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One of the main questions we get asked here is "why should I buy a tuxedo online?" We feel like there are some very simple answers to that question. For starters, most local stores that you would find a tuxedo for sale have very limited selections due to their limitations of space in their stores. Which leaves you stuck with choosing between a few modern styles they might not have your size in and a bunch of older designs that you most likely do not want to be wearing to your big event. When you shop for a tuxedo online you have thousands of options from classic Black Tuxedos to Paisley and Sequin Dinner Jackets and just about everything in between. We have literally any imaginable tuxedo for sale as we don't need to try to cram our inventory into a strip mall retail store, we have vast and giant warehouses that store all our tuxedos for sale. Another reason to buy a tuxedo online instead of in store is due to our much lower overhead and higher sales volume. By not having to pay high prices for retail locations to reach local markets looking for tuxedos for sale, we can pass that savings to you who is looking to buy a tuxedo online.... By selling to people all over the country, we can sell enough tuxedos to manufacture them ourselves which means we completely cut out the middle man and pass all of those savings on to you as well.

So, you are looking to buy a tuxedo online? Why should you buy one from Menstuxedousa? That's another question we get asked quite often, what sets us apart from all the other people who have tuxedos for sale? That is a valid question and one we think we have a few answers for. To start we specialize in tuxedos and other clothing for special events, we are very focused on evening wear and special occasion attire. Buy being hyper focused we can offer more specialty tuxedo's and colors than a standard store. You will not find another company selling tuxedo online that has as many color or style options as we do, from blue tuxedos , to burgundy tuxedos , To red tuxedos to just about any color you could images when looking for a tuxedo online. We also carry just about every possible style from Classic tail and cutaway tuxedos to velvet dinner jackets to everything in between you could want when looking for a tuxedo for sale. Unlike many other retailers who have a tuxedo for sale, we manufacture our own products and accessories as well, which means we have lower prices than many of our competitors, and we know price is important when you are shopping for a tuxedo online, since the lower price you pay for your tuxedo the more money you have left over for accessories like vests , and ties , and tuxedo shirts . We truly believe all these things above, plus our conveniently located warehouses across the US which allow us to ship all products fast and deliver to you quickly make us the best choice for you if you are looking for a tuxedo for sale.

One thing everyone always seems to want to know is "what kind of tuxedo should I wear?" And the answer to this question is a very personal one based on each customers event and personality, but we usually have a few suggestions for guys who are looking to buy a tuxedo online. One place to start is to look at your body type. We usually suggest bigger men to look at our classic or modern fit tuxedos whereas slimmer men we suggest them to look at our slim fit tuxedos for sale. Once you figure out your fit we can start delving more into all the different styles of tuxedos online. For most black tie events, you can't go wrong with a basic black tuxedos or a designer tuxedos . These are solid choices that will never let you down. Now we know not everyone wants to wear a penguin suit and many men are looking for something different, and what you choose will have a lot to do with your personality. Some men will want to opt for a traditional dinner jackets , maybe something in off white or ivory with black tuxedo pants for that old Hollywood look. Other men might want to try a velvet dinner jackets and try to pull off that Hugh Heffner look. It's all a balancing act of style and personality. But no matter how you see yourself, we are sure that we have a tuxedo for sale for you.

So you are looking for a tuxedo online for prom? Well we have just about every possible prom tuxedo for sale. If you take a look in our prom tuxedos section you'll find a lot of different options that are sure to set you apart from your fellow students at prom. Now, there is nothing wrong with wearing a basic black tuxedo to prom, but if you decide to go the classic route make sure you get one that fits you perfectly and that you tailor it to your own body type once you get it, so you can look better than all the guys at prom who are wearing il-fitting rental tuxedos instead of buying and tailoring a tuxedo online. Current trends for prom include paisley and sequin dinner jackets in all different colors and patterns, usually matched with black pants. We suggest getting a color that will coordinate with your prom dates dress. Or you can try any other color tuxedos if you are looking for a tuxedo online other than the basic black tuxedos , red tuxedos , burgundy tuxedos , or blue tuxedos . We definitely suggest considering a fun color, as it's prom! There's no reason to be to serious yet, there will be years ahead and weddings and events later in life to settle down for the more serious and adult looks. If you are going with a black tuxedo, make sure you get a dress shirts that match up with your dates dress. Speaking of dates, we also suggest checking with her before making a final decision.

