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Tuxedos are the formal garments that have been the norm for the black tie events and other such formal events for a long time now. When we talk about tuxedos you would have immediately conjured up the image of the black tuxedo with its usual combining garment like white tuxedo shirt and accessories like black bow tie and black leather shoes. While this is indeed the standard attire it has turned out to be boring at one point. Aren't we all craving for some new style that might help us break the monotony? Same is true with the formal garments like tuxedos and suits. Of course you cannot change much while dressing for an event that mentions a black tie attire but there are other events where you wear the tuxedos. In that case we here discuss about the other color tuxedos and some of the best ways in which this style can be made to work for you.

Mens 2 Button Black Lapel Tuxedo in Royal Blue

When it comes to a formal outfit involving a tuxedo there are many details to get right. But one among the most important factors that gets noticed instantly is the color of the tuxedo. There are a lot of restrictions surrounding the color of the formal garments and for the very important events it would be best if you beforehand find whether the color of your outfit is appropriate or not. The black tuxedos are usually the preferred choice since there is no more safer pick than it and it works through most of the events. But every now and then it would be better to give your wardrobe a new addition which would add a little more diversity. This is the reason why we recommend you to try the other color tuxedos.

You would have already noted that the fashion world is moving in a rapid pace and thus the other color tuxedos would not viewed with too much surprise. If you are a person who knows your Hollywood shows then you would have noted the increasing nature of the other color tuxedos on the red carpets and the runways. Some of our beloved celebrities have been totally rocking the style of the other color tuxedos even for the black tie events. But this does not mean that the other color tuxedos style are reserved for the celebrities alone. Every style before becoming a sensation has a starting point and usually that point involves Hollywood. Thus if you are thinking of trying a new style then there is no better time for you to try out the other color tuxedos style.

Usually the men tend to shy away from the bright colors or anything other than black, Grey and navy blue. We understand that these are the most practical colors and would work for almost any events but they tend to make you look boring after some time. Also you do not want to twinning with almost every person in the event since if you consider it be a safe choice so does everybody. Thus venture out more from this safe bubble and try out styles like the other color tuxedos that would make you look distinct from the usual

Now when it comes to styling the other color tuxedos you will have to determine a lot of factors for the look to be perfect. Among them is the color of the tuxedo since it is the detail that gets noticed instantly. The color of the tuxedo you choose should depend on the nature of the event you are attending whether it is formal or casual. This should determine whether the color of the tuxedo would be suitable or not.

Starting with the formal type of events like the black tie ones usual choice would be going with the black tuxedos or the navy blue tuxedos. But as mentioned before the rules are blurring and there are a lot of other color tuxedos that has been spotted in these black tie events. Thus if you are one among the men who are bored with the century old rules and do not mind bending them a little then try going with the dark color tuxedos. The point here in these events is to stick with the dark shaded ones and this would help a great deal to maintain the formal look. There are a lot of options for you to choose from and some among the most recommended ones are the burgundy tuxedos and the emerald green tuxedos. These dark other color tuxedos mens will look like the black tuxedo from a distance especially under the artificial light and thus would be a good choice for the evening events.

When choosing these other color tuxedos mens it would be best for you to pay attention to the details so that the look of the outfit is appropriate for the event on the whole. For example when you go with the slim shawl burgundy tuxedo then it gives you a dressier and more sophisticated look when compared with the notch lapel tuxedo. Other than this you can also upgrade it to being the vested shawl lapel tuxedo since the 3 piece look adds a bit of elegance to the outfit. Usually the vests are recommended for the 3 piece look but if you want to try a little more vintage type look then you can go with adding the cummerbund to the tuxedo outfit.

Now if the event you are attending is not a black tie one and is more on the casual side then you can try going with brighter shades of the other color tuxedos. Now these types of events might come with the creative black tie or the cocktail attire dress code and this means that you have a lot more freedom with your tuxedo outfit than you had with the black tie attires. As for the color you can try going with the ones that in no way resembles the subtle black tuxedos and in fact stands out from the rest of the crowd. Royal Blue Prom Tuxedo and satin green color tuxedos are some of the examples of the outfits that you can choose for these types of events.

