed in such a way that they stun or make coo everyone who lays their eye on them and not to mention the cameras. In that case we would recommend you to try some luxurious styles like the silk boys wedding suits and velvet boys wedding suits. There are people who would like the outfit of the ring bearer or the page boy match with the groom or be the minimal version of theirs and in that case it will be best for you to discuss it beforehand. Now if you are attending a casual wedding which is very rare you can choose to style the child in boys suits. While the children can easily pull off the look given it is not of very outrageous colors and styles it is never an option for a grown up. Unless it is mentioned in the dress code which is never the case you do not wear sequins to a wedding if you are the guest.

Boys Vested Basic Suit in Burgundy There is the option of synthetic fabrics like polyester boys wedding suits and rayon boys wedding suits they are not recommended for the children even if they are cheaper. This is because of the fact that they might cause allergies because of the chemical processing but you can try the blends of it with natural fabrics given that the percentage of natural fabric is higher in the blend.

As for styling the boys wedding suits to the special occasion you might be at a loss especially if you are a new parent. Wedding attire rules for the guest are hard to decipher even for an adult and thus you might be stressing about finding the right outfit for your child. But the good news is that the children's wedding attire rules are more flexible or almost non existent and thus you might not need to worry too much about picking the right outfit. Instead make sure that the child likes the outfit you choose and would not make a fuss about wearing the outfit when the D day comes.

Now here are some ideas to select the boys wedding suits according to the event and we hope it would help you figure out the right choice for you and your little one. As mentioned before there aren't many rules when it comes to children's attire for the wedding but you can take the hint from the dress codes that are mentioned in the wedding invitation. For example if it is a formal wedding then there would definitely be the mention of the dress codes in the invitation and it would be better if you abide by it both in terms of your attire and the child's. If it is a evening wedding that is scheduled to happen after 5 p.m. then mostly it will be a black tie attire. In this case you can choose to style your child in the black boys tuxedo wedding suit paired with a white tuxedo shirt, black bow tie and a white pocket square. This standard attire can be completed by adding with the outfit a pair of black leather patent Oxford shoes. When you want the look of your child to be special you can choose to style the velvet boys tuxedo with a white tuxedo shirt, black bow tie and suspenders for a cute look. You can complete the look by adding a pair of black formal tuxedo shoes to the outfit.

On the other hand if the dress code mentioned is black tie optional or formal then this means that the black tuxedo would perfectly but if you do not want to wear a tuxedo then a dark colored suit and tie would suffix. Usually for the children tuxedos are not the first choice and thus for these optional events go with the dark suit and tie choice.

If the event mentions a cocktail attire for the guests then it is more casual than the black tie events. In this case it would be best for you to choose a dark colored boys wedding suit and pair it with appropriate combining garments. Usually the recommendation would be for you to go with a navy boys wedding suit or a charcoal grey boys wedding suit. Here are some outfit ideas which would work for these types of events.

A navy boys 2 piece wedding suit paired with a white dress shirt and white pocket square would be a simple yet efficient style when you need a smart casual look. You can complete the look by adding with the outfit a pair of dark brown leather derby shoes. For a more richer and stylish look you can choose to dress your child in dark green wedding suit boys outfit by pairing with a black silk dress shirt. When you want the look to still remain on the formal side you can add a boys wedding suit set with the outfit. To finish off the look in perfect sense you can add with the outfit a pair of black leather tassel loafers.

SD040-5Pc Black - Poly Other than the full suit this type of cocktail attire dress codes allow you to go with suit separates or the blazer choices. This would be a great advantage when you are dressing your child. If you are sending any retaliation with the outfit you have picked for them you can just bribe them with their favourite garment and include it into the boys wedding suit outfit. For example for a stylish and modern look you can choose to style the midnight blue boys wedding jacket with a white dress shirt, white pocket square and a pair of their favorite blue jeans. This way you successfully style their outfit but also in a way that satisfies the child.

Most of the events that are happening in recent times go with the smart casual dress code for their guests. For this you can combine a basic boys wedding suit with a formal shirt and a pocket square to be done with the outfit. Then there are casual weddings mostly happening in the outdoor venues like the beach or garden where the dress codes are still more relaxed. Here are some ideas which would help you get the best look. Starting with the smart casual style you can choose to style a navy double breasted wedding suit with a light blue dress shirt and white print pocket square. For a summer wedding you can try the light colored boys wedding suits. For example you can try styling the cream slimfit boys wedding suit with a white dress shirt and a pink bow tie. For a casual beach wedding you can choose to go with the casual wedding boys suit outfit of styling a dress shirt with suit shorts and suspenders.

Other than the solid boys wedding suits you can try the patterned boys wedding suits designs like the boys stripe wedding suits and boys Paisley wedding suits when you want a different look. When you are purchasing for the suit you can go with the wholesale wedding suits or you can also purchase the boys wedding suits online since there are a lot more styles available in these sites.