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Peaky Blinders Suits

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With the pandemic in play the boredom has set in and there is no better chance to catch up with the numerous shows and series. There are numerous shows but there are only few that capture the attention of masses like Peaky Blinders did. This show premiered in 2019 but has not stopped collecting fans constantly. Apart from the epic storyline one other feature that captured the eyes of the viewer is the wardrobe choices of the group of gangsters. Though it is a pretty old style and set in the early and mid 1900s the style still managed to gain appreciation. Soon after this there were ardent fans who wanted to recreate the style into their daily wear. If you haven't watched the British period crime drama series then it would be better to go see what the people have been raving about. But if your interest is more on the fashion side of the show read the article further since we discuss here the peaky blinders suit costumes and some of the best ways in which you can recreate it.

Mens Peaky Blinders Costume Thomas Shelby Grey Outfit

Now before we go into the details of the peaky blinders suit costume it is best to understand the concept of the drama especially for people who haven't watched the show yet. This can help you understand the wardrobe choices of the characters better. We have already mentioned that it is a crime drama series and the story rightly follows a gangster family based in Birmingham, England in 1919. The peaky blinders refers to the name of the ambitious gang headed by Tommy Shelby played by the charming Cillian Murphy. This is set in the time of uprising in Birmingham and officers were dispatched to control and suppress the Irish Republican Army. The drama series comes in five seasons and through the series it takes us through the dynamics of the gang and their rising in the society.Peaky blinders received great critical acclaim for the writing, acting and the stylish cinematography. It also went to bag many awards for different categories. There were considerable amount of awards which were for the best costume design. It rightly gained the attention it deserves among the public too. In particular peaky blinders suit costume were the ones that captured the attention of men. One great thing about the series is that though it is a formal design of suits it still managed to make it look stylish and dandy.

Most times we look for casual styles when we want to try stylish looks but same was achieved with the suits and in particular three piece suits which are usually considered to be more formal than the 2 piece suits. This is what makes the peaky blinders suit costumes special and lets now see in detail the breakdown of the costume and how you can adapt it into your look.One of the strong feature that helped peaky blinders suit costume to be a success is the attention to details. Costume designer Stephanie Collie planned it all out even to the smallest details like the cufflinks, tie pins and textures of the suits. The show is based in the 1920s and the costume choices of the characters rightly reflect the fashion of that era. This was the time when the fashion transitioned from the conservative Victorian styles into the modern era clothing which is the basis of the ones that we have now. Most of the 1920s suit styles have stayed even after a century. But the World War has just ended and the British public still were suffering from the effects. Heavy and durable clothing were the prevalent style and the peaky blinders suit costumes reflect this in the design. Thus when choosing the peaky blinders suit costume you will have to pay attention to the fabric of the suits.

The central heating for the British public was ubiquitous and thus thick fabrics were the most preferred for the suits. Thus when you want to recreate the look it would be best if you stick with the thick fabrics. Wool peaky blinders suit costumes are the ones that are most recommended since it can withstand the cold to a good degree while offering a standard look. You can easily style them for your work and thus it is a versatile style. When you want to add textures which makes it more interesting then it is best to go with the worsted wool peaky blinders suit costumes rather than the flannel ones which are plain in look.The next style that you should try are the tweed peaky blinders suit costumes. This would be a closer look to the original peaky blinders style since the natural color in which the tweed suits are available match the color theme of the 1920s fashion. With the end of the war just around the corner people still were induced to rationing and thus there was not much interest into flashy clothes. Tweed suits come in subtle colors like grey, navy and black which definitely matches the look.

Mens Peaky Blinders Costume Finn Shelby 3PC Suit Overcoat

There are a lot of characters in the peaky blinders show and thus there are many styles to analyse. As for most well written shows each of these characters have a style of their own which makes them distinct and helps with the character development. Now we discuss the specific characters style and you can pick the one which would suit you the best.Starting with the main character Tommy Shelby it is the one that has gained the most attention. Apart from Cillian Murphy brilliantly playing the role he also greatly carried the outfit and the stylish cinematography only aided the performance. Tommy Shelby is the kingpin of the gang and his outfits also rightly showcase that but in a subtle manner. Thomas Shelby peaky blinders suit costume is in tandem with the muted style of the rest of the gang but there are differences that easily showcase his prominence in the series and the gang.

