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Men's Roaring 1920s Costumes

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Fashion is a fickle thing with the styles coming in and going out of style. Thus when a style stays for a long time like for decades and centuries then it is considered to be a classic. To learn about the classics and their journey it is important for you to know the history of it Waddling through the fashion world. In menswear there always has been a fascination for the classic garments. If you are one among the people who like the vintage styles then you would love to go through styles that have come through the history. In this article we discuss the mens roaring 1920s costumes and some of the best ways in which you can imitate the style for the modern times.

Most of our formal garments like the suits and the tuxedos have been in use for a long time even for centuries. While there have been little to no changes in the basic structure of the suit the details involved has changed according to the changing needs of the people. The fashion of the people also were greatly influenced the events that were happening at that time. Thus every decade in the mens fashion comes with a different style and story.

Mens Double Breasted Gomez Addams | Addams Family Costume

When it comes to mens roaring 1920s costumes it is often remembered for the glamor and glitz. This was the time when the First World War has just ended and thus the people and the countries were still recovering from the after effects. While the glamor came back into the fashion there was a simplicity that was not present before on the garments especially in the women's fashion. The 1920s women's costumes became simple and modern which might be starting point for the fashion that we have now. If you are a movie buff you would have been aware of the Hollywood's obsession with the 1920s stories and the costumes. Truth be told mens 1920s roaring costumes deserves all the praise thrown its way since it is clearly the forerunner of the styles that we have now.

The mens 1920s roaring costumes were classy and sophisticated but also with a level of fun that wasn't expected from the mens fashion at that time. Each garments had its own characteristics and concept was here to look classy but not too uptight. But the formal clothing like the suits remained to be the main garments with the casual garments never in sight. If you are curious we here have complied some of the styles and characteristics of the mens 1920s roaring costumes.

Starting with the dress shirts in the mens 1920s roaring costumes it was a staple at that one. The mens dress shirts that come with the tall and detachable collars were the most popular style at that time. This style of the detachable collar dress shirts were used for their daily ease of laundering. Men who tended to go with the physical labor did not have the means to go with a new shirt everyday. And the water and soap was not abundant as it is now. Thus the detachable collars were introduced on the shirts and these can be simply removed from the shirts, washed and then used again with another shirt. This made the men get through the week with one or two dress shirts.

While the detachable collars were the popular style at the start of the 1920s by the middle of the decade the attached collars came to be the preferred choice again because of their softer feel. There were different styles of the collars on the dress shirts. The spread collars were the ones that were mostly used since they perfectly housed the wide Windsor tie knot. Point collars were used for the button down shirts since they offer a standard look. The wing tip collars on the dress shirts were used for the special occasions since they were the best to be worn with the bow ties. Both French cuffs and the double cuffs were used on the dress shirts and the former was considered to be more formal than the latter. While the mens 1920s roaring costumes were usually simple the accessories used were on the flashier side. For example the collar pins were widely used in the 1920s and they were placed through the eyelet holes in the shirts.

To perfectly capture the essence of the mens 1920s roaring costumes you will have to step away from the casual influence on the suits and go with the classic look of the fitting suits. Suits were undeniably at the center of the mens 1920s roaring costume styles. Men wore suits throughout the day and the casual garments were not much in sight. While most of the characteristics were retained from the classic styles of the suits some changes were made in the cut which gave it a more simple and modern look. This was also the time when jazz became a mainstream music and thus its influence on the suits were also seen.

As for the for of the mens roaring costume suits of the 1920s the formal suits were in black since it was considered to be the formal color. Other than the block colors which were mostly on the subtler side were the ones that were most used. The color of the 1920s suits were a show of status of the wearer and you would have noted this if you have watched the 2013 film The Great Gatsby which is set in the 1920s.

A look into the great Mens Gangster Costumes would give you an idea on how the suits fashion worked at that time. Usually the block colors like the black, grey and navy were used for the suits especially among the common people. But when it comes to the wealthy people the lighter colors were often used. On closer inspection you can note this on the film. While the others characters in the film mostly stuck with the black suits or brown suits will be the only person who dares to venture into the colored suits especially those with the lighter colors. These suits which were white or nude in color denoted the higher status of the men and the absence of physical labor in their lives.

