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Navy Suits

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Exploring the Versatility of Navy Suits

Mens 2 Button Wide Peak Lapel Double Breasted Vest Suit in Navy Plaid

Blue is one of the colors that we feel most comfortable in and thus most might not find an issue going with the navy-colored suits. It is your best option when you want a neat and classic look that would work for almost all events be it formal or casual. However, not all navy men's suits are created to be equal since the little details all gather together to make the suit, and only the best suits get all these details right. Thus when choosing your navy blue suits there are a few things that we would like you to give a thought before actually buying it.

Mens Classic Wool Double Breasted Suit in Sapphire Blue

Choosing the Right Fabric

The very first thing we need you to focus on is the fabric of the mens navy suit that you are going to buy. There are very few suitable fabrics, but the decision remains hard for most men. 

Popular Fabric Choices

Wool: Wool is the most popular suiting fabric since it breathes well and can be used almost all year. Wool navy suits for men are your best pick if you are looking for business suits since they give you a standard look.

Cotton: Cotton is the most preferred suiting fabric, followed by wool. This natural fabric is lightweight and breathes well, making it a popular choice for hotter months. This fabric suits almost all body types and is best for brighter seasons like summer and spring.

Linen: Linen is considered the ace of summer fabrics. Linen is super lightweight and also absorbs moisture to evaporate them faster than cotton. This means that you are free of excessive sweat and sticky backs. 

Polyester and Rayon: Polyester and rayon unlike the above fabrics are from synthetic materials and are considered to be of lower quality than the natural fabrics. They sometimes come in blends with natural fabrics thus reducing the cost when compared to the natural fabric suits to a great level. 

There are some luxury fabrics that you can choose when styling suits for special occasions. 

Silk: Silk navy suits are one such choice. They are breathable and are best for most seasons. They are also comfortable to wear, but they have a sheen to them that gives them a rich look making them the best for special occasions.

Velvet: Velvet is another fabric that is best to be worn for special occasions like award ceremonies and weddings. The texture of this vested navy suits is very soft to the touch and also makes your outfit look very luxurious. These two luxury fabrics are more expensive than the normal ones and thus are best to be reserved when you are looking for weddings suit and prom.


Styling Navy Suits for Different Events

Classic Neutral Combinations

White, Cream, and Grey Shirts: A white dress shirt is the most versatile option since when paired right it can work for almost any event. For an impeccably formal and standard look that can work for your regular office day, you can style the classic wool navy suit for men with a white dress shirt, navy striped tie, and a navy pocket square. To finish off the look in the perfect sense and also not to look too obvious with your outfit choice it would be best to add with it a pair of black suede double monks.

Black Polka Dot Tie: For a serious classic that can be easily put together it would be best to style the navy 2-piece suit with a white dress shirt and black polka dot tie. To complete the ensemble you can choose to add with the outfit a pair of black leather derby shoes. If you consider this look to be too obvious and boring, you would like to go with a more relaxed style. 

Long-Sleeve Shirt and Pocket Square: For a dapper and refined look you can choose to style the navy suits mens with a white long-sleeve shirt and a white pocket square. To complete the outfit style effortlessly you can add with it a pair of dark brown leather derby shoes.

Casual and Stylish Looks

For a cool and stylish look, you can choose to style the notch lapel navy suits men with a white crew neck t-shirt and a hot pink pocket square. For a slightly more refined look you can choose to style the peak lapel navy suit with a cream turtleneck and then complete the look by adding with the ensemble a pair of black leather tassel loafers. While the peak lapel navy suits are considered to be the most formal of all styles you can choose to go with the Peaky Blinders Suit Costumes when you want a dressier style for the men's navy suits weddings and such special occasions.
Mens 2 Button Slim Fit Wool Suit With Double Breasted Vest in Steel Blue

The next style you can try out is to go with a light pink dress shirt. Pink is a color that most men avoid branding it to be a women's color. But when you style it the right way, you can realize the versatility of the color. For an outfit that would work for any semi-formal event, you can choose to style the double breasted suit with a pale pink dress shirt and white pocket square. To give the outfit the right finishing touch you can choose to add with it a pair of navy blue canvas loafers.

Now, if you have enough light-colored dress shirts and would like to try out experimental styles, you can go with dark-colored dress shirts. If you are looking for a navy suit funeral outfit, you can choose to style the navy suit with a black dress shirt or go with the usual white dress shirt.

You can also choose to go with the patterned navy blue suit. Mandarin suits are the ones that are most preferred especially if you intend to use the garment for formal and business purposes. For a more casual look you can choose to go with the navy blue plaid suits.