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Shoes are one of the most important items for both men and women. Shoes have an unique space in the hearts of the men and even people who doesn’t get too excited about shopping love having a great shoes collection. There are various styles of the shoes and to know the options you can use phrases like see all shoes while searching on the web. Shoes get noticed a lot about your outfit and thus it is important for you to spend some time on finding the right style for you. For a person who is new to the shoe styles since you have living with the sneakers for a long time it might get confusing. In that case we would like to recommend some styles of the shoes for you so as to make the choosing process easier.

As we have mentioned before there are various styles in the mens shoes. So we have restricted the list to some of the basics that you definitely have to have in your wardrobe. These would make your styling easier since there is a style for every event be it formal or casual in this list.

Brown brogues

The first on our list is the brown brogue shoes. Usually most would recommend to go with the oxfords but we think that brown brogues are much more versatile option than the oxfords. While the oxfords give out a formal look, brogues are slightly on the casual side. It would offer a more stylish and trendy look for the wearer. The brogues can be characterized by the presence of unique punched perforations on the upper of the shoes.

The shade of the brown brogues is the most important detail that you will have to note. If you are getting your first pair then we would recommend you to go with dark brown leather brogues. This would make for a perfect pair of mens dress shoes outfit both for formal and casual styles. For a more casual and trendy look you can choose to go with the lighter shades like cognac brogues and such. Here are some of the outfit ideas for the brogues and this can showcase the versatility of the style.

For a regular day at office you can style the casual mens dress shoes with the charcoal grey wool suit with a light blue dress shirt and navy tie. You can perfect the style with a tie clip and a white pocket square. When you want to step up the formal look a bit you can style the dark brown dress shoes with a navy suit with a navy vest, white dress shirt and navy striped tie. The vested look instantly provides the wearer with a classier look and thus making it a better choice for the important events like meetings and such.

Moving on to the casual styling we meant it when it is truly versatile. For a trendy and cool look you can style dark brown leather brogues with a white long sleeve shirt, blue chambray shirt, olive jacket and brown chinos. This outfit would work for a casual day out with your friends or even a date. For a simpler look you can style the branded mens shoes with an outfit that consists of white long sleeve shirt, burgundy v neck sweater and blue chinos.


VANGELO Men Dress Shoe Oxford Formal Tuxedo for Prom & Wedding Brown Patent

While the brogues would work for almost any events there is a specific style that is considered to be best for the formal events. Oxford formal tuxedo shoes can work for any outfit that is considered to be formal. There are events where you want to look the best while being dresses up. For example if you are attending a dinner event that involves a black tie dress code then black oxford shoes is the one that you should choose. Styling the black tuxedo with a white tuxedo shirt, black bow tie and black formal tuxedo shoes is the standard look that is required for the black tie dress code.

Other than pairing with the tuxedos, oxford shoes can also be paired with the formal garments like suits and blazers. If you are dressing for a prom event then you can go with a brighter coloredsuits but mens tuxedo shoes would still be a good look to be paired with it. Other than leather shoes you can also choose to go with the velvet tuxedo prom shoes since they offer a more trendy look. If you are ready for more attention you can also include patterns by going with floral tuxedo blazer shoes and such.Oxford shoes are the best choice if you are a person who suits up daily for your work.

Suede chukka

JEAN YVES Men Dress Shoe Oxford Formal Tuxedo for Prom & Wedding Shoe White Patent

Now we are starting to move on to the casual side of the shoes. Suede chukka is not the one that you wear with the suits. You can style these casual dress shoes mens with casual suits and denims. If you want a cool style then we would suggest you to go with the desert boots. The texture on these shoes makes it more elegant and rich. Desert chukkas usually come in the neutral shades and our suggestion for you is to go with the dark brown suede chukkas. While going with the suede chukkas know that they are not the same as the leather and can get damaged when exposed to moisture. Thus suede chukkas might need a better maintenance when compared with the leather shoes.

Other than these there are other options which would not come into the conventional list. For example oxfords would be a good choice for wedding shoes tuxedo but that would not be the case with the parties. For the casual events like parties and such try different looks like glitter prom shoes or two tonemens shoes. These shiny glitter prom shoes would perfectly pair with the casual outfits like skinny jeans and leather jackets. Go through see all shoes to find the style that appeals to you the most.