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Ties are one of the vital parts of a mens formalwear. Though they are optional, you will be adding a tie when you want to look properly dressed up. Usually we choose to go with the basic ties and do not care much about it. But the small details join to make the outfit perfect and thus it is time that you learnt more about the ties. Today we will discuss the types of ties and where they should be used in detail. You can check out the styles in our site under the see all ties option. At the end of this article, we hope that you realize that there is more styles in the ties and try out new ones.

The tie culture came into being when the people started wearing the scarves and neckerchiefs around their necks to keep the collar clean. But this soon transformed into the modern ties that we wear now. The tie style has been in and out of style but never gone completely. There will always be the option of wearing the tie with the suits and it is for the people to decide.

As for the styles of the ties, there are various types and each has its own appeal. Only when you get to know the styles, you will understand the importance of each and this will help you find the right style which could work for you. Now we will discuss each of these popular tie styles and everything you need to know about each.


Designer Neck Ties
Red Dot Neck Tie Usually people start with the bow tie since it is the most formal of all but let's be practical. Neckties are the ones that we wear mostly through the week while the bow ties make an appearance rarely – maybe once or twice a year. Thus it would be perfect to start with the classic necktie which is the most versatile of all versions of the ties. You can style the neck tie with the suits, blazers and even the smart casual outfits. You just have to vary the style accordingly.

For example, if you are dressing for your office then we would suggest you to choose the classic solid necktie. You can choose the color of these neck ties for men depending on the color of the suit you are wearing. For these formal occasions, it is best to choose a color that blends in with the outfit. You can use cotton or wool with silk blend ties since they give you a sophisticated look. If it is an important meeting, we would suggest you to choose the branded ties since it can make you look powerful.

If you are bored with the solid neck ties then you could go with the patterned ones. There are various patterns and you should decide on the one according to the type of event you are attending. For example, subtle patterns are the best to be worn with workwear. Striped ties would be perfect and you could also choose subtle plaid ties. Avoid something extravagant like floral patterns and printed ones in work and reserve them for the off duty events. For a informal or casual event, you can choose the boldly patterned ties. If you are the groom in the wedding then you can choose to go with designer ties that is brightly colored and has bold prints since you deserve all the attention on that day. These might be expensive ties but they offer you a great look.

Bow tie

Designer Bow Ties
Black & White Bow Tie This is the next style of the tie you would be acquainted with. Whenever there is a black tie event involved, there suddenly will be a swarm full of bow ties everywhere. A tuxedo paired with the tuxedo shirt and bow tie is the complete look. But you can also wear the bow tie with the suits. A dress shirt with a bow tie, a pair of suspenders and a pair of dress pants would be a cute look, especially for the children.

There are different styles of the mens bow ties like the butterfly type and more. But whichever style you are choosing, make sure that you tie the knot and do not choose the pre-tied ones. It would make you look like a teenager desperately trying to make the tuxedo work for the prom. Tying the bow tie isn't very hard, a youtube video and some concentration might be enough.

These two are the most common types of the ties that we use but there are some less popular styles too like the cravat and the bolo tie. You could check out the men's ties collections when you want to know more about them. For example, cravat is considered to be dressier than the bow ties and are worn for the special occasions like wedding and such. Bolo ties are the quirky style of the ties that you should be trying out if you are a fan of pop.

Now for choosing the tie, you don't have much to do since there is no size involved. But as for the width of the ties in mens clothing, it is important to take into account your body stature. For example, if you are a lean person then you should look for the skinny or slim ties on sale. But if you are a person who a nice athletic build of broad shoulders then you should choose the wide ties for men instead. This will create a coordinated and balanced look for your outfit.

You can easily purchase the mens ties online but make sure that you browse through enough styles before you make your pick. When it comes to the ties price, the event determines it. For example, if you are buying the ties for weddings and you are the groom then expensive ties are justified. You can also shop for the ties in store by using the search option like ties near me and more.