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James Bond Suits

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If you are a movie buff and love your classics then there is no way that you have never heard of James bond. It is one of the most popular fictitious characters all over the world. The reach that the James bond films have is unmatched in the Hollywood. While the storyline and the stunts have captured the hearts of many people there is still a fascination over the impeccable wardrobe of the elite spy. James bond has been admired, imitated and loved by both men and women around the world. James bond sticks with suits or tuxedos for most of the film. In this article we discuss the mens james bond costumes and some of the best ways in which you can reproduce the style for yourself.

Mens Daniel Craig | James Bond | Navy Blue Tuxedo Costume

James bond franchise started out in 1962 and since then there have been a number of actors who have played the role. This is one of the reason why the James bond costume has changed in style and this also means that you have a number of options for you to choose from. Starting from the Scottish Highland dress to the suits James bond has ventured all. Depending on the look that you need you can choose the right style of the Mens james bond costumes which would work for you.

As for going with the Mens james bond costumes there are some rules that would help you figure out the style. As mentioned before there have been different actors playing the role and thus you cannot choose a single line of a style and pin it as James bond costume style on the whole. But there are some common rules which can capture the essence of the Mens james bond costumes. Starting with the basic one we all know that James bond is an intense character who takes everything seriously. Thus you would never catch James bond slacking off in this outfit whichever the character he is playing at the moment. Thus when you are choosing to go with the James bond costume it would be best if you spend some time in picking out your style and one which would be appropriate for the event you are attending.

Also you can connect the dots when it comes to the costumes and the scenes at the film. For example if you notice the casino royale movie the end scene portrays him wearing a costume 3 piece James bond suit by which he exerts his dominance and show of power. Thus when choosing the mens James bond costumes it is important that you realise the look you can get it with it and exude competence and authority when it comes to formal clothing.

The next thing that you will know about the film's costumes you can see that the James bond costume designers have done a perfect job and when viewed as a character it shows that James bond loves his clothing but also clearly knows what works for him and what does not. He never compromises with his style but sticks with the style which works for him the best. The color palette of the Mens james bond costumes is one of the perfect examples to prove this claim. You will notice that even when James bond sticks with the suits for most part of the films he still goes with the subtle colors and never experiments too much with the colors. For example you will be watching him rocking a grey James bond costume or at the very best navy James bond costume. Again for the summer he goes with the lighter shade of the navy suits and grey suits. This may be partly because of the fact that he is technically a spy and he cannot exactly go wearing white suits and pink suits. But this does not stop him from having fun with the suits. Even with the navy suits and the grey suits there might be variations with the patterns or the textures on the suit. Thus when choosing the James bond suit costume it would be best if you venture out more and try out different styles in the market. For example flannel James bond suits would give you a simple and plain style but a worsted wool James bond suit could give you a new look.

Another reason why he chooses the subtle styles is that he knows he is the main character and the attention should be on him rather than his clothes overshadowing him. This tip would take you a long way for any type of event you are attending. The clothes that you choose should complement your personality rather than it becoming your signature. Mens james bond costumes would be simple with muted colors and subtle patterns. If you do not find a flashy James bond costume then it was deliberate.

The James bond franchise had been in trend for over half a century and this might not be possible if the character does not keep up with the changing times. For example when Roger Moore who played James bond in the 1970s wore a safari suit with flared pants the most recent james bond Daniel Craig goes with the slimmer and trimmer Tom ford suits. While James bond catches up with the style even with his costumes he always goes back to his classics at one point of time. But when choosing these classic James bond costumes he again sticks with the subtle patterns and less flashy styles which makes them the true classic.

If you are a person who suits up daily for work then you might already be exhausted with your navys and Greys. In that case the thought of monotonous gray suits and navy suits might not be appealing even if it is a James bond costume. For these people know that James bond also included colors in his costume styles but to a minimal degree. Once in a while you can choose brighter colors and bolder patterns but make sure that the costume is appropriate for the event you are attending and also without the garment overwhelming the outfit.

As mentioned before James bond sticks with his suits and tuxedos even when he chases the terrorists through the rooftops. But when you want to go with casual 007 James bond costume it is best to transition slowly and not straight into sneakers and sweatpants. Make sure you maintain the integrity of the James bond costume and for this you can choose to go with the t-shirts and turtlenecks paired with chinos or your favourite jeans. As for the footwear you can choose to go with the leather derby shoes or loafers instead of the Oxford shoes.

Other than this if you are an ardent fan you would note that James bond also experiments with his styles. You can also do the same while going for your work garments or casual wear. For this you will have to learn the rules so that you can break or bend them according to your need. For example for a smart casual James bond costume you can note him wearing knot ties with formal dark suits which might be considered inappropriate 20 years ago. But nowadays the business dress codes have become flexible and thus do not have to worry too much about the same. But it would also be best if you consider whether the style you are trying is appropriate for the event or you look too absurd in that.

What makes the James bond a truly admired character is partly because of his charisma and also because of his ability to look the part in any type of situation. One minute he is the spy chasing the terrorists but the next minute he is sipping champagne in a high level party. One thing that aids this is the perfect costume for the event that he goes with. This highlights the importance of the appropriate costumes for the different types of events. Thus when you want to try the James bond costume style it is important that you consider the nature of the event and which costume would work for the said event.

For example if you are going for the black tie event then you should go with the formal look of the tuxedos or dinner jackets. James bond though famous for his suits he is also well known for the tuxedos he sports at the iconic scene of the movies. He looks impeccable in his tuxedos and the styling the garment is also on point. If you are new to the tuxedo style then you can go take the inspiration from the mens James bond tuxedos. Usually when you go for the formal events where it is required for you to go with the tuxedos we go with the safest choice which is the black tuxedos. While James bond sported his share of the black tuxedos the colored ones are some of his best looks. You can choose the navy blue tuxedo costume when you want a to add a little color to your outfit. The 007 James bond dark navy tuxedos is one of the iconic looks sported by the character and it is also very easy to reproduce. When you need a more eye catching look for the event then you can choose to go with the James bond white tuxedos. This is a perfect choice for the special occasions like for groom attire since it will be sure to turn the major attention of the crowd towards you.

Other than this you will also have to consider the season at which the event is happening and choose the appropriate style for it. While he goes with the light colored linen suit during the summer James bond succumbs to down jacket and boots when the temperature is chilly outside. Though a lightweight suit that fits you perfectly looks flattering it would not be a good look if you are shivering in it. Thus make sure that you choose James bond costume in which you will feel comfortable throughout the day. For example if you are dressing for a formal church wedding that is happening in winter then it would be best for you to go with james bond wool tuxedo. You can choose to add an overcoat if the weather is cold but if you think that it messes with your style then you can get sneaky with the way of adding layers to your outfit like going with the vested tuxedo style or the 3 piece suits.

On the contrary if you are dressing for a summer event and if you expect the temperature to be unforgiving then make sure to go with the lightweight James bond costumes. Cotton James bond costumes would be a great choice for the event if it is formal but if you want a more relaxed style then go with the linen James bond costumes. Both are lightweight and breathable thus keeping you from sweating profusely through the event. While these are great choices when you need a standard look if you want to be the best dressed of the event then you will have to put in more effort. For this it would be best for you to go with the luxurious styles like the silk James bond costume mens or the velvet James bond mens costumes.

The final tip which would top it all is the fit of the James bond costume. Whichever the style you choose make sure that you go with the perfect fit which will make you look handsome in the style you are wearing. As mentioned before there are different styles if mens james bond costumes you can try but if you are looking for a style that would work for the recent trends then you should go with the mens daniel Craig costumes. This is because of the fact that Daniel Craig mens costumes are the most recent and trendiest of all.