The bright shade of these other color tuxedos would give the wearer a fresh and dressed up look. As mentioned before these bright color tuxedos would indeed attract attention and thus you should be careful of the event for which you wear these tuxedos. For example these other color tuxedos would be a great choice for the cocktail parties where you don't mind being the spirit of the party. But if you are attending a wedding as a guest then the royal blue tuxedos and the red tuxedos might be a bit too much since you are not supposed to be the center of attention for the event. On the other hand if you are the groom then you can definitely choose these other color tuxedos as your groom attire since it is your special day and this can easily make you stand out from the crowd of tuxedos in your event.

Mens Wool One Button Modern Fit Vested Shawl Prom Tuxedo in Burgundy

The light colored tuxedos are rare but can give out a impressive look when styled in the right way. These light colored tuxedos are usually recommended for the summer and spring events. We all know the fact that the formal clothing is considered to be more casual as the shade of the color gets lighter. Thus it would be best for you to reserve the light colored tuxedos for the casual or semi formal events like the beach weddings and such. The most common recommendations involve ivory classic tuxedo and the cream peak lapel tuxedo. Usually these other color tuxedos come with the contrasting lapels usually black for an enhanced look. Depending on your choice you can style the light colored tuxedo as a whole or as separates.

Other the color of the tuxedos you should also check the detailing present on the tuxedos. Usually when it comes to tuxedos people choose to go with the formal solid ones. But if you want to try a different look that is dressier then try the patterned other color tuxedos. The black patterned tuxedos are popular since the pattern looks subtle on the dark shade of the tuxedo. But with the bright and light colored tuxedos the patterns are more apparent and thus the styling should be done in the right way.

Usually the patterned other color tuxedos or patterned tuxedos on the whole are recommended for the special occasions like weddings and prom. This is because of the fact that the intricate pattern on the tuxedos make them look Sophisticated. There are different styles of these patterned tuxedos that you can choose but make sure that you are confident in the styling of these garments. Starting with a formal style which you can wear to a wedding or a prom we would recommend you to try the Paisley prom tuxedos. Paisley is a rich pattern that is considered to be originated from Persia and the look of this pattern on the tuxedo makes it truly astounding. You can go with the subtler ones that come in gold or silver but when you want a modern style then you can choose the multi colored ones.

Other than this you can also try going with the floral prom tuxedos when you need a stylish look that is more on the casual side. For a long time the floral pattern was considered to be girlish and gangsterish but now it has become one of the mainstream patterns that have started to appear in the formal garments too. There are options of the more contemporary patterns on the tuxedos like the shiny diamond print tuxedos and the camouflage tuxedos. Going through the different styles available in the market can help you pick the one which would suit your taste and personality better.

Mens Wool One Button Modern Fit Vested Shawl Tuxedo in Grey & Black

As for styling the other color tuxedos here are some ideas which we think might help you find out your own style. Usually the tuxedos are worn as a whole with the tuxedo jacket and matching pair of tuxedo pants. But if you consider the whole look of the other color tuxedos too much too soon then you can choose to style it as separates. For example if you decide to go with the slimfit shawl red tuxedo but would not want to be the Mr. Red pants of the evening then you can choose to go with the red tuxedo with black lapels style and then pair it with a white tuxedo shirt, black bow tie, white pocket square and black tuxedo pants. To complete the look you can add with the outfit a pair of black leather patent shoes.

If you are dressing for your wedding then consider the type of the wedding. If it is a beach or destination wedding then chances are high that you can try on a bright colored tuxedo. In that case you can easily style the wedding shawl tan tuxedo with the contrasting black lapels but it would help for you to leave out the tie option. This would give the outfit a more breezy look rather than the uptight look of the black tuxedo. When you add a pair of black tuxedo pants to the outfit it looks more grounded and ready for some awesome photos.

Peak lapel vested tuxedos are considered to be the most formal look that you can choose with the tuxedos. It would be better to avoid the notch lapel tuxedos since the conservatives still believe that the notch lapel on the tuxedos is an abomination. 2 button tuxedos are the ones most recommended since it is a standard style that would work for most body types. If you are taller then try choosing the ones with more buttons. Single breasted tuxedos are usually preferred but when you need a style that would make you look classy and authoritative then you can try the double breasted vest tuxedo.