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When it comes to tuxedos we view it as a formal garment which would work for even the strictest dress codes given that it is of the right color. Now when we imagine a tuxedo we would often conjure up the image of the tuxedo jacket with a matching pair of tuxedo pants which we wear with a dress shirt and a bow tie. This would be the standard attire which would work for most events but when you need a formal look that is impeccable then you should go with adding vests to the tuxedos. Tuxedos were worn with vests for a long time but with time the use of vests dwindled. In this article we discuss the mens tuxedo vests and all that you need to know about the garment before you get one for yourself.

Mens vests are not a new style and they have been in use for a long time now. The mens tuxedo vests were considered to be the essential third piece in the traditional formal tuxedo style. Usually when it comes to tuxedos vests or cummerbunds are worn for enhancing the formal outfit further. While the vests are extra garments which can be worn with the suits or even separately but cummerbunds are suited to be worn with the tuxedos only. The pairing of the tuxedo with the cummerbunds or the mens tuxedo vests provide a distinct look and you will have to select the one which would suit you the best.

Solid Gold Vest Set Cummerbund is a strip of cloth that is usually made of satin and it is worn right at the waistline at the naval so that the cummerbund covers the junction between the shirts and the trousers. The cummerbunds were originally introduced so that the the shirt fabric does not show when you wear the jacket buttoned. The cummerbunds are usually in black or the color of the tuxedo and thus would give you a streamlined look for the wearer.

Interestingly the origin of the cummerbunds traces back to the 19th century India. The British military at their time in India found that the sashes that the natives wore around their waist would be a more comfortable alternative to the tight fitting vests. Thus cummerbunds started out in India and then reached New York where it grew in popularity. Now when you have to choose between a cummerbund and the mens tuxedo vest you will have to consider the event. If you are dressing for a summer event which can go through all day then the cummerbunds might be plausible choice since they are cooler and comfortable than the mens tuxedo vests. Also when you choose to go with the cummerbunds that come with pleats (you will have to wear it with the pleats facing up) it gives you a dressier style.

Now if you do not like the idea of tuxedo with cummerbunds much then you can choose to go with the mens tuxedo vests. The origin of the vests is precisely dared back to the period of king Charles II of England who introduced the vest as a standard clothing for the people in his court. It is said that the king was inspired from English traveller Sir Robert Shirley who got the look from the Persian court Shahs. When it started out the longer coats were called the vests but with time the garment was shortened.

The mens tuxedo vests at the time of their origin was elaborately designed and embroidered. They were also of bright colors and were worn as the show of their status. But after 19th century when the fashion became more subtle the mens tuxedo vest designs also became more subtle. While the mens tuxedo vests were longer in the beginning they were more fitting so that the fit of the outfit looks great. Over time the vests became an essential part of the suits and the three piece suits were considered to be the standard for daily use attire.

The mens tuxedo vests remained to be the standard style and the people also used it to keep warm. Until the mid 20th century the mens tuxedo vests were spotted often since the people even wore it even in their houses to escape the cold. But during the time of the second World War the raw materials for the clothings were rationed and thus the garments which were considered to be extras like the vests went out of style. But after the end of the war the situation came back to normal but people opted to go with sweaters or pullovers to keep warm during the cold. Also the central heating system came into use and thus the need for the thick clothing was eliminated. With this the trend of vests to be worn with the suits went in and out of style but the use of the mens tuxedo vests were steady since it have a better look for the garment.

As for choosing the mens tuxedo vests over cummerbund it would be best if you choose them for the formal events that are scheduled to happen in the summer or spring. The mens tuxedo vests would provide a certain level of warmth which would be best for these events. Other than this you should also consider your body type when you choose between the cummerbund and the mens tuxedo vests. Both would offer flattering looks but men who have a smaller and slim we figure would benefit more with cummerbunds since it accentuates the the smaller mid section of the wearer. But if you are on the bigger side especially in the middle then the men's slimfit tuxedo vests would be the best choice since the fitting garment can make you look slimmer and taller since it gives the wearer a sleek look.

If you find this all to be too confusing and would like to know whether there is a possibility that you can forgo both vests and cummerbunds. But the answer to this is not very simple and the style it hard to pull off. The tuxedo outfit without the mens tuxedo vest or the cummerbund does not offer the same sleek look and the outfit often looks incomplete. Thus if you want a formal and elegant outfit that makes you look dressed up make sure that you add the mens tuxedo vest or the cummerbund to your tuxedo outfit.