Looking for the perfect wedding tuxedo online? Well when it comes to wedding tuxedo for sale we have you and all of your groomsmen covered. The first place we would take a look is at our slim fit tuxedos as you definitely only want the best for your wedding. But if a traditional tuxedo isn't the look you're going for, we have many more tuxedo online for you to choose from. Current wedding tuxedo trends include fashion zoot tuxedos for 1920's and 1930's gangster themed weddings. Many people down south are opting to go for western tuxedos to give there wedding a little bit of a cowboy flair. Regardless of what the theme of your wedding is we have a tuxedo for sale for you. After you pick your theme and style tuxedo for yourself, you have to decide if you want your groomsmen to match you or if you want them to wear something complimentary. Many people will wear a classic tuxedo while having the groomsmen wear a tuxedo to match the bridesmaids. Another option is for the groom and the groomsmen to all wear the same tuxedo and wear different color vests. Maybe the groom wears a solid black tuxedo vests , and the groomsmen wear a different color vest and tie to match the bridesmaids dresses. Our suggestion is to pick the grooms tuxedo online from our many options then based on that find the right tuxedo for sale for the groomsmen.

Many people searching for tuxedo online or looking for tuxedo for sale and looking for something to wear to their upcoming white tie event. If you are confused by the term white tie and are looking to figure out what that means, you're definitely in the right place. White tie is a look that includes a long black tail tuxedo jacket or dark colored cutaway jacket, accompanied with black pants, and a white wing collar tuxedo shirt, with white bowtie. This is a look that was instituted by the bourgeoisie in France after the revolution and an attempt to stray away from the highly decorated justaucorps coats from before. The style is believed to be influenced from the frock coats and English riding coats worn during the same period. So where do white tie events play in to modern times? Well there are still many formal white tie events that are held all over the country which call for you order a tail tuxedos online. These events include operas, and formal balls, and many other ceremonies. Though black tie events, shorter jackets, and black bowties, have taken over most of the scene in modern day, there are still plenty of times that call for a more austere look of white tie. Another type of person who may be looking for a tuxedo for sale for a white tie look is a magician. The white tie look is common for modern magician, matching a tail tuxedo with a top hat .

As much as we love selling you tuxedo online, there is a time and a place for the common suit as well. We have many tuxedo for sale, but we also have many styles suit for sale to. Sometimes you just don't need to go all out with a tuxedo and a black suit with a tuxedo shirt and bowtie is enough to make the look work, and you end up with a suit you can wear to non-formal events after the fact as well. Many people today are opting to wear suits for there wedding instead of tuxedos, and we have many wedding tuxedo for sale as well as wedding suit for sale. linen suits are a great option for beach weddings, and are a common wedding suits choice for many brides and grooms. Even though many people come to us for our tuxedo for sale, many more come looking for suits for weddings or proms. A suit is a great choice for prom as a prom suit is something that can be worn after prom more than a tuxedo, to homecomings, or graduations, or job interviews. Popular colors right now for prom and wedding suits include burgundy suits, and hunter green suits, as well as sapphire and royal blue suits. Suits make the perfect gift to your groomsmen as they can wear them after the wedding, so even though you came looking for tuxedo online, you might just find that a suit is a better fit.

Why buy a tuxedo online instead of renting a tuxedo for sale from a local retailer. Well the answer is simple. Most of our tuxedo for sale are the same price or lower to buy than most tuxedo rental stores charge to rent a tuxedo for a weekend. This might make you think that our tuxedos are a lower quality, but we assure you that our tuxedo online are the same if not higher quality as anything you would rent in store. Since we sell so many tuxedo online, and have so many tuxedo for sale, we don't need to pay the exorbitant marketing and dry cleaning fees that rental stores have to pay. If you're on the fence, we say go look at the quality of a tuxedo at the tuxedo rental store, then come shop for a tuxedo online with us. Once you've bought and received your tuxedo from us compare the quality, and if you find you like the rental better then you can use our simple returns process to send the one you bought from us back. But we are 100% sure you will find that the quality of our tuxedo for sale will out shine anything you can find locally. Thank you for shopping for your tuxedo online at

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