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Brown Suits

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Are you a person who wears suits on a daily basis for your work? Then there is a great chance that you have an array of the black suits and navy suits. While these are the most versatile style with nothing to refuse about that it is also easy to get sick of these colors. This is especially true in the office settings where most of the population come dressed in the same colors. Thus if you are bored of the style and would like to try something different then we would like you to go with the brown suits. In this article we discuss in detail about the Mens Suits and some of the best ways in which you can style the garment for different events.

Mens 2 Button Classic Fit Pleated Pant Suit in Big Tall Sizes in Brown

You might have heard about the old British adage which restricts any man from wearing brown suits in town and this proves that the garment for a long time was considered to be best for country style use. But the time has blurred all the lines and anything that looks good will work at any places for now. The monotony of the black, blue and the gray garments have ruled the menswear for a long time and now the designers and the people are looking for alternatives that would work without breaking the pre laid rules for the formal style.

When it comes to brown suits most would immediately imagine the dirty brown which we are all used to. But when you go into detail you will be surprised to find the range of shades available in the mens brown suits or any brown garments. Choosing the right shade matters the most since the color and the shade are the things that get instantly noticed about your outfit. It will be best if you spend some time in checking out the available shades and then go with the one which would suit your purpose the best.

There are a lot of shades in brown suits that would give you a stunning outfit but there are also shades which would make you look like a clown or a person who stepped out straight from the 70s. Thus be careful in the shade of the brown suits that you choose. Here are some recommendations that would help you pick out the right shade especially if you are an amateur. For selecting the shade you will have to first consider the nature of the event you are attending and then make the choice. For example if you are intending to use it for both formal and casual events then it would be best for you to go with the dark shades. Classic Fit Suits and the deep expresso brown suits would be the best especially when you are looking for the brown business suits since it would look just like one of your dark suits. If you are a person who is trying out the brown suits for the first time then we would recommend you to go with the dark brown suits mens since they are more versatile and easier to style.

But in recent times the light brown suits are trending more given that some of our beloved fashion celebrities like Ryan gosling and more are in love with the color. Usually the lighter shades are considered harder to style but with brown suits you can style the lighter shades easily but you will have to put some time into finding which would work and which would not. When you choose the lighter shades make sure that you go to the end of the spectrum like the oatmeal brown suits since the ones in the middle like the milk chocolate brown shades would have a orangey shade which makes them look clownish. But you would note many celebrities going with these orangish shades of the brown suits but they belong just there – in the runways and the red carpets. It would never work for the formal or the semi formal parties let alone as business wear. Thus if you are intending to use the brown suits you purchase for different events without attracting much stares then it would be best for you to stick with the extreme ends of the color spectrum.

Mens 2 Button Skinny Vested Wool Suit in Brown

After you choose the shade of the brown suits the next thing that we would recommend you to focus on is the fabric of the brown suits. This also depends on the type of event for which you are purchasing the garment but you should also consider the shade and the fabric that would look good for the particular shade. For example when you are looking for a formal style of the brown suits that you can wear even for the work attire then you can choose to go with the mens brown wool suits. This is the most preferred style since the wool suits give the outfit a standard style and thus would work for the formal events. There are variations in these wool brown suits which you can look into the details and choose the right style for the event. For example the flannel brown suits look more formal and simple when compared to the worsted wool brown suits. But the textured look of the worsted wool brown suits also offer you with a more interesting look when compared with the plain wool brown suits. The fit of these wool brown suits is another reason for you to choose it since it tends to drape well. Also the wool suits will provide the wearer with good insulation and thus are most recommended for the winter or fall events.

When you need a summer garment then the wool brown suits might feel uncomfortable and stuffy thus you will have to instead go with the lightweight suits. Brown cotton suits are the best choice when you need a lightweight replacement to the formal wool suits. The cotton brown suits are breathable and also gentle on the sensitive skin. They are the ones that are most recommended for the formal and semi formal events.

