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Mens Designer Double Breasted Wool Tuxedo in Black

The Black Tuxedo. A simple yet elegant answer to the question what am I going to wear. Black tuxedos are that answer when you are attending any black-tie event, from a prom to a wedding, to a gala or the opera. We’ve worn them on cruises and at gallery openings. A well-fitting black tuxedo is a staple that should be hanging in any man's closet.

There is a sense of style and sophistication that you feel when wearing a black tux like you’re stepping into James Bond or Humphrey Bogart’s shoes. Styled with the right shoes, accessories, and correctly styled hair you just might be mistaken for one of these legends. Or dress the tuxedo down and go the rock star route, with sneakers and a t-shirt, we’re not here to tell you how to dress, just to make sure you always look your best, whatever best you might imagine yourself to be. At MensTuxedoUsa we cater to all styles from classic fit black tuxedos, to ultra-modern slim fit black tuxedos, no matter what your desire, we’ve got your back. 

Select a black tuxedo from one of our top designers like, Statement, Caravelli, Ike Behar, Neil Allyn, or Jean Yves below and you are sure to not only look your best but feel your best as well. Our designer black tuxedos will not let you down. And don’t forget you are always covered by our 100% money-back guarantee

Tuxedo Styles:

There are lots of black tuxedo styles to choose from at MensTuxedoUsa. We’ll go a little into some of the different options and styles below. But don’t forget we have many other color tuxedos as well. We’ll try to lay out all the designs so you know which one is best for you and your special day or event!

Black tuxedos come in many different fits to work for many body types. Starting with the classic fit tuxedo, these have jackets that are more forgiving, I.E. a little wider in the arms, and through the body, they usually feature pants that have a higher risk to give more room in the crotch area, as well as slightly wider leg pants, with a focus on comfort. The next black tuxedo fit would be the modern fit, this is an all-around style, that works for most people. The jackets are tailored in the arms and body, but not too slim. The pants are flat front and more of a straight leg design. The last black tuxedo fit is the slim fit tuxedo. These are for guys who want that rock star or model look. The jackets are extremely tapered in the body and sleeves. The jacket lengths and sleeves are slightly shorter as well. The pants are flat front, with a shorter rise, and a narrow leg. Selecting the right fit for your body type and the look you’re going for is the most important step in buying a black tuxedo.

Right now modern fit black tuxedos and slim fit black tuxedos have taken center stage in current popularity. They retain all the classic elegance of a traditional tuxedo, with a more tailored and flattering fit. The days of your dad's loose pants and oversized prom tuxedos are mostly gone. (sorry dad!). But don’t forget that no tuxedo is finished without the perfect tuxedo shirt. Whether you go with a traditional wing collar shirt or a more modern laydown shirt is all preference, but a well-fitting tuxedo shirt really completes the package.

Speaking of packages, we get it, sometimes you just don’t want to do all the searching and thinking for yourself. Sometimes it’s better to leave it up to the experts. That's why at MensTuxedoUsa we offer the best all-inclusive Mens Tuxedo Packages where we take all the guesswork out of it for you and combine the best black tuxedos, shirts, and ties to complete the whole look. 

Sometimes the best way to stand out is with the accessories. We always suggest selecting one of our many bowties to add a little color to your classic black tuxedo.

No matter what your event a black tuxedo is always a good idea to have in your closet. There really is no reason to rent when you can buy a black tuxedo from MensTuxedoUsa for the same price. If you get a classic black tuxedo that fits you well, it will never go out of style, and you will be able to wear it for years into the future.

Black Tuxedo is considerably the most classic style that is known to men. The black tuxedo has been a savoir of the men when there is a formal event to attend. We do not pay much attention to the black tuxedos until a black tie event or any event of equal importance crops up. You could make the style easily work since there is a set of rules that determine the type of styling that you should do with the black tuxedos. This might be the reason why the mens black tuxedos are losing their importance in the recent times. We live in an age where fashion needs to be more comfortable rather than be traditional. Thus we are here to ask you to reinvent the black tuxedo style as per your taste instead of sticking with the century old rules.

For example, when there is a formal black tie event involved we have no better choice than to go with the traditional look of the black tuxedo outfit. You would choose to style the black tuxedo with a white tuxedo shirt, bow tie and then to complete the look a pair of black patent leather oxford shoes. This is the most standard black tie outfit that you will find. But you can include some of your own touch to this outfit while still keeping it appropriate for the event. Say for example you are attending a formal black tie event. Most of the crowd attending the event would be taking the easy way out and choosing the exact same style of the outfit we mentioned before. But if you want your look to be a step higher than the others then we would suggest you to try the velvet black tuxedos for party. The velvet is of course a sophisticated fabric and thus would offer an elevated look for the wearer. But you are still dressed in black tuxedo and thus allowed for the event. This is just one example of how you could subtly change the traditional style to make it your own. There are many other ways in which you could do it and you could start exploring them.

Also there is an increasing number of people who are seeing the potential of the tuxedos more than being just a formal style. We have easily classified the black tuxedos to be a formal style and nothing more. But we live in a world where the styles keep altering themselves. For example, suits were once considered to be a formal wear but we now have different styles in it, starting from the business casual to the smart casual styles. It is the same with the black tuxedos since if you try, you could style them for almost all types of events. Here we are going to discuss about the different events for which you could style the black tuxedos and the best ways you could do it.

Black tuxedos for weddings

Mens 8 Button Mandarin Collar Wedding Tuxedo in Black Weddings are of different types. You could find some people going with the black tie weddings while some choosing the western style weddings. The type of the wedding matters the most while choosing the wedding outfit.

If there is a formal wedding involved with a church as venue then it is best to choose the black tuxedo for groom.This could provide a dressed up look for the groom and let him get the spotlight for the day. If you are letting the guests also to wear tuxedos then make the groom tuxedo special in some way. For example, you could choose to go with the tuxedos designer or you could even go for the black tuxedo long tail since they can easily turn attention on the wearer. Check out the black tuxedos collections thoroughly before you make the pick.

While the traditional tuxedo styling is recommended for the above wedding types, you could go with the smart casual styling of the tuxedos if the weddings are more casual. If you are the guest and choosing the black tuxedo style then keep things simple.

Black tuxedos for prom

Prom is a traditional event that has been happening for over a century now. Though it started out as a formal event, today we host all types of proms starting from formal to casual. Thus think about the prom event you are attending and then choose the tuxedo style.

The formal proms are the ones that require the attendees to wear tuxedos. You could go with the branded black tuxedos, if the budget allows since this is indeed a special night of which memories you will carry forth in the future. You could also go with black tuxedos for cheap choices but make sure that the fit of it at least is perfect. If the event is more casual then you could choose to go with the smart casual styling of the mens black tuxedos. For example, you could style the black tuxedo celebrity Jacket with a dress shirt and a pair of black skinny jeans. Adding a pair of black leather Chelsea boots would easily make the outfit look fantastic for the event.

Black tuxedos for party

Mens Vested Wool Tuxedo in Shawl Lapel with Satin Trim in White & Black Parties are other events where you might want to dress up. For example, if you have a work dinner to attend and your boss is attending then it would most probably be a black tie event. Check out the invitation before you actually make the choice. If the party is more casual and fun, then try the casual styling of the black tuxedos. You could style the black tuxedo with a black silk dress shirt and a pair of black jeans.

You could easily choose the black tuxedos online for fast delivery. If you have time, you could check out the black tuxedos for sale and then pick the one that works for you. The black tuxedos price might be a little higher than the suits but they offer a more sophisticated kind of look for the formal events.