When choosing the mens tuxedo vests there are a few things that you will have to note. When you select the mens tuxedo vests carefully you will be presented with a versatile garment which you can pair with the tuxedo but also separately when you want to try a new look. The first thing that you will have to focus on is the fabric of the mens tuxedo vests. Since you are going to style it with the tuxedos make sure that you choose high quality tuxedo vests which would match the formal look of the tuxedo outfit. Also when choosing the fabric it would be best for you to consider the type of event you are attending.

If you are looking for mens formal tuxedo vests then you can choose to go with the wool tuxedo vests since they offer the best look and also the best fit. This is because of the drape offered by the fabric and it would also keep the wearer warm when the weather is chilly. But if the event is happening in summer or spring the usual recommendation is for you to go with the cummerbund but if you prefer the mens tuxedo vests then go with the lightweight fabrics in which you will feel comfortable. Cotton tuxedo vests are the best choice but when you need a slightly relaxed look then you can choose to go with the linen tuxedo vests.

Solid Teal Vest Set Weddings and proms are some of the events for which we wear the tuxedos. While for usual events you can go with the above styles it would not be a good choice if you want to impress. For example if you are the groom mens wedding tuxedovests then you can go with the luxurious styles which will make you stand out of the crowd. For example the mens silk tuxedo vests and the mens tuxedo vest velvet would give out a dressier and richer style when compared with the cotton mens tuxedo vests or the wool tuxedos vests. Thus go with these fashion mens tuxedo dinner vest when you want a garment that gives you an unique look.

While you go with these luxurious choices of the mens tuxedo vests if you want to enhance it further you can try going with the patterned mens tuxedo vests. Again the style of the pattern on the mens tuxedo vest depends on the nature of the event you are attending and your role in the event. For example if it is a semi formal or casual event and you are aiming for a grounded and subtle look you can choose to go with the pinstripe vest tuxedo or the tonal stripe tuxedo vest. The advantage with the stripes is that the elongated pattern will give you the slimmer and taller look.

Other than this you can choose to go with the mens plaid tuxedo vests when you need a casual and stylish look. There are a lot of styles in the mens plaid tuxedo vests and depending on your need you can choose the right style of the plaids. But if you are dressing for a special occasion like weddings and proms then go with patterns that will make you look impressive. For examples the richer ones like the Paisley Patterned Vest Sets and the mens floral vest tuxedo have gained a large bout of popularity in the recent times. These styles of the luxurious mens tuxedo vests when picked in proper color can give the wearer a regal look which would be best for people who are looking to be the life of the event that they are attending.

Single breasted mens tuxedo vests are the ones that are most preferred since they are easier to style and are more versatile. Single breasted mens tuxedo vest with single breasted tuxedo would work for any type of event but you can expect the majority of the event population to turn up wearing the same style. If you want a different look that would make your style look carefully picked out then you can choose to go with the double breasted mens tuxedo vests. For example when you pair the single breasted tuxedo with a double breasted tuxedo vest the contrast is highlighted and gives you a elegant look. And on contrary when you choose to go with the double breasted tuxedo style then you can choose the single breasted tuxedo vest to be paired with it. The coordination between the styles matter the most and thus it would require careful selection.

Red Sequin Vest Set As for the color of the mens tuxedo vest it greatly depends on the color of your tuxedo. If you are dressing for a black tie event then the best choice would be for you to go with the black tuxedo vests men. But if you are willing to bend the rules a little in favor of getting your own brand of look then you can choose to go with other colors of the mens tuxedo vests. For example a black mens tuxedo jacket floral paired with a cream silk dress shirt and a dove grey tuxedo vest would be a proper personal touch to the tuxedo outfit.

Usually when pairing the tuxedo with a mens tuxedo vest people choose bow ties since they are the most formal styles. But when choosing the mens tuxedo vest tie you can also choose the long ties or leave out the tie option altogether given that there are a lot of contemporary outfit styles making the rounds in the fashion world. Whichever the mens tuxedo vest outfit you are going with make sure that it is paired with appropriate combining garments which would deliver the outfit to be the best for the event you are styling it.