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Mandarin Tuxedos

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The tuxedos are the garments that are most recommended for the formal events. The style of the tuxedos have remained the same for a long time and there have been very little changes even in the details of the standard tuxedos. But there have been variations available in the tuxedos which are more modern and contemporary. While the standard tuxedo look would be the best for the strictly formal events there are still events which would allow you to experiment a little with the styles. If you are looking for a specific style that you can try without stepping out the line too much then we recommend you to give mandarin tuxedos a try. In this article we discuss the Mens Tuxedos and everything you need to know about the style before you choose it for yourself.

Mens 4 button Mandarin Tuxedo in Sharkskin Burgundy with Black Trim

When it comes to tuxedos the lapels are the most important detail that distinguishes it from the suits. Since this is the detail that changes in the mandarin tuxedos it gives you a distinct look which makes you stand out from the rest of the crowd. The change in the look is not exactly subtle and thus when you go with the mandarin tuxedos it would be better if you are confident about the style. Before you go with the details of the mandarin style tuxedo it would be best for you to know the history of the mandarin collar and how it has reached the place it has now.

The collar of the mandarin tuxedo is the one that distinguishes the garment from the regular tuxedos. Usually with the tuxedos the peak lapels and shawl lapels are the most recommended. But when it comes to mandarin collar it gives the tuxedos a stylish and modern look. The mandarin collar comes with a stand up short unfolded collar and are usually found in the shirts or jackets. The mandarin collar on the tuxedo starts at the neckline and rise vertically to between two to five centimeters. The length of the mandarin collars on the tuxedo is also curved to give it a clean look. The edges of the collar do not meet at the center or sometimes overlap slightly. This gives the mandarin tuxedos a royal and elegant look. There are similar collars like the banded collar or the bandhgala collar but there are minor variations with the other styles.

The mandarin collar has been in use for centuries and they have been trending in the recent times. If you are concerned about the limited styles available for the formal events then you can go with the mandarin tuxedos as the alternative to the standard attires. This would be the best solution when you require something urban and new age than the century old design of the tuxedos. The mandarin tuxedos are greatly versatile and you can try new styles with the same style.

As for the history of the mandarin tuxedos or the mandarin collars on the whole it is believed to have been in use since the 220BC. The mandarin collars have been prevalent in the imperial China and they were by greatly prevalent among the bureaucrats in china. The mandarin collars originated from China and we all know that the fashion from the eastern style has influenced much of the world's fashion. As such the mandarin collar garments have now become more popular in the western countries and is slowly becoming a mainstream style.

Even today the mandarin collar style is being widely used in the military garments. Since the 10th century the mandarin collars have been used for the military and navy uniforms thus have now become a part of the tradition in the military style. The modern day combat uniforms also utilize the mandarin collar since they are more comfortable when there is much physical activity. Thus if you are thinking of going with a comfortable garment especially for the summer and spring events then you can go with the mandarin tuxedo outfit.

Other than this the mandarin collar is also much prevalent in the clerical clothing in the Catholic and the orthodox churches. The mandarin collar is usually found on the cassocks which is a style that is derived from the ancient Rome and Greece styles. Also the round collar style is popular in India and it is a part of their traditional garment. These styles of the mandarin collar Indian garments are made of the superior fabrics like the silk or velvet and is enhanced by the intricate embroideries. Usually the mandarin collar jackets of this Indian style are worn with pair of matching pants but in recent times they are also worn with the contrasting trousers. They are considered to be a masculine style and thus if you want to recreate the regal look of the Indian style you can choose to go with the mandarin tuxedos.

Hollywood loves mandarin collars and have made the appearance in many famous pop culture movies and action movies. If you are a person who loves your action movies with Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee then you would have noted the repeated use of the mandarin collar suits and shirts. Other than this the mandarin collar has made appearance in many other Hollywood movies and especially for the distinct characters which they want the people to notice. This shows the individuality and futuristic style of the mandarin collars and thus if you want a style that gives you a fresh look then it would be best for you to try the mandarin classic tuxedos.

The usual name for these short collars is the mandarin collars but there are also other names by which it is known in other places. You might be aware of the mandarin tuxedos by another name which might be any one of these – Chinese collar tuxedo, mayo collar tuxedo or the grandad collar tuxedo. Though there might be subtle changes in the look of these tuxedos most of it looks the same as the other.