Other than this the patterns were also greatly used in the mens 1920s roaring costumes and with suits it was the pinstripes and the chalk stripes. The white collar workers often used the pinstripes to indicate their financial status. While the 2 button gangster pinstripe suit was more of a subtle style people who want a more eye catchy look went with the chalk pinstripe Gangster suits. Even today the pinstripe suits are often connected with the bankers and the wall Street employees. While the chalk stripes suits are not that common in today's fashion the pinstripe suits fashion would still work as one of the authentic look given that the fit is right.

As for the fabric used for the mens 1920s roaring costumes it is one of the details that sets apart our fashion from the fashion of that time. At that time the suits were made of heavy fabrics and thus were uncomfortable to wear and expensive to buy. This is because of the fact that the heating system at that time was not evolved as it is now and the people opted to thick fabrics for saving themselves from the cold. Also there was the fit of the suit which was a lot better when tailored from the thick materials than the lighter ones.

Wool gangster suits were the ones that were considered to be one of the best styles of that time. Other than this there was also the option of going with blends of wool and tweed for the suits. The tweed herringbone suit were all the rage back then since they offered a standard look while also being insulating and hard wearing. In modern day fashion we have moved on to the lightweight fabrics for the fashion since people have shifted more towards the comfortable clothing. The wool suits and the tweed suits have remained in style but the weight of the clothing and their fit is far more progressed than the ones in the mens 1920s roaring costume styles.

Another thing that was influenced by the lack of proper heating system was the use of the vests with the suits. The extra garment was first introduced for give the wearer a fitting and elegant look but with time they became one of the best choices to keep the cold at bay. It became a part of the daily costume and men who stepped out without the vest would be considered underdressed. Vested peak lapel suits were the ones that were most common choice for the formal events like the weddings and other special occasions. You would have noted this detail on the vested suits. since all the men in the film be it the high class ones or lower class all would be seen sporting the vests. The vests was also used to obtain a streamlined body look and also highlighted the lapels on the suits. The single breasted vests were the commonly used style but the double breasted vests also became popular at that time. It became an essential fashion and the snuggly fit double breasted vests were often work with the single breasted suits. Only during the second world war when the shortage of the raw materials came the usage of suit vests declined from where it has dwindled.

Mens White Gangster Zoot Suit Tuxedo Costume | Leonardo Dicaprio Suit in Taupe

The Zoot suits were also an important improvement in the style of the mens 1920s roaring costumes. As mentioned before the jazz culture was trending and thus the Zoot suit style was not a hard fashion to penetrate the minds of the people. The main feature of the mens fashion zoo suit is that the suit jacket's shoulders were broader than the usual styles and the suit pants were also wide than the usual ones. This style was considered to be rebellious at the time of their origin but with time the youth took over the style and it became one of the most favored style of that time.

If you are a person who likes to try out new styles then you can try going with these classic vested suits. In modern times we go for the most fitting suits and thus the Zoot suit would give you a distinct and fresh look. But it would be best for you to restrict the Zoot suit styles for the special occasions like the parties and such. To start with a simple look go with the notch lapel Zoot suit and focus more on getting the fit of the garment in the perfect way.

As for the tuxedos the tails on the cutaway tuxedos went out of fashion and the tuxedo style as we have now came into style in the 1920s. The vested suits. costume were used for the most formal events but other than that the modern short tuxedo style was the most prevalent style to be noted. As we have mentioned before the accessories played a major role in the mens 1920s roaring costumes. The hats were one of the most popular accessories to be used of that time. The style of the hat was also determined according to your class in the society. While the working class men wore the page boy style hats which were also popularly known as the newsboy caps or the flat caps.

But if you were of the middle class then fedora hats were the prevalent style. People who came from sudden money also went with the fedora hat styles. Mens gangster godfather hat with the suits became one of the signature style of a group of people in the 1920s. The upper class men went with the top hat styles and straw hats were used for the summer casual events.