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Velvet Dinner Jackets

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The dinner jacket emerged from an era when it was considered proper for upper-class men to dress formally for the evening meal. Make a style statement by wearing men's velvet dinner jackets because of glamour and sophistication. Velvet fabric is used to design dinner jackets to create lustrous effects. A velvet dinner jacket is worn with black dinner suit trousers and often has a peak lapel, which differentiates it from a more casual day jacket, typically made of velvet.

Mens Empire Velvet Brocade Blazer in Black Velvet blazers are also rising in popularity and are being worn with jeans or chinos for a more casual day look, or with trouser pants to keep it a little smarter for evening occasions or weddings that don't require a Men's black tie. Men's velvet tuxedos dinner jackets are intended for the evening time, it can be perfect to choose one with a luxurious and decadent feel, such as velvet design. Thanks to its unique texture, the velvet dinner jacket creates a fascinating appearance.

If you like to be noticed at the event, you can wear the most unique styles to the Prom in winter. Men who are of bar fly age will also wear these head-turning men's dinner jackets as Men's classic blazers to the club hooked up with jeans. Just walk into any urban night club on a Friday night by wearing our velvet dinner jackets and you will see more than a couple of guys wearing paisley sequin dinner jackets.

Look different trendy with our magnificent velvet tuxedo jacket that is designed to get you the spotlight everywhere you go. All of our jackets are made of soft velvet material that easily leaves wrinkles after hanging for a few minutes. Velvet diner jackets also look deluxe to the eyes because of the sharp mixture of colors. Shop from our expert designers like the Empire, Manzini who design a modern fit for you to give you a contemporary look without overlooking the need for comfort to stretch and move the body comfortably.

The dinner jacket or tuxedo has long been one of the most formal get-ups available at MenstuxedosUSA. You can buy one for a one-off fancy event – a wedding, concert, evening party, or dinner – and it'll most likely be black, with peak lapels worn with matching trousers, a white,Men's dress shirt, and a bow tie.

MenstuxedoUSA velvet blazer combination which is effective in leaving traces on the way of sophistication also shows a decent stance as a result of the combination.
Velvet jackets men are holding in high esteem in most events to reflect the sparkle of the night.
We offer velvet tuxedo dinner jackets with winter texture and soft fabric velvet blazers will protect you from season effects and ensure you are on the way to elegance in the environment. From the Menstuxedousavelvet jackets collection, you can find different designs and colors, that reflect the styles and style you are looking for.

You can add velvet dinner jackets for men in your life, you can enjoy an exciting shopping journey at MenstuxedoUSA and you can stand one step ahead of grace by inspiring your own style with the visual combinations provided by this collection. The quality of the velvet blazer differs with the varying price range. The cost does not affect the functionality of the jacket but has a toll on the durability of the velvet in the long run.

Most of the time the teens require a men's blazer is for prom night. If you are one among them then no need to worry we have a vast collection of velvet jackets blazers at an affordable price. You just have to style it well with a crisp white shirt and a Men's bow tie to look fabulous.

We have a lot of flairs designs in dinner jackets including Men's designers' velvet tuxedo jackets, Men's empire velvet brocade Balzer, Men's double breast velvet smoking jacket, and men's geometric velvet blazer. You'll get all the velvet jackets you could always desire at MenstuxedoUSA.

Check out the best collection of men's velvet dinner jackets to capture the attention of the guests at a wedding or other formal events. When it comes to formal garments our usual choice would be to go with the tuxedos. While the tuxedos are easy to style and have a defined pattern it might also be considered to be boring by many men especially the ones who would like to explore their sartorial choices. In that case the best alternative for you would be to go with the dinner jackets since they offer you more chances in finding your own style which suits your personality. This freedom offered by the dinner jackets might be one of the reason why their popularity is skyrocketing in the recent times. There are lot of styles in the dinner jackets but when you need a style that can stun for the special occasions then you should try going with the velvet dinner jackets. In this article we discuss the velvet dinner jackets and some of the best ways in which you can style them.

