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Paisley & Patterned Vest Sets

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Change is the only constant thing but when it comes to clothing most of us loathe change. We stick with the usual styles since we are comfortable with the choice. But occasionally it would be better for you to change up the style and try new things. When it comes to formal clothing we choose 2 piece suit styles. But if you want a different look you can choose the 3 piece look. There are different choices and all you have to do is to go through the styles available to choose the best one. But today we would like to recommend one of the styles that we think is great –Paisley patterned vest sets.

Pattern is another element that men shy away from except for the casual garments. Most consider patterned garments hard to style but when you get to know the basics then you can easily work the look. Though there are a lot of patterned styles available like the striped vests, plaid vests and more the reason why we recommend Paisley patterned vest sets is because of the rich look that they exude. If you want a look that stands out from the rest of the outfit styles then you should definitely try out the Paisley patterned vest mens.

For people who are new to the Paisley style we are here to explain. Paisley refers to the textile pattern that comes with colorful curved abstract figures. Paisley is not a new style since it has been in use for over centuries. Paisley pattern has gone through different levels of fashion and tastes of people. It has prevailed through all these turbulence and is expected to stay for the future. Paisley is a rich and elegant pattern that would blend right in with the formal garments style be it tuxedos or suits.

Gold & Red Paisley Vest Set

Paisley pattern is said to have its origin from Persia and have reached the western countries through the silk routes. Initially the Paisley pattern came into the clothing industry through the cashmere shawls that were imported from India and Persia. The shawls at that time were very expensive and considered to be rare. It was weaved from the soft furs of the Kashmir goat and hence the name. Soon the western people were quite taken with the motif and started incorporating it into their usual garments. Soon Paisley shawls were manufactured in Scotland itself in a town called paisley. Since then Paisley has had quite a journey starting from the shawls and now reaching even the most formal garments which is the tuxedos.

As for the Paisley patterned vest sets the 3 piece suit style would certainly be more formal and elegant than the usual 2 piece suit styles. While vests were a part of daily attire in the past now the usage of vests has dwindled. But in recent times there have been increase in the use of the vests both with the suits and also separately which makes it seem like the vests are making a comeback. If you are a person who likes to join in the trend then you can start by getting your own men’s Paisley patterned vest.

If you are looking for a simple yet stylish look then Paisley vests must be your choice. You can style the garment in different ways be it with suits or separately without a jacket to wear over it. Here are some of the Paisley patterned vest set outfits that we recommend for you.

Starting with the formal style we would like to recommend a formal Paisley patterned vest outfit that you can wear to a wedding or a prom event. For this you can style the navy Paisley cashmere vest with a white dress shirt, black bow tie, navy tuxedo jacket and navy tuxedo pants. To perfectly complete this traditional ensemble you can add a pair of black patent leather tuxedo shoes to the outfit. If you feel that the outfit is too uptight and the event is much more casual for this look then you can make some slight changes to the outfit. You can lose the bow tie and replace the black tuxedo pants with black chinos. The black tuxedo shoes might be too formal and instead of it you can go with a pair of white canvas low top sneakers and then a pair of black sunglasses to get a chic look.

Mens Ike Behar Classic Citreon Tail Tuxedo in White

Other than these special occasions you can also style the paisley vest for your daily look. While for the above occasions you can go with the luxurious choices like silk Paisley patterned vest mens and velvet Paisley vest for the daily look you can choose casual Paisley patterned vests. Depending on how your day goes on about you can choose the Paisley patterned vest set style.

For example if you are going to style it for your office then go with the dark colored ones that aren’t too bold with the look. Go with the subtle choices but if it is a casual summer event like a beach party or such you can choose the casual versions. Make sure that you feel comfortable in the choice you make. Usually thus depends on the fabric of the Paisley patterned vest sets. For summer use go with the lightweight ones so that you don’t sweat in it. Paisley cotton blend vest is the one that is most recommended but you can also go with the paisley patterned linen vest. If you are feeling too stuffy in the outfit you can leave out the jacket and style the vest with the dress shirt and pants alone. A black Paisley vest mens paired with a white crew neck t-shirt and black chinos would be a casually cool look. To make the outfit have the maximum effect you can add with it black leather Chelsea boots. There are many more styles of paisley vests available and we request you to check for best Paisley vest online to find the one that suits you.