But when you need a more casual choice that you can wear to events like summer weddings and parties you can go with the brown linen suits. These linen suits are light in weight and breathable thus allowing the wearer to be comfortable even under hot temperatures. The linen brown suits also have good moisture wicking characteristics which will help you stay dry all through the day from sweating too much. But the linen garments tend to wrinkle easily making them not suitable for the formal events. The better option would be to go with the blended brown linen suits that add a little of the cotton and wool fibers to reduce the wrinkling nature.

Brown silk suits and the brown velvet suits are the ones that you would require when you need a dressy look that is best for the special occasions like weddings and award events. The natural fabric suits might be little on the costlier side because of the tedious manufacturing. If you are tight on the budget and you need a cheaper style then you can go with the synthetic styles like the polyester brown suits and the rayon brown suits. These synthetic suits might not be as durable as the natural fabric ones but would be a good choice if you maintain it in the right way and also for temporary use.

As for the styles of the mens brown suits there are little details that you will have to note when choosing the garment. When you put some time and effort in picking out the right one and then choose the right styling the brown suits style would give you the best look. Here are some ideas on the styling the brown suits which would help you when you get the garment for yourself. Starting with a formal style you can style the brown 2 piece suit with a white dress shirt and a black tie since it gives out a standard look which would work even for the office attire. But the warm color of the brown suit might not sit well with the bright style of the white dress shirts for some. In that case you can try going with the cream dress shirts or the ivory dress shirts. Other than this you can also try choosing the light colored shirts. For example you can choose to style the mens brown dress suits with a light blue dress shirt and navy print tie for a clear and dapper fashion look. To finish off the look in the perfect sense you can choose to add with the outfit a pair of black suede driving shoes. Other than this for a classy and sharp look you can choose to style the single breasted brown suit with a pink dress shirt and a burgundy print tie. To offer a little mix and match style you can add with the outfit a pair of dark brown leather loafers and black sunglasses.

The single breasted brown suits are the ones that are most preferred since they are most versatile given that they can be easily dressed up or dressed down. But when you want a different style which would give you a authoritative and dressed up look then you can try the Double Breasted Suits For a symbol of a well balanced wardrobe you can choose to style the double breasted brown suits with a white dress shirt and a navy Paisley tie. To give the outfit a relaxed look you can add with it a pair of black woven leather tassel loafers. For a attention grabbing look you can choose to style the Slim Fit Suit with a white dress shirt, dark brown print tie and white pocket square. To complete the look in the perfect sense you can add with the outfit a pair of dark brown suede tassel loafers.

The lapels of the brown suit is another important detail to note. When you want a formal style then you should go with the peak lapel brown suits. But if you are purchasing the brown business suits to be used as daily wear then it would be best to go with the notch lapel brown suits. While the peak lapel suits are considered to be the most formal style when you are getting the suit for special occasions then try the shawl lapel brown suits since they are considered to give out a dressier look. For example if you are the groom and are looking for the Wedding Suits then you can choose these shawl lapel brown suits and pair it with formal combining garments. As for the groom attire it is your special day and thus it is important for you to stand out from the group of the guests showing up in suits and tuxedos. In that case you can choose to go with the brown mens tuxedo and then pair it with a white tuxedo shirt and black bow tie. To complete the brown dinner suits look add with the outfit a pair of black leather tuxedo shoes.

The solid suits can turn out to be boring especially when you enter into the fashion world and you understand how much styles are there yet to try. Patterned brown suits would be a great choice. If you are trying out the style for the first time then go with the pinstripe brown suit since it is the easiest to pull off. Other than this you can try the brown plaid suits and brown stripe Zoot suit when you need a more casual and fun style.

Styling the brown suits as separates is another way you can conquer the style. We all know that you can achieve a lot with styling the brown suit jackets but you can also try to style the brown suit vest and the brown suit coat with different garments.