Before starting to go into the details we would like to address the basics since we might have readers who are new to this topic. Dinner jackets are basically the same as the tuxedo jacket but the advantage with the dinner jackets is that you can choose the combining garments with more freedom which is not the case with the tuxedos. This also makes the dinner jackets more versatile and easier to style with the existing garments in your wardrobe. Thus if you are looking for a style which you can wear to different events be it formal or semi formal then it would be preferable for you to choose dinner jackets over tuxedos.

Red Velvet Party Blazer As mentioned before there are a lot of variations in the dinner jackets and you can choose the one that best suits your need. For example if you are looking for a style that you can wear to the office events then you might be looking for a subtle and grounded style. In that case it would be best for you to go with the wool dinner jackets or the cotton dinner jackets. The choice of the fabric of the dinner jackets is also important since it influences the comfort of the wearer. But when it comes to special occasions you would need a little more zing to your outfit and this is where the mens velvet dinner jackets step in.

The velvet dinner jackets are more preppy and gives you a dressier look which might not be achieved with the usual wool dinner jackets. The velvet dinner jackets are actually having a moment and if you haven't noticed you will have to look through the wardrobe choices of the celebrities for the award events and the ones that matter. Some of the best dressed celebrities of the year have been sporting this velvet dinner jacket style for quite some time. This proves that the velvet dinner jacket also scores well even if you style it for the formal and high class events. All that matters is the style of the velvet dinner jacket and also how you choose to style it. So what makes the velvet dinner jackets special than the other dinner jackets? The velvet has been for a long time considered to be a luxury fabric given the natural sheen that it possesses. The velvet dinner jackets or any of the velvet garments are also easier to wear since they have a soft feel. But the velvet fabric was largely restricted to the women's fashion since anything flashier would make the men run the other way. But in recent times the glamorous fabric has returned in style but with a bang. The mens fashion has become more open and inclusive and thus the velvet fabric was welcomed with open hands. Mistake not since the velvet was still used in the menswear in the 1900s too but it was largely restricted to the celebrities and performers. But now the people have chosen to embrace the style and it has become more accessible.

Navy Geometric Velvet Blazer The velvet fabric is woven with two layers of fabric closely together facing each other. The special weave gives the fabric it's luxurious density and nature of which it shines when the fabric catches the light. Traditionally the velvet fabric was made from the silk threads but today the velvet is made from different fibers and you can choose the one which suits your taste and budget. The velvet at the time of its origin was greatly restricted to the nobility since the manufacturing process was tedious and costly. There is evidence which suggests that velvet or product having similar manufacturing process as the velvet has been in use by the ancient Egyptians from 2000 BCE. The velvet fabric reached the Europeans through the silk route. Italy was the first nation to recognise the magic of the soft fabric and the Italians created a velvet industry of their own and dominated the trade all over the world between the 12th and 18th century. Now if you have some knowledge about the Renaissance period then you might notice the involvement of the velvet fabrics to a great deal. Intricately patterned velvet fabrics that were woven from the precious threads of gold and silver were worn by the royalties and the head of the churches. At that time the velvet garments were used to denote wealth and power. The artists at that time were also obsessed with the fabric because of its luminous nature. After the industrial revolution the production process of velvet was mechanized and this made the fabric cheaper and easier to buy.

Hollywood has always has a close relation with anything flashy and velvet is not the exception. All the prominent actors and performers sported the velvet garments style atleast once. Velvet garments also made their mark in the music industry with all the prominent pop musicians being in love with the style. Mick Jagger in the 70s was one of the eternal fashion moments that will live in history. The deep velvet jacket with the bright white open shirt is the outfit that is considered to be a cool pick even today. The legacy is being carried on and now there are many more people in the industry who embrace the style. One of the notable mentions is Harry styles since the man is clearly in love with his velvet garments. Be it his emerald green mens velvet tuxedo or the pink velvet pants the man clearly does everything in style. Other than this there are also other prominent celebrities who have risked the classic velvet dinner jacket styles. Thus if you are thinking of going with the velvet dinner jacket option then now is the right time.