In the early seasons the most most prevalent style that the character goes with is the three piece suits. The vested Thomas Shelby suits come with a detachable collar and no neckwear. Most of his suits are tweed and more on the casual and relaxed side. As the series progresses the peaky blinders suit costume of the Tommy Shelby also evolves. There are more features that gets included to the costume like the knit ties and the tone on tone ties. After this comes the Thomas Shelby pinstripe outfits which is a more refined style of the peaky blinders suit costume. These pinstripe peaky blinders suit costume of Tommy Shelby is prominent in the last season. He wears the pinstripe suits with turndown collar and striped tie. This style of the peaky blinders suit costume signifies the gang's loyalty to the working class men but also does it with a tinge of stylishness.

Another thing that you will have to note about the peaky blinders suit costume of Thomas Shelby is that he never wears color. This might not come as a surprise for the people who have watched the show since it is apparent even with few episodes that the gang prefers monotone colors. But the thing is while others like Arthur and John stray away to try colors even at a minimal degree Thomas Shelby always sticks with the monochrome styles of black and white. This was the era when people started including bright colors into their formal wardrobe but the peaky blinders sticks with their subtle colors. Though they go with the luxurious fancy suits the subtle colors again is a nod to their loyalty to the working class. Only time you see some vibrant color on Thomas Shelby is when he wears an overcoat with a red lining. Even when choosing the formal look Thomas Shelby vested tuxedo is on the subtler side. The black tuxedo with the white dress shirt, black bow tie and black vest is perfectly appropriate for the event but still on the understated side.The overcoats are another essential piece when you want to try the peaky blinders costume. The peaky blinders coat that you choose should be long and made of heavy fabric. The peaky blinders overcoats were also lapelled to give it a stylish look. This big lapels and the long style of the peaky blinders overcoat design was intentional since the swooshing of the overcoats during the fights and the turned up collar with the head down are some of the must looks for the gangster series. But they still stick with the theme by keeping the colors of the overcoats dark. Black peaky blinders overcoats were the ones that were most used and it would be our recommendation when you want to choose the style. With black overcoats you have a versatile style which you can style for almost any events. But when you want to try out a different style then it would be better for you to go with the grey peaky blinders overcoat. This subtle shade of the overcoats will have the advantage of showcasing the textures which might not be an option with the black peaky blinders overcoats. Shelby grey herringbone coat along with a vested suit can give you timeless and elevated style.

Mens Peaky Blinders Costume John Shelby Vested Suit with Overcoat Hat Mens Peaky Blinders Costume Thomas Shelby Vested Suit Overcoat Michael Gray Vested Grey Pinstripe Suit Camel Overcoat

The vest of the peaky blinders suit costumes are another detail that has a great importance in the whole of the outfit. There are some scenes in which we catch the main characters of the peaky blinders without their signature suit jackets or the overcoats. In these scenes the men are seen wearing penny collar shirts with the vests. While going with this style you should make sure that you select the fabric and the fit of the garments in the best way. Usually the vest of the grey or black vested Shelby costumes are mostly single breasted and sometimes you can see Thomas Shelby wearing pinstripe vests or the tweed vests. While the vest with the shirt style is a stylish and dandy style to make the style more peaky blinders type you should definitely add the vest chain with the outfit.The next style that you can try out is the Arthur Shelby peaky blinders suit costume. Arthur's costume is more on the stylish side and also the styles that were followed by the gentleman of the business class. Aruthur shelby vested suits are mostly of wool and on the rougher side. When you want to try out Arthur Shelby suit costume style then we would recommend you to choose 3 piece peaky blinders suit and style it with checked shirts and also add an overcoat. Another detail that you can note is the elegant shirt collars and detachable collar suits which makes the look more detailed. Other than Arthur and Tommy the rest of the Shelby's have the same type of style as their brothers. John Shelby vested suits and the youngest Finn shelby 3 piece suits reflect the same dynamics of the peaky blinders suit costume followed by rest of the gang.

Other than Shelby boys peaky blinders suit costume if you want to try the styles of other characters you can try out Michael gray suits or the inspector Chester Campbell suits. For example inspector Chester Campbell is the equally ambitious villain in the series and his costume rightly portrays the same. Campbell peaky blinders costume are rightly designed to aid his investigation and permits the easy movement and comfort. He also sticks with the subtler colors of the peaky blinders suits like the grey suit black overcoat and such.

Michael gray is a good match for Thomas Shelby in all terms even the fashion. The chief accountant is different from the Shelby boys tweed suits and it is more on the fashionable side. Michael gray 3 piece overcoat and suits mostly contain patterns and would look perfect even for today's fashion. If you are more into the fashionable yet formal look then try going with Michael gray peaky blinders suit costume.