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All our wardrobes are diverse but there are a few elements that are common. Dinner jackets are one among the formal styles that has become an integral part of every man’s wardrobe. In the past usually men went with the rental dinner jackets since it was mostly restricted to formal use. But recently the mens dinner jackets have broken the trope of being sole formal garments and have been used for the casual look too. Thus it is time to get the dinner jacket of your own. There are different styles and to find it try searching with options like see all dinner jackets. Going through different styles will help you find the look that suits you the best.

There is a great majority of people who get confused between dinner jackets and tuxedos. While there isn’t any major difference between the two there are some notable ones that can help you distinguish them. Tuxedos come with the matching jacket and trousers which is of the same color and at most times the same material too. On the other hand the dinner jacket style need not necessarily be matching with the trousers. Usually the dinner jackets are of different colorthan the pants they are worn with. While the tuxedos are popular in Canada and northern America, the dinner jackets are extensively used in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Mens Empire Shawl Blazer in Red & Gold

While this is the major difference between the two the tuxedos are considered to be a more formal style of the two. Thus the tuxedos are recommended to be worn to the special occasions like formal dinners and black tie events while the dinner jackets can be worn for any type of event especially even for the semi formal and casual ones. Thus dinner jackets are a more versatile style when compared with the two and are recommended for people who want to try out the style for the first time. You can try different styles with the mens dinner jackets and we are here to help you decide.

We all know the basic styling of the dinner jacket mens for the formal events. You just have to throw on the black dinner jacket with a white tuxedo shirt and black bow tie. For perfectly completing the look you can add a pair of black leather patent oxford shoes. This could get you through any formal event even the ones that require you to show up in black tie dress codes. While this is the standard look know that most people would revert to this style on the last minute. Thus if you do not like twinning with half the population in the event it is best to introduce your own touch to the dinner jacket outfit. For example you can lose the bow tie and go without the tie. Or you can ditch the black dinner jacket and try going with the dark colored ones like navy dinner jacket and such.

The fabric of the dinner jacket also influences the look of the outfit a great deal. If you are a conventional dresser but still want to tweak your outfit then instead of the usual wool dinner jacket style you can go with velvet dinner jacket or silk dinner jacket look. It would give you a much more sophisticated look and make you stand out from the usual crowd. On the other hand if you are looking for casual dinner jackets that you can wear for the summer events choose appropriate fabrics. For example while corduroy dinner jackets ward off the cold the seersucker dinner jackets will keep you cool even when the weather is hot.

Now if you are ready to venture into the smart casual and casual styling of the dinner jacket mens here are some of our ideas which might help you arrive at a decision. Our first recommendation in freshening up the look of the dinner jacket is to loose the bow tie. You can altogether forget the bow tie or for a dramatic and stylish effect leave it untied. Other than this you can swap the bow tie with a scarf especially when the weather is chilly. This would introduce an air of casualness to the outfit thus helping you up your style game without any major changes. Adding a scarf to the dinner jacket attire will also provide you with the chance to introduce some color to the otherwise boring and monochromatic outfit.

The next recommendation that we have for you is to ditch the white shirt and instead choose a dark colored shirt. Usually when it comes to dinner jacket style most people tend to go with the default option of white tuxedo shirt since it is the standard look. But when you need to break the norm and try a different style then black tuxedo shirt would be a good choice. All black ensemble always has a special place in the hearts of men since it gives a sophisticated and richer look. For a cool lookwe would suggest you to style the shawl lapel dinner jacket with a black satin dress shirt and a pair of black Chelsea boots. You can also choose peak lapel dinner jackets but it would be better to avoid going with dinner jacket notch lapel since notch lapel is considered to be a casual look which doesn’t match the formal look of tuxedos and dinner jackets.

Plain dinner jackets are the ones that are usually preferred by men especially by people who like minimalistic designs. But there are other choices like textured dinner jackets and patterned dinner jackets that will help you get a better and unique look. Paisley sequin dinner jacket is usually recommended for the formal and classic events. For a more casual and stylish look you can go with floral dinner jacket mens. Slimfit dinner jackets are recommended the most but make sure to find the style that suits your body type the best.