As like any other styles there are also details that you will have to note about the velvet dinner jacket when you purchase it. Depending on the look that you need you can choose the right style which would suit your need. First is the color of the velvet dinner jackets since it is the most apparent detail for the viewers on the first glance. Depending on the event you are attending it would be best for you to choose the color which is appropriate. For example if you are choosing a formal velvet dinner jacket set which would work for almost any events then it would be best for you to go with deep colors since it greatly pairs with the natural sheen of the fabric. If you are getting your first velvet garment then it would be best for you to stick with the classics such as black velvet dinner jackets or the midnight blue velvet dinner jackets. These styles of the classic velvet dinner tuxedos would work even for the black tie events because of the color. Usually for these types of events most of the people will turn up in similar styles like the black tuxedos or navy tuxedos. Thus when you choose to go with these velvet dinner jackets your outfit will make you stand out from rest of the crowd but in a subtler and elegant way.

But if you are comfortable with the velvet fabric style and would like to try something bolder then you can try choosing colors. For example Burgundy velvet dinner jackets and the emerald green velvet dinner jackets are some of the recommendations for people who are stepping out the black and navy comfort zone for the first time. Once you are confident with the velvet style then you can progress onto the brighter and flashier choices like the red velvet dinner jacket casual and more. While the dark colored ones like the Burgundy and emerald green would work for formal and semi formal events it would be best for you to restrict the bright colored ones for the more casual and fun occasions like parties and such.

Mens 1 Button Velvet Tuxedo Dinner Jacket in Royal Blue As for styling the velvet dinner jackets here are some of the ideas which we think might help you a great deal. Starting with the formal look which can even work for the black tie events then we would suggest you to go with the subtler and grounded looks. Choose simple combining garments which would let the velvet dinner jacket be the main piece of your outfit. For example a midnight blue velvet dinner jacket paired with a white tuxedo shirt, black velvet tie and a pair of black tuxedo pants is a great look which would work for any formal event. To complete this classic velvet dinner jacket outfit go with the equally formal pair of black patent leather tuxedo shoes.

When you need a stylish and dapper look you can choose to style the red velvet dinner jacket with a white dress shirt and a pair of black dress pants. To give the outfit a more expert look you can add with it a pair of black suede driving shoes and a black wool hat. Usually the peak lapel velvet dinner jackets are recommended for the formal events since they are considered to be the most appropriate. But if you are attending an award event or your own wedding then you might need something dressier which makes you stand out instantly from the rest of the crowd and in that case go with the shawl lapel slimfit velvet dinner jackets.

Now if you are thinking of getting the best of velvet dinner jackets in your wardrobe then you can try your hand with the semi formal and casual styling of the velvet dinner jackets too. For a smart casual look that showcases your personality it would be best for you to style the Burgundy velvet dinner suit jacket with a white dress shirt and a pair of black dress pants. You can complete the look by adding with the outfit a pair of Burgundy leather loafers. If you are dressing for a special occasion but it is not formal enough to go with a black tie attire then it will be best for you to go with styling with velvet dinner jackets with dark colored garments. For example you can style the green 2 button velvet dinner jacket with a black dress shirt and a pair of black dress pants. To finish off this sophisticated look you can add with the outfit a pair of black leather Chelsea boots. If you are feeling a bit bolder you can choose to go with patterned velvet dinner jackets. For example you can choose to style the black Paisley velvet dinner jacket with a dark green satin dress shirt and a pair of black dress pants. To complete the look you can add with the outfit a pair of black leather derby shoes.

Usually single breasted velvet dinner jackets are preferred but when you need a dressier style go with double breasted velvet jackets. Make sure that you go with the fitted style. If you want a perfect fit then it is best to go with custom velvet dinner jacket or designer velvet dinner jacket.