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Modern Black Peak Tuxedo
From $149.00 - $249.00


Modern White Notch Tuxedo
From $179.00 - $249.00


Savoy Black Notch Tuxedo
From $149.00 - $249.00


Black Modern Notch Tuxedo
From $149.00 - $249.00

Choosing a slim fit tuxedo over a suit instantly gives you and your groomsmen a classy and handsome look. For any well-dressed man, a party is a great time to impress. Whether you are picking up your date for a wedding or impressing potential clients at dinner, it’s important to look the part. With our selection of slim fit tuxedo, you have never looked better. Here at MenstuxedoUSA, we make it easy /to find a handsome slim fit tuxedo for your night. 

Choose from slim styles, Our slim fit tuxedos are offered in a variety of colors. To complete your look, add a tie & pair it with a shiny pair of dress shoes, and you are set to make a stunning impression. A tuxedo is a perfect attire, whether it’s for work or play.

Mens Ultra Slim Fit Sharkskin Tuxedo with Satin Trim in Taupe

A slim fit tuxedo is fitted closer to the body, without the excess fabric. That doesn’t mean it’s quite as skin tight as a superhero bodysuit though, you should still be able to use your arms.

A slim fit tuxedo goes mostly well with a skinny tie or dickie bow and can be worn with a more trendy shoe choice as well as classic footwear.Slim fit works great in a tuxedo. Best of all, a slim fit suit can be dressed up or down to tie in with the ambiance of your wedding.

We’ve seen many exciting trends emerge this season—bow Ties, Grey Tuxedos and Suits, Midnight Blue, etc. But today, we’re taking a look at another trendy collection of slim-fit tuxedos.

The designer Ike Behar, Braveman VCIoffered very popular slim-fit tuxedos styles this year for every occasion. The Ike Behar Slim Fit Tuxedos are perfect for everyone.Proms, weddings dinners are very versatile formal events, so everyone will be dressed to impress others and look unique.

Just how quality workout takes away that extra fat from your body, men’s slim-fit tuxedos trim away the hanging fabric. As a result, you get a stylish and contoured look. These men’s slim-fit tuxedos are narrow at the chest and waist, so even an ordinary male who doesn’t have an athletic build can pull off the slim fit look. The entire look is more of a casual fashion-style look, fit for every occasion or event from a wedding to interviews, high-end or casual dinners, and parties. These men's suit styles are the always talk of the town.

Finding the right slim fit tuxedo for your wedding or any other event means choosing from a wide range of styles. You can buy here the best slim fit tuxedo styles.

Our designers are offering different styles, including the most common lapel styles you’ll find for a slim fit tuxedo are the following: notch lapels, peak lapels, and shawl collars/lapels. Depending on the style you can go for with your slim fit tuxedo, pick the best lapel to fit the look. Moreover, Peak lapels are more traditional and point upwards in a peak, while notch lapels are more modern in design and have a slight notch. Conversely, shawl collar lapels offer a retro yet elegant look.

Slim fit Tuxedos come in a wide variety of colors. You can find the traditional black, navy, and grey tuxedos and ones in vibrant colors and patterns. The color you pick for your wedding tuxedo should match your wedding’s overall theme and design aesthetic.

Two of the most common accessories for the best slim fit tuxedos are ties and cummerbunds. People change their test with time, so does fashion and style. We are offering endless choices for you. But when you are shopping for a slim fit tuxedo, then think about the occasion first. You might be going to a wedding ceremony, birthday party, or any other formal party. No matter what type of dress it is, you also think about the color separately.

While you are attending a formal event like a black tie one, tuxedos are the best choice. While choosing the tuxedos, there are many things that you have to note but the most important among them is the fit of the garment. Most people would recommend you to choose the custom made tuxedo since the formal garments want to be perfect. But the price might be too high and the best alternative would be off the rack tuxedos. While there are many types of fits, our recommendation for most people would be to choose the slim fit tuxedos.In this article, we discuss the different aspects of the mens slim fit tuxedos and some of the best ways to style them.

The slim fit tuxedos are designed to fit in a way that flatters your body. For people who are wondering on how the slim fit tuxedos should feel on your body, it should fit close to your body without restricting your body movements. The slim fit tuxedos mens are less tight than the skinny fit tuxedos. The reason why people prefer the slim fit tuxedos is because of the fact that they follow the natural body line of the wearer and create a slim and cool look. These tuxedos use less fabric and that you can get the slim fit tuxedos for cheap.If you are looking for a formal and stylish look, you can go with thetuxedos.

As for the fit of the components of the slim fit tuxedos, here are some of the best tips that you should know.

Slim fit tuxedo jacket

The jacket of the slim fit tuxedo should be close to the body and follow your body line showcasing your body stature. The armholes of the slim fit tuxedos are placed higher to create a trim and clean silhouette. As for the body of the jacket, there definitely should be a waist suppression. When you wear the jacket fully buttoned, you should make sure that the buttons are not pulling and creating X shaped lines on both sides of the jackets. At the same time it should also not be too loose. It would be best to try on the jacket and try moving your arms. If you feel uncomfortable then adjust the fit accordingly. If you are getting the slim fit tuxedos online then make sure that you note your measurements and then compare it with the size chart to find the right style. As for the sleeves on the Jacket, it should be close cut and taper along the ends. Though sleeves might seem like a small detail, it is one of the details that most men find problem with. For example, if you are a tall and lean person then the length of the sleeves might be a problem. In that case, we would suggest you to choose the long slim fit tuxedos.

Slim fit tuxedo pants

The pants of the tuxedo should also be slim fit to match the whole look. For the pants, it should have a close cut look and then taper along the length. If you are a person who is trying out the slim fit for the first time, chances are high that you might feel it to be surprisingly snug fitting. Thus provide it with an adjustment period. But people who are used to the skinny fit suits might find slim fit to be more comfortable.

Tips for purchasing the slim fit tuxedos

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of the perfect fit for the tuxedos. Thus always make sure that you get the right measurements before ordering the tuxedo. Even if you don't know to the take the measurements, you can find a local tailoring shop that can do the job for you. Check out the different slim fit tuxedo for sale, read their descriptions and then make the right pick. But you should keep in mind that any off the rack choice wouldn't perfectly fit you like the custom made tuxedos. If you are looking for an outfit for a special occasion then you could go with designer tuxedos.

You might have to take it to your tailor to make some alterations. But there are alterations that can be easily done and some that just cannot be. For example the length of the tuxedo jackets can be altered without much of an issue but the shoulders of the tuxedo might not be a great choice to alter. Thus while choosing the garment, make sure to go with the best slim fit tuxedosin terms of fit.

As for the fabric of the tuxedos, you might already know that there are different styles that you can choose from. Depending on the event you are attending, you can make the choice. For example, if you are getting slim fit tuxedos for groom then you can choose some special looks like silk slim fit tuxedos or velvet tuxedos. If you consider the velvet and silk styles hard to style, you can draw inspiration from slim fit tuxedos celebrity outfits. But if you are not very particular about the fabric choice of the tuxedos then we would suggest you to choose the wedding tuxedos.

Mens 2 Button Modern Fit Vested Wool Tuxedo in Navy Blue Mens Vested Slim Fit Prom Tuxedo Tuxedo
As for the color of the tuxedos, you already know that there are now tuxedos in almost all colors. The choice of the tuxedos depend on the type of event for which you are styling the outfit. If you are just starting with the tuxedo outfit then we would suggest you to go with the dark colored tuxedos. tuxedo black or navy slim fit tuxedos are the popular choices. But if you are ready to move on from the dark colored styles then try brighter ones burgundy tuxedos for prom and similar styles. For the summer events, you can choose the lighter styles like the slim fit tuxedo beige or similar styles. You could use options like tuxedos near me to browse through the available slim fit tuxedos collections.