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If you have an invitation to a black tie event or any formal event where you want to look dressed up then you will have to prepare your tuxedo. Tuxedo is the classiest choice you can make when it comes to mens clothing. It gives you a neat and polished look making it the best for these types of events. Now when it comes to styling the tuxedo there are few things to note. The accessories of the garment should also be on point to make the look truly stunning. Usually cummerbund is work with the tuxedos to give it a complete look. In this article we discuss the cummerbunds and everything you need to know about it before styling it for yourself.

For people who are new to cummerbund or hearing about for the first time we are obliged to explain before proceeding further. Cummerbund is a traditional piece of accessory that is worn with the mens formal wear. This is worn around the waist and it hides the billowing shirt fabric where is tucked into the pants. It covers half of the waistband too thus giving the wearer a neater look. In the early times tuxedo with dress shirt, Mens bow ties and cummerbund was considered the full package. Some people might prefer vests over cummerbunds since it also serves the same purpose. In the end it all depends on the personal choice and taste.

Dusty Rose Self-Tie Bow Tie The cummerbund is said to have originated from India around the mid 1800s. This was the time when the British were ruling over the country and thus the British military personal were stationed there. At that time the British people wore vests under the formal garments but it was no match to the the heat in India. Then the British noted that the Indians