When choosing the mandarin tuxedos it would be best for you to consider some details to get the best choice. The first thing to note would be for you to check the fabric of the mandarin tuxedos since it influences the look of the tuxedos and also the comfort of the wearer choosing it. Mandarin Wool tuxedosare the ones that are most preferred choice since it scores the best on most aspects. The wool mandarin tuxedos are breathable, soft and comfortable to wear. Also wool garments are known to drape well thus the garments give you a great fit. Wool mandarin tuxedos are probably the ones that you can easily get in the markets since they are also the most preferred. But if you dislike the bulky look of the mandarin wool tuxedos then replace it with a lightweight one like cotton mandarin tuxedos. These tuxedos are a good choice when you need lighter garment but want to still maintain the formal look.

But if you want a garment that you can wear to summer weddings and parties then you can opt to go with linen mandarin tuxedos. Linen is a fabric that is light in weight, absorbs moisture and evaporates it faster than the cotton fabric. Thus the mandarin linen tuxedos might help you stay away from sweating even on the hot days.

Mens 6 Button Long Style Mandarin Collar tuxedo in Black

On the other hand there comes events once in a while which would require you to dress up impeccably. In that case you can choose luxurious natural fabrics that you can wear to fancy events like the silk mandarin tuxedos or mandarin velvet tuxedos.The silk has an inherent rich look to it and gives you a formal and rich style. Floral mandarin tuxedos and paisley mandarin tuxedos are some of the recommendations if you are looking for a special garment like the mandarin wedding tuxedos. As for velvet the material in itself has a rich look and when paired you choose the right color then it can give you a classy and stylish look. It is best to wear the velvet mandarin collar tuxedos for evening events like dinner parties and such.

All the above mentioned natural fabric mandarin tuxedos are soft and comfortable to wear and can last for a long time when maintained right. But all these positive characteristics can make the cost to be a little high. If you consider the price to be too high for your budget and you would like to go with cheap mandarin tuxedos then try out the synthetic ones like polyester mandarin tuxedos or rayon mandarin tuxedos. These synthetic fabric tuxedos are cheap but it would be best for you to avoid them unless you are in urgent need or a very restricting budget.

After you select the fabric of the mandarin tuxedos there are many other details to note. Each give out a unique look for the garment and can influence the look of the tuxedo to a great level. Thus when you choose the mandarin tuxedos it would be best for you to select the details carefully. For example the color of the mandarin tuxedo is one of the most important thing to note since it tends to attract much attention even in the first glance.

Depending on the event you are attending you can choose the right color of the mandarin tuxedo. For a formal event like the church wedding or any of the business dinners you can choose to go with the dark colors of the tuxedo like theNavy Blue Tuxedos

These are the ones that are the most recommended since they are also most versatile. Other than this you can also choose to go with the burgundy mandarin tuxedos and emerald green mandarin tuxedos when you want to try a different and modern look. Most of the time we men tend to choose the standard colored tuxedos and do not venture out too much out the black and navy styles. Thus when you go with these deep colors such as burgundy and dark green then the look would be stylish and modern. These are also the colors that are trending at the moment.

Long White Mandarin Tuxedo

But if you are going for the casual events then you can choose the lighter colors of the mandarin tuxedos. We are all used to the dark colored tuxedos but you can choose to go with the lighter ones like the tan mandarin tuxedos and even the white mandarin tuxedos when you are feeling experimental. But it would be best if you restrict these garments to the casual events that happen in summer or spring. Other than the solid mandarin style tuxedos you can also try the patterned ones. Pinstripe mandarin tuxedos and plaid mandarin tuxedos are the ones that are considered to be the most recommended and also the easiest to style.

The number of buttons on the mandarin collar tuxedos is also another detail to note. This detail should depend on the look that you require since there are different styles available in the market. For example if you would like to stick with the standard tuxedo look with little changes then go with the short mandarin tuxedos. But if you want to capture the real essence of the style we would recommend you to go with the long mandarin tuxedos. Usually the 6 button long mandarin tuxedos would be the recommendation since it suits men of almost all body types. But if you are a tall person and would like your jackets long then you can choose to go with the 8 button mandarin tuxedos.

Mandarin lapel tuxedos should fit the body type of the wearer in the best sense. If you are a person who is tall and lean then you can choose to go with the slimfit tuxedos or the skinny fit mandarin tuxedos. But if you like a roomier style then you can choose to go with the classic fit mandarin tuxedos.