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We all know that the tuxedos are the ones that we turn to when it comes to the most formal events. Usually there aren't many events that require us to dress up a great deal but now and then there turns up a wedding or a dinner event which urges to give yourself the best. Most of these events mention a black tie attire which is easy to get right. You just have to find an impressive black tuxedo and then pair it with a white dress shirt and a black bow tie. You can add the extras like the pocket squares, cuff links and tie pins to further enhance the outfit. But if there is an event that requires you to dress up in a more formal way than the tuxedos then most of us draw a blank. This is where the tail cutaway tuxedos come in. Most of us are aware of this style but do not know the details. In this article we discuss the tail cutaway tuxedos and some of the best ways in which you can style them.

Mens Vested Morning Coat Tail Cutaway Tuxedo in Black

For people who are new to the concept of the tail cutaway tuxedos then we are obliged to explain. This is a form of tuxedos that are considered to be the predecessor of the tuxedo styles that we have now. Theses styles of the tuxedos are considered to be more formal and dressier than the usual tuxedo styles. These tail cutaway tuxedos are rarely seen in the recent times but they are often mentioned in the formal and rich weddings as the dress code. If you note the dress code in the royal weddings most of it will mention a morning suit dress code which refers to the tail cutaway tuxedos. The tail cutaway tuxedo style is said to have gone out of trend in the United States but in the United Kingdom there are still events that require it's attendees to come dressed in the tail cutaway tuxedos.

As for the main characteristic of the tail cutaway tuxedos there garments come with a knee length coat that has its front section cut away. The rear section of the skirt is the reason why these garments are named such. This style of the tuxedos were developed for the people to be convenient while riding the horse. The mens tail cutaway tuxedos are believed to have originated in the early modern era but it was not until the 18th century that the tail cutaway tuxedos were used as the day and evening formal wear. There were two styles of these tail cutaway tuxedos and each have their own look which makes it distinct.

The first style of the cutaway tuxedos is the dress coat and this type has been in use since the 1850s. These dress coat tuxedos were the part of the evening events when the white tie dress code was mentioned. These were considered to be the most appropriate full dress for the formal events that happen after sundown. They were also popularly known as the tailcoats but among the tailors they were better known as the dress coats. The main detail in the dress coat that differences it from the rest of the styles is that the dress coats are squarely cut away in the front.

This style of the tail cutaway tuxedos attained much recognition in the late 1700s and were more prevalent among the royals and the high officials. These dress coats at that time were worn with contrasting trousers or breeches in the regency period. But in the Victorian era the practice of wearing the dress codes with the matching trousers that is in the same color and fabric. This style of the outfit was later referred to as the dress suit. The Classic tuxedos usually is of waist length on both the front and back sides but have two long rails that reaches the knees at the back side. The front of the skirt in these tail cutaway tuxedos are squarely cut. Since the Victorian era the lapels on these tuxedos were faced with the grosgrain or satin. These style of the tail cutaway tuxedos come in the double breasted type but since the 1870s the buttons are not fastened. For the modern white tie events you can choose to go with the black dress coat and style it with the wing collar dress shirt and a bow tie. You can add with it a waistcoat and black trousers. To complete the look in the perfect sense you can add with it a pair of black patent leather pumps.

The next style of the tail cutaway tuxedos that you should try out is the morning coats. In modern times these morning coats are more popular than the dress coat styles. These styles of the tail cutaway tuxedos come with a single breasted style and they have the front parts meeting with one button at the middle. Also the main difference between these styles and the dress coat is that the former styles come with the tails that come with gradual tapering from the front. These styles of the tail cutaways tuxedo come with the peak lapel which also come with the grosgrain or the satin facing. When the style of these tail cutaway tuxedos were introduced the notch lapel was the common style but it soon changed into the peak lapels since the latter is considered to offer a more formal look than the notch lapels.

The formal morning coats are worn with the matching trousers and a waistcoat. These 3 piece vested tuxedo styles are the ones that are most noted in the recent times. The modern style of the morning coats are the principle item in the morning dress. The morning dress coats initially were long but since horseback riding was a popular sport in the 19th century the style of the morning coats morphed. The front part of the tuxedo coat was cut away and then tapered to the back. This made the garment easy for the wearer to get on or down from the horse and thus was used widely for the sport.

