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Dinner Jackets

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Dinner Jackets

If you are a person who likes to notice the changes in fashion you would have noted that though people speak favorably of casual garments when a formal event turns up everyone goes back to the tuxedos and the dinner jackets. It is because dressing up can make us feel more comfortable, due to the fact that we look better. But most people argue that the formal clothing market is stuck in the past and needs evolving. It's the style concepts that require a change because fashion codes are always changing. In the article below, we'll discuss traditional dinner jackets and fashionable ways to wear them for modern-day looks.

The traditional dinner jacket and tuxedo are the most popular formal attire for dinner and other special occasions. Many people prefer renting tuxedos or traditional dinner jackets as there are not many occasions throughout the year when you have to wear a formal dinner jacket. Also most wear the traditional mens dinner jacket in the same way and thus do not see much use to have it in their wardrobe. People who already have it in their collection take it once or twice in a year.

one button shawl collar dinner jacket
Traditional dinner jackets are worn usually with a white tuxedo shirt, a bow tie and a pair of tuxedo pants. While this is the best look for the events that come with black tie dress code it does not mean that the traditional dinner jackets are only capable of this. For people who think that the traditional dinner jackets are boring there are a lot of new looks you can try with this garment. If you learn to style it right the traditional dinner jacket might be one of the most versatile pieces in your wardrobe.

Choosing the Right Fabric

he material of a dinner jacket significantly influences its overall style and feel. Cotton or wool dinner jackets are perfect for a minimalist and elegant look. For more important roles, like groomsmen or the guest of honor, velvet dinner jackets or silk jackets are better options due to their gorgeous shine and elegance.

Styles and Details

Traditional dinner jackets are available with different lapels and styles. Peak lapel dinner jackets are formal, while shawl collar dinner jackets offer a dressier look. Knowing these aspects will assist you in selecting the appropriate style to suit your needs.

1-button shawl lapel wool dinner jacket1-button shawl lapel wool dinner jacket

Creative Styling Ideas

Here are some ideas for styling traditional dinner jackets in fresh, modern ways:

  1. The Casual Elegance. If you are new to casual style, begin by wearing a dinner traditional dinner jacket with dinner jacket shirts and tuxedo pants but leave out the bow tie.

  2. All Black Look. Match the black shawl dinner jacket with black silk shirt, a black vest and black tuxedo pants to create a chic, elegant look that is perfect for parties.

  3. Lightweight Knitwear. For a relaxed look, wear a 1 button dinner jacket with a merino crew neck knitwear, a pair of chinos and chukka boots

  4. Patterned Dinner Jackets. Get creative with contemporary styles such as patterned dinner jackets. There are a variety of options, including paisley sequin jackets for formal occasions, or floral jackets to create a trendy elegant style.

Most men have become the masters of picking out workwear since it does not entail much other than purposefully blending in. But each year there comes some events which would require you to dress up and this is where most of us panic. We are not used to showing off with our clothes and thus when know that we are judged by the way we dress for the event we start to panic. These formal events be it business dinners or family weddings are inevitable and thus it is better to be prepared beforehand than to regret it later.

tuxedos coatDressing for the occasion is not as hard as you think it to be. If you have the right  knowledge and accessories you can even enjoy the process. Although black suits are timeless but they can look boring if they are not adorned with a few personal touches.

Having a couple of versatile dinner suits in your wardrobe is essential. Wool dinner jackets are ideal for business dinners, while mens velvet tuxedo or silk tuxedo suits are perfect for events where you want to stand out.

For weddings, if you're a guest, stick with traditional dinner suits. As a groom, go for more elegant options like a dark green velvet dinner suit jacket with a white tuxedo shirt, black silk bow tie, white pocket square, and black dress pants. Complete this look with black socks and navy leather double monks.

tuxedos blazer1-button tuxedosdinner jacket

For a flashier look, try a burgundy mens shawl tuxedo with a white tuxedo shirt, black velvet bow tie, and black dress pants. Burgundy velvet blazers with black shawl lapels offer a striking contrast. Finish the look with black socks and black leather derby shoes.

The three piece suit style is another important recommendation when you want your outfit to look truly dashing. For a look of rugged elegance you can style the teal mens peak lapel tuxedo jacket with a white dress shirt, navy tie, white pocket square, beige vest and a pair of grey striped dress pants. To complement the look of the outfit you can add with it a pair of brown leather derby shoes.

For a sophisticated look, choose to style the tan mens empire shawl blazer with a navy and white print long sleeve shirt and a pair of black dress pants. Black leather loafers are the perfect finishing touch.

For casual events like parties, opt for mens sequin tuxedos and mens shiny dinner blazers. Patterned dinner suits are also great choices. For formal events, mens slimfit tuxedos are recommended, while floral prom dinner tuxedos and geometric leaf pattern jackets are suitable for more casual occasions. If budget permits, consider mens designer tuxedos. For cheaper choices you can go with off the rack options.

The Evolution of Dinner Jackets

Dinner jackets have become an integral part of every man's wardrobe. In the past usually men went with the rental dinner jackets. However, mens dinner jackets have broken the trope of being sole formal garments and have been used for the casual look too. Thus it is time to get the dinner jacket of your own. There are different styles available, and you can find the one that suits you best.

empire shawl blazer in purple gold

There is a great majority of people who get confused between dinner jackets and tuxedos. While there isn’t a major difference, there are notable distinctions. Tuxedos come with matching jackets and trousers, usually of the same color and material. Dinner jackets do not necessarily match the trousers. Tuxedos are popular in Canada and Northern America, while dinner jackets are extensively used in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Tuxedos are considered more formal and are recommended for special occasions like formal dinners and black-tie events. Dinner jackets are a more versatile style. They can be worn for various events, including semi-formal and casual ones.

For formal events, the basic styling is black dinner jacket with a white tuxedo shirt and black bow tie. This standard look is perfect for any formal event, even those with black-tie dress codes. To avoid twinning with half the population at the event, introduce your own touch to the dinner jacket outfit. For example, you can forgo the bow tie or try dark-colored dinner jackets like navy.
dinner jacketgray dinner jacket black dinner jacket

Now if you are ready to venture into the smart casual and casual styling of the dinner jacket mens here are some of our ideas which might help you arrive at a decision:

  1. Lose the Bow Tie. Forget the bow tie or leave it untied for a dramatic effect. Swapping the bow tie with a scarf, especially in chilly weather, adds casualness and color to your outfit.

  2. Dark-Colored Shirts. Instead of  white tuxedo shirt, choose a black tuxedo shirt for a sophisticated all-black ensemble. Style the shawl lapel dinner jacket with a black satin dress shirt and black Chelsea boots.

Textured and Patterned Dinner Jackets. While plain dinner jackets are preferred by minimalists, textured and patterned options like Paisley Sequin Dinner Jackets or floral dinner jackets offer unique looks. Slimfit dinner jackets are highly recommended, but choose the style that best suits your body type.
purple dinner jacket