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bow ties

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When we talk about formal garments like tuxedos we mostly focus on the tuxedo jacket and the details involved with it like it's fits, the type of lapel and so on. Other than this we cruise through the rest of the outfit without trying much. When it comes to tuxedo shirts a white shirt will suffix and then you can find a black bow tie to get it over with. But the accessories though might seem inconsequential contributes to the look of your outfit a great deal. For example there are a lot of styles in the Men's ties and each have a distinct look. Thus it is important that you spend some time in finding the right type of style for your outfit. In this article we discuss the bow ties and everything you need to know about the particular style which can help you while you go purchasing for it.

CChocolate Brown Pre-Tied Bow Tie Bow ties are a crucial piece in the outfit you are wearing especially when paired with the tuxedos. You can notice that when the bow ties are added to the tuxedo the outfit instantly becomes elegant and posh when compared to without the bow tie. The long neck tie also do not give out this type of feel since they have been used as workwear for a long time now and thus do not look appropriate for the special occasions. The bow ties are not as prevalent as the neck ties and are rarely seen. But this does not mean that they are going out of style since every time a wedding pops up or an event where you want to look dressed up then we all go back to the bow ties.

Now before we go in detail about the types of the bow ties and the styling it will be best to learn some of the history about the accessory. Bow ties are considered to be one of the oldest forms of neckwear in the fashion history. The idea of the bow ties is said to have originated when the Croatian mercenaries who were in the 30 years war of the 17th century showed up wearing a piece of fabric around their neck. This was called cravats and there are much fuss surrounding the styling of cravat in the ideal loosely slung way.

The first style of the bow ties that matches the style mostly like the ones we have now is known to have originated in the 1830s. After that the popularity of the bow ties greatly picked up and soon the cravat style was mostly out of the scene. The second half of the 1800s were dominated by the bow ties and they were mostly seen in the black and white variations. Now with the start of the 20th century there came difference and varieties in the style of the bow ties. They were smaller in size than we have now but they were heavily patterned and busy in their look.

While the first half of the 20th century was mostly uneventful the bow ties mens became huge in the 60s and the early 70s. This was because of the fact that during this time the popularity of the formal clothing along with the shirt, collars and lapels also skyrocketed. But this was short-lived since by the 1990s and the start of the 21st century men renounced using bow ties for their daily wear and instead reserved it for the special occasions. Even today the bow ties are considered to be standard and mainstream rather than to be used for daily wear.

Now coming back to the bow ties as mentioned before there are a lot of details that you will have to note about the accessory. Let us start with the ones that easily captures the attention which is the fabric and color of the bow ties. The fabric of the bow ties is an important detail to note since it influences the comfort of the wearer and also the look of the outfit. When choosing the bow ties fabric it will be best for you to give a thought about the nature of the event you are attending.

If it is a semi formal or casual event and you are intending to wear the bow tie with the suit or a blazer then you can choose to go with the wool bow ties or the cotton bow ties. These bow ties would give out a simple and grounded look that would be best for these casual events. Other than this you can also choose to go with the linen bow ties especially in the summer. But the best material for the bow ties is always silk since it is the most popular. There are also varieties in the Designer Silk Ties like shinier ones and the coarser ones. Thus it will be best if you spend time in going through the styles available and then choosing the one which will suit your need. Silk bow ties are soft and gives out a wonderful look when paired with the formal garments. This is the reason why the silk bow ties are most recommended when you style the outfit for the formal events like the black tie ones. Satin bow tie set is also another choice you can go with when you want a dressier style.

