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Western Tuxedos

When we talk about western clothing most of the people imagine of cowboy boots and fringe jackets. We have been restricting the use (if at all you have western clothing in your wardrobe) of western styles for the casual events. But what if we say that you can go with the western style even for the formal events? Western tuxedos are the ones that we are going to discuss about in this article and we hope that you see the appeal of the garment and think of adding it to your wardrobe collection.

2 Button Vested Satin Trim Lapel Cowboy Tuxedo in Navy

The origin of the mens western tuxedo probably dates back to the 1940s when the Texan social organizations held dances. The dress code for these dances would be black tie with boots. One of the event that was very famous for the cowboy themed clothing was the Black tie and boots inaugural ball that was hosted in Washington. In 1989 President Bush attended this inaugural ball in cowboy boots that were decorated with presidential seal. By 2001 the younger Bush also attended the inaugural party following the same tradition. The black tie with boots is the simplest form of the western formalwear. But in recent times there is a new hybrid in the market and this is called the western tuxedo.

The western tuxedo is often known as the Texas tuxedo and is very popular in the southwestern states. This can be viewed as the combination of dressy rancher attire that is combined with the traditional black tie one. There are different versions of this style especially when it comes to western tuxedo rentals.It is best to go through the designs so that you can find the one that will suit you the best. We will start with the basic attire of the western tuxedo style and the elements that make up for the complete look.

What makes the best western tuxedo?

The first thing that you will need is a tuxedo jacket. If the event that you are attending is a formal one then it would be better to go with black but other than this you can also choose dark colored tuxedo jackets. You can add some patterns to the look but when you aim for the formal look it is best to keep it plain.

Formal shirt paired with the western tuxedo jacket gives the usual look but the smaller accessories bring out the uniqueness of the look. White western tuxedo shirt is the one that is most recommended to be paired with the western tuxedos since it gives the minimalistic and proper look. But you can choose various colors for the formal shirt but our recommendation is to keep it light.

Mens Western Cowboy Tail Tuxedo in Black

Western style tuxedo vest is optional when it comes to dressing for the events. But remember that the vested look is much more formal than the 2 piece look of the tuxedos. Thus depending on the event you can make your choice. For example if you are the groom then you deserve a boost of confident clothing and thus can go with vested western tuxedo suit. But if you are the guest to the wedding then you can stick with the 2 piece western tuxedo look since overpowering the groom’s outfit on his special day is not a good idea. Other than these you can choose the vested look for groomsmen western tuxedo attire but it would be best if you lose the jacket to create the variation in the look.

Now we move on to the accessories that will help the western tuxedos stand out from the usual tuxedo look. The tie is a must when it comes to the formal events and you have different options for choosing them. People who want to stick with the traditional look can go with the formal bow tie look. But if you want your outfit to be truly western style then we would suggest you to choose a western themed bolo or a string tie. This will induce a slightly casual look but it would also provide you with a stylish and more youthful look.

One of the major differences that western cut tuxedos have with the traditional tuxedos is that the western tuxedo jacket is paired with jeans instead of the tuxedo pants. This makes the look more western style and suitable for the semi formal events too. If you are a person who is looking for a style that is not too uptight and can work for the smart casual dress codes then mens western tuxedo should be your pick.

2 Button Cowboy Dinner Jacket in Grey

For example if you are looking for a prom attire but not so thrilled to go with the traditional tuxedo look then you can shake things up a little with the prom tuxedos.You can include a little more color to these tuxedo styles and make them relevant for the look. If you want a more formal and noticeable look you can choose western tuxedo pants.

wedding tuxedos are also another look that is becoming increasingly popular in the recent times. You can choose the same style of western tuxedos for prom like for the weddings but with weddings it depends on the role you play. If you are the groom go with the maximum attention grabbing look but tone it down when you are not the one to be in the spotlight.

The smaller accessories seal the look of the western tuxedos at last and thus it is best to take some time to select those. To hold the pants we suggest you to go with belts with oversized buckle that shows when you wear the western tuxedo coat.Other than this add with the attire a cowboy hat which is the signature look. Keep it black but you can also choose other colors. Now as to complete the look we would suggest you to go with a nice pair of black cowboy boots. Go through the western tuxedos for sale and choose the best one.