At first this style of the formal tail tuxedo was informal form of the half dress but with time it was considered to be the alternative to the frock coat. These styles of the cutaway lapel tuxedos were worn for the special occasions like the baptisms and the weddings especially in England and Australia. Other than this these style of the tail cutaway tuxedos were also seem at funerals but it was more common among the formal events like the luncheons and such. This single breasted cutaway tuxedos are the more common version in the recent times.

When choosing the tail cutaway tuxedos there are a few things that you will have to note. These styles of the tuxedos are worn for the formal events and it would be best for the formal events like the royal weddings and important dinners. The fabric of the mens tail cutaway tuxedos is an important detail to note since it influences the look of the outfit to a great degree. Since it is a formal garment and you will have to look impeccable it would be best for you to choose the high quality tail cutaway tuxedos.

Classic tuxedos are the ones that are most recommended since they give out a standard look which would be best for any types of events. Also the fabric drapes well giving the garment a great fit. But if you are looking for a style that you can wear to the summer events then you can choose to go with the lightweight styles since they are more comfortable to wear. Usually the cotton tail cutaway tuxedos are the ones recommended since they also offer an appropriate look for the formal events. But when you need a more relaxed style then you can choose to go with the linen tail cutaway tuxedos but beware of the wrinkles. Other than this the microfiber tail tuxedos are also considered to be a great pick for the formal events.

The tuxedos can get costly and if you are on a budget then it would be hard to go with these natural fabric tuxedos. In these cases you can choose to go with the synthetic fabric tail cutaway tuxedos like the polyester tail tuxedos and rayon tail tuxedos. These are cheaper than the natural fabric tuxedos but they might not be as comfortable and durable as the natural fabric ones. If you are still not convinced about buying the tail cutaway tuxedos then you can choose to go with the cutaway tuxedo rental which would save you a lot of money and time.

As for styling the tail cutaway tuxedos there are some rules that you will have to note since it is a formal wear. The first thing that you will have to prioritize is the fit of the tail cutaway tuxedos. The morning coat should fit properly along the contours of your body since the perfect fit is the one thing that will make the outfit look stylish. The shoulders of the tail cutaway tuxedo jacket should fit in the perfect way since they will be hard to alter after you buy it. If the shoulders are too small then it would make the outfit look unfit for your size and if it is too wide then it would make your outfit look sloppy.

The tail cutaway tuxedo outfit on the whole should be of S shape that is by cinching at the waist and then swooping out over your seat. If this fit is not proper then the tail tuxedo would make look like a shapeless box on you which is not a desirable look. As for the trousers of the tail cutaway tuxedo it should sit high without the fabric pooling around the ankles. You should make sure that the trouser legs come with a break so that the legs of the trousers end just above the shoes.

Mens Classic Microfiber Tail Tuxedo in Black

As for the details on the tail cutaway tuxedos it would be best for you choose the peak lapel tail tuxedos. Never choose the ones with notch lapels since it make the tuxedo look like a normal suit. Usually people would recommend you to go with the pocket squares but it would be best for you to think twice about the outfit. If you are choosing the wedding tuxedo then you can swap the pocket square with a flower. But instead of going with a full assemble of the flowers it would be best to go with the subtle styles of including the delicate flower to the cutaway tuxedo jacket.

The next thing that you will have to note is the color of the tail cutaway tuxedo. The usual choice would be to go with the black cutaway tuxedo since it is the most formal style available in the market. But if you are bored with the style and want to try something different but not too much out of the line then you can try black tail cutaway tuxedo with different weaves since it adds a bit of depth and personality to the outfit. But if you want to leave the black style altogether then you can try going with different colors like the grey tuxedos or Navy Blue Tuxedos.

You can choose the style of the tail cutaway tuxedos depending on the event for which you are attending. For example if you are looking for a wedding tuxedo and especially if you are the groom then you can choose to go with the traditional style of the tail cutaway tuxedos. Other than this if you are dressing for a more casual look like the mens tail prom tuxedos then you can go with the modern styles like the shorter versions or the western cowboy tail tuxedos.