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Slim Fit Suits

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When choosing a suit there are many details to note but one among the most important ones is the fit of the suit. Usually when a person is getting their first suit it is recommended to go with the custom made suits since they are perfectly tailored for the person's size. But not all can afford the expensive price tag that comes with it and sometimes the time involved for getting the suit made just for you would not also be feasible. Thus off the rack suits have become more popular in recent times and there are different styles available. In this article we discuss the slim fit suits and everything you need to know about the style before getting it for yourself.

The slim fit suits first came into use in the 1960s and since then they have been in and out of style. In the recent times the mens slim fit suits are having a moment and thus it is one of the best times to try out this look. The slim fit suits can be rocked by most people only if you know the details. When getting the slim fit suit mens here are some things that we would like you to note.

Mens 2 Button Slim Fit Vested Wool Suit in Forest Green

The slim fit suits are often considered similar to the Italian cut suits since they are tailored closely to the body. If you are a person who likes to go with the fitting clothes then slim fit suits are the best choice for you. The proper style of the slim fit suits hugs your body closely but without restricting it too tightly. The slim fit suits would look and feel more fitting than the regular fit or the classic fit suits.

The slim fit mens suits are also light since there is much less fabric used in the making when compared with to regular fit or classic fit suits. Thus without the billowing of the extra fabric the slim fit suits would make you look thin and stylish. But when choosing the slim fit suits make sure to try it on and check whether you feel comfortable wearing it. The slim fit suits should not be too tight. If you feel hard moving in the suits or uncomfortable wearing it then you should move to a bigger size.

As the name suggests the slim fit suits do look great on the slim and lean men. But that does not mean that you cannot wear the suit if you are slightly on the bulkier side. You just have to find the one that fits you perfectly. There are few things that we would like you to note about the slim fit suits when you buy one. For example the slim fit suit trousers should be subtly tapered with it ending just at the top of your shoes. The shoulders of the slim fit suit jacket should perfectly rest on the ends of your natural shoulders. The body of the slim fit suit should not be too tight and you can check it by whether a finger of yours fits comfortably if you insert it into the body of the jacket. When styling the slim fit suits it would be best if you stick with the same specification for the combining garments too. Go with slim fit shirts, slim ties and slim lapels to perfectly match the look.

As for styling the slim fit suits here are some examples which would help you form an idea for you outfit. Starting with a formal style the slim fit suits are best for special occasions and you can also style them as workwear. For a clean cut and formal look you can choose to style the slim fit business suits with a white dress shirt, navy tie and a white pocket square. To finish off the look you can add with the outfit a pair of navy socks and black leather tassel loafers. For a timeless and classy look you can choose to style the slim fit suits black with a white dress shirt, multi colored plaid tie and a white pocket square. To complement the look you can add with the outfit a pair of dark green socks and dark brown leather loafers.

The selection of the suit should also depend on the event you are attending. For example if you are going for a black tie event then slim fit dinner suits are the appropriate choice. But if you are looking for a casual look that you can wear to the summer parties then you can choose to go with the slim fit linen suits in the lighter colors. On the other hand if you are getting the suits for the special occasions like weddings and such then it would be best to go with the luxurious choices like the slim fit designer suits.

If you are the groom you can choose to style the slim fit suits wedding with a white dress shirt, navy silk tie and a navy vest. To finish off the look you can add with the outfit a pair of navy leather tassel loafers. On the other hand if you are the guest or the groomsmen you can go with the smart casual choices according to the dress code if mentioned. A light grey slim fit groomsmen suit paired with white dress shirt would be a cool look for the summer event. If you are looking for slim fit suits toddlers then you have a lot more options to choose from since they can pull off any slim fit colored suits.

If you are bored with the usual styles then you can try out the patterned ones like the slim fit check suits or the slim fit stripe suits. For a stylish look you can style the light grey pinstripe slim fit dress suit with a white crew neck t-shirt. You can choose the one that suits you from the lot of slim fit suits online.