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Anyone who likes to watch for movies would have heard about John Wick franchise unless you have been living under a rock. Apart from the interesting storyline Keanu reeves who plays the main role of John wick in the film garnered a lot of attention for his perfect acting. The first film came out in 2014 and the two sequels followed in 2017 and 2019. All three films received commercial and critical success but one thing for it was noted is the costumes selection. In this article we discuss the John wick costumes and everything you need to know about the costume to make the look work.

If you are a person who does not concern yourself with the Halloween costumes but still want to go with the flow then you are in luck. John wick costumes are super easy to put together and they give you the best look. John wick costumes are also the best pick for the people who will slack off in their perfect styling even if it is for Halloween or a costume party. With the John wick movie having a worldwide audience there is no way that people are not going to recognize your outfit for the event.

John wick costumes consists of suits for the better part of the film and he stays consistent with the suit style. The John wick suit is one of the sleekiest and most sophisticated style to feature in the whole of the Hollywood films. All through the film while Keanu goes into intense fights and constant explosions he remains impeccably dressed in the perfectly tailored suits. This indeed captured the attention of the fashion lovers and after the success of the film almost every people. Now the John wick suit costumes have become one of the style icons for the gentlemen worldwide.

The first thing you will notice about the John wick costumes is that everything is tailored to the point of perfection. The man loves his clothing as much as he loves his dog for which he wages the fight in the film. Another franchise that garnered and still does much attention for the main character's clothing is James bond. The iconic and admired James bond loves his suits and goes about fighting and chasing terrorists in the perfect ensemble of tailored suits and Oxford shoes. If you go in depth about the James bond suits you will notice that the suits are all designer suits and for a middle class man going with the James bond suits would require time and a big hole in the pocket. But this is not the case with the John wick suits and they are accessible to almost anyone. Whether you be a businessman or a student you can easily put together the John wick costume look and also make them work in the perfect sense.

This familiarity and the accessibility of the John wick costume might be one of the reason why it has reached much admiration. Now if you want to go with the mens John wick costume here are some ideas which might help you with the styling of outfit. The common knowledge about the John wick mens costume is that it is black. Apart from this detail there is much to note about the simple garment. Thus when you go with the John wick costume it might be best to know the details which would make it the perfect pick. The black John wick costume might be one of the most uncomplicated yet perfect costume that the Hollywood industry has every encountered.

John wick costume is simple without any embellishment or pattern and is just plain black. Usually the garments that attract the attention of the viewers involve overly intricate sartorial routine like the great Gatsby costumes and the James bond costumes. Thus it is fascinating to see that the John wick costumes reach this level of popularity without all these embellishments. As for the basis of the John wick costumes you would note in a scene where John wick orders suits to an Italian tailor. But the suits that he wears is not the authentic Italian suit but there are certain elements which make the suit look Italian. If you are a person if you love the details on the suit and you would like to go with an authentic Italian suit then choose to go with the slimfit John wick costume. The Italian suits are slimmer and more fitting in their construction but you can also choose to go with the British style or the American style suits. The fit of the John wick costume is one of the major factors that make the look work. Thus pay some special attention to each of the garments and their fits.

As mentioned before John wick sticks with standard style of his suits and it is not very hard to find a pattern. The details of the classic John wick costume can be easily noted and here are the ones that matter the most. Starting with the John wick suit jacket style this is the major element of the outfit that gathers most attention. When you need the authentic John wick costume look it is best for you to go with the single breasted with the two button front. Other than this for the minute detailing you can choose the one that has flap pockets and notch lapels. The details of the John wick costume are structured in a way so that it aids his actions. For example the stunts performed by John wick will require him to have flexibility in his suit. Thus you will notice that the John wick formal costume consists of double vent suit jacket and higher armholes which gives him possibility of increased range of movements. Also the perfect way to wear the jacket while standing or walking is to button all except the last one. But for facilitating easy movement John wick never buttons his suit jacket. But when you go with the John wick costume for the formal event go with the usual standard styling unless it is the perfect enactment for a costume party or Halloween.

The next thing that you will have to note is the John wick costume suit pants. Again the John wick costume designer goes for the simplicity theme for the bottom part too. The John wick suit pants are flat fronted for most of the time but there are some instances where the pleats come into play. The suit pants also come without cuffs but the availability of higher rise again is perfect for free movement of the wearer. As for the fit of the John wick suit pants they are not overly slim but are tapered and comes with a little break. This again makes the garment perfect for moving about and the wearer will never trip because of the excess fabric.

Dress shirts of the John wick costume is one things that you will have to pay attention about the outfit. All through the films John wick goes with different dress shirt options. When you want the perfect John wick mens costume make sure to go with the extremely well fitted dress shirt that hugs your body in the perfect way but also without hindering your movements. John wick also alters between different colors in the dress shirts. There are options like the white dress shirt or black dress shirt and in some scenes you can note that he sports a dark grey dress shirt.

While the John wick costume suit remains the same the altering between the dress shirt colors gives him a different look for different events. If you are going with the John wick outfit then you should note the nature of the event and then choose the right style. For example if you are choosing the John wick costume for a formal event then you can go with the standard styling of the 3 piece John wick costume with a white dress shirt and black tie. To complete the look you can add with the outfit a pair of black leather patent Oxford shoes.

But when you want a different look that you can sport to the causal events like parties and such you can go with the black dress shirts or the dark grey dress shirts. For these events you can style the casual John wick costume with a black silk dress shirt but leave out the tie option. To finish off the look in the perfect sense you can add with the outfit a pair of black leather loafers. The advantage with the black suits is that they are the most versatile and they would work for almost any event. For the most formal ones that has the black tie attire as the dress code you can choose to style the John wick mens tuxedo with French cuff dress shirt paired with the cufflinks. This is one of the garments for which the John wick costume goes out of its simplicity theme.

As for the vest of the John wick costumes you can go with the matching black vests which makes the look perfect. The vested black mens costume he pairs with the dark grey shirt and black tie us one of the iconic styles. This all black John wick costume can be one of the sleekiest and perfect styles for any sophisticated events. John wick is a person who is well endowed in height and thus the V neck 4 button vest looks great on the man. If you are a short person then you can go with the John wick vested suits with lesser number of buttons and deeper neck for the vests and jackets.

While you might understand from all this that there are minute details which made the look work for Keanu the man behind all this glory is the John wick costume designer Luca Mosca. During the interview with the man he revealed that there were many more details that were considered to make the look perfect for the film. For example there were hundreds of suits that were pre fabricated for the all the actors to be immediately changed into and out. As for the John wick costume mens there were over 50 suits made for a single film all in the perfect fit for Keanu.

Most of the stunts in the film were performed by Keanu himself but this meant that there were many alternations to made to his suits. While there is no chance to compromise with the fit of the suit Luca had to get creative with the John wick costumes for the stunts. Most of Keanu reeves John wick costumes had excess fabric to stretch and some came with the extra padding to safely get through the stunts.

While we all see black suits when we lay eyes on John wick the shocking truth is that most of his suits are dark shades of grey. Luca Mosca stuck with the John wick charcoal suit but when he wanted to darken the suits further different shades of suits came as the result. This is the reason why John wick costume looks black or sometimes even brown. Thus if you are a person who is bored with the black suits and want to try something different then you still have the chance of the John wick costume.

Another detail that can be noted on observation is that the chapter 1 John wick costume is clean and simple when compared to the suits in the sequels. This was because of the deliberate decision of Luca Mosca to symbolize John wick's loss in the first chapter which is his wife and the dog. But as John wick's story advances in the sequels with the underground network of criminals and spies the details on the John wick costume also progresses like for example the red cufflinks in the second chapter.