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Mens dress shirts are an important part of every mens formal wardrobe. Even though they do not receive the same fussing over like that of the jackets and suits it still plays a major role in making the outfit look the best. There are different styles in the mens dress shirts and you can choose the best one for you. But for getting the best look it would be important to get to know the styles available in the market. If you are looking for getting the dress shirts and would like to know more then we are here to help. In this article we discuss the mens dress shirts and some of the best ways in which you can style the garment.

Mens Slim Fit Dress Shirt in Black While choosing the mens dress shirts there are a few things that you will have to note. Among those the fabric of the dress shirt is the most important thing that you will have to note first since it determines the comfort of the wearer. Depending on the climate of the place you live in and the look that you aim with you can choose the dress shirt fabric. Cotton dress shirts are the ones that are most preferred and is considered to be the undisputed king of the dress shirts. When you need a comfortable fabric that would help you from sweating too much then cotton dress shirts must be your choice. A finely woven cotton dress shirt would keep close to your body but because of their breathable nature they offer a neat and comfortable look. Also they are highly durable and when ironed can take the shape that you want. Linen dress shirts are also a great choice when you need a casual garment. Dress shirt linen would be best for the summer weddings and parties since they give out a lived in look.

The next style that you will have to go with is the synthetic material dress shirts. These dress shirts do not have the same type of properties like the cotton dress shirts but when you want a cheaper garments then these are your best choices. Man made fabric dress shirts are often wrinkle and strain resistant thus making them the best for daily use. Other than this you can also choose to go with the blended ones like the cotton and polyester dress shirts. These are more comfortable than the fully synthetic ones especially if the percentage of the natural fabric is more. If you are looking for the daily wear dress shirts that you can wear as workwear then these blended dress shirts are your best choice.

While the above mentioned dress shirts are a versatile style you can choose to go with the luxurious styles for the special occasions. Silk dress shirts and satin dress shirts are the best choices for the special occasions like dinner parties and weddings. The natural sheen of the garment and the light drape of the fabric gives it the richer look. The cost might be slightly higher and the durability low. But because of the rich look it offers they are preferred by many men.

After you select the dress shirt fabric the next thing that you will have to note is the fit of the garment. If a dress shirt does not fit properly then the overall outfit might look sloppy. If you want a perfect fit you can choose to go with the custom made dress shirts or the designer dress shirts. But this might take a long time and also cost you more. If you want a cheaper choice go with the ready made dress shirts. There are different fits of these dress shirts available and you can choose the best one for your body type.

Classic fit shirts are the traditional choices and gives you a comfortable garment. This comes with a boxy fit and there is excess of fabric near the sleeves and the body. If you are a person who likes a comfortable style more than the fashionable one then classic dress shirts are your best pick. This type of fit comes with two pleats at the back and gives proper mobility. If you are a person you often wears the dress shirts without the jacket then classic fit dress shirts might not be your best choice. If you have a thinner frame then these classic dress shirts might look overwhelming but if you have a bigger middle portion then this is the most comfortable and flattering fit.

If you are on the slimmer side with almost perfect proportions then you can go with the slimfit dress shirts. In the 21st century men wear dress shirts without the jacket or the vest and thus the properly fitting garment is a must. The slimfit dress shirts are tighter in the fit when compared to the classic dress shirts and thus are less comfortable. The excess fabric of this fit of the dress shirts gives them a more fashionable look. The slimfit dress shirts come with higher armhole stance and fit closer to the body of the wearer without being skin tight. If you are looking for a formal dress shirt that you can wear with or without the jacket then dress shirts slimfit are the best choice.

Modern fit dress shirts lie between the slimfit and classic dress shirts in the fit and thus gives both comfort and style. These dress shirts give you a trimmer look and also offers comfort for the wearer. If you are looking for casual dress shirts that you can wear comfortably through the day but also look fashionable at the same time then modern fit dress shirts are your best pick.

For tuxedos you will have to go with the more formal choice which is the dress shirts french cuff. For patterned dress shirts you can go through the options of dress shirts online and choose the best one. From striped dress shirts to dress shirt floral there are a lot of choices to try out.