Now when you want to try out a different style for the formal events that is on the dressier side then you can choose the velvet bow tie set. Velvet is a luxury fabric like silk and thus can give out a rich look when paired with the tuxedos for the formal events. The way with which they catch the light makes them look Sophisticated and you can pair them with the tuxedos especially when you go with the velvet tuxedo jackets. The cost is also a factor you will have to note while purchasing the bow ties. If you consider the price of the above mentioned bow ties to be high then you can choose the cheap bow ties that are made of blended material or synthetic ones like nylon or polyester. It would be best for you to stay clear of the synthetic fabric bow ties since the look that they offer screams their cost and thus can ruin the outfit on the whole especially for the special occasions. But if you are looking for a bow tie that is more casual and fun type then you can choose to go with the flashier ones like sequin bow ties.

The color of the bow ties is another important thing to note since it is a detail that catches the eye of the viewer the most. The color of the bow ties you choose should depend on the color of the tuxedo or outfit and also the type of the event you are attending. For example if it is a formal black tie event then the best choice would be to go with the black bow ties or any of the dark colored bow ties. Midnight blue bow ties and navy bow ties are some of the styles that can work for the formal occasions. The bright colored bow ties can work for both formal and casual events depending on your outfit. For example when you want your outfit to stand out then you can choose to style the red bow tie with a black tuxedo. This can turn the attention towards the accessory and give out a focused look. Lastly it depends on the look that you expect out of the outfit and you can lead on that.

Other than the solid bow tie set when you need a distinct and stylish look you can choose to try the patterned bow tie set. If you are looking for a simple and grounded style then you can choose to go with stripe bow tie set and polka dot bow tie set. If you want a casual style that is more on the relaxed side then you can choose to go with plaid bow tie set and bow tie floral. For special occasions you can choose to go with the dressier bow tie pattern sets like the Paisley bow tie.

As for the types of the bow ties there are three main choices you have. Depending on your need you can choose the right style for you. For example if you are a person who loves the bow tie look but avoids it because of the tedious job of tying it in the right way then pre tied bow ties should be your pick. These category of the bow ties form the largest market share in the whole of the industry. Usually these pre-tied bow tie set comes in cheaper materials like nylon or polyester. These pre tied bow ties set are also perfectly symmetrical and the shiny fabric clubbed together will make them recognisable at the first glance. If you want your outfit to be elegant and sophisticated it is best to avoid going with the pre tied bow ties since it always shows that you do not know how to knot a bow tie. But if you are in a hurry and you cannot tie a bow tie for your life then pre tied bow ties are your best pick.

Red Velvet Bow Tie Set The next choice is for you to go with the self-tied bow ties. The name itself indicates the type of the bow tie set and yes indeed you will have to tie the knot yourself. These types of self tied bow ties come with a clip on set that will make it easier to put it on the shirt. All you have to do is to know how to tie it or have a person who knows to tie it for you. There are types in the self tie bow ties among which the first is the adjustable bow ties. These styles of the self tied bow ties are usually recommended to be worn with the daywear. With this style of the bow ties you have the option of adjusting the size and try it on for different types of events. These come with kind of adjustment mechanisms which will allow you to alternate between smaller and bigger knots thus giving you a lot more options. Some of these bow ties come with buttons instead of the clips and you can choose anything since everything works.

The next choice for you is the fixed length self tied bow ties. When you go with the wing collar dress shirts the entire bow tie is visible and so is the adjustable mechanism of the above mentioned style. Thus if you do not like the look of the adjuster showing then you should go with the fixed length bow ties. This style is more elegant and professional and this is the reason why these bow ties are mostly recommended for the evening bow ties.

As for the events for which you can style the bow ties you can actually make it work for any types of events but it would be best for you to reserve it for the festive occasions. Bow ties wedding are the most recommended since regardless of the nature of the wedding it can work with most formal clothing. When choosing these bow ties wedding if you are the groom then you can go with the silk bow tie dress or velvet bow tie since it offers a better and distinct style. But if you are the guest then it is best to go with grounded looks of dark colored bow ties which would not stand out too much.

Other than this prom is also another event where the bow ties might be an appropriate look. Boys bow tie sets would be a great choice and you can also choose the pre tied ones. Depending on your need you can choose the one from bow ties wholesale since there are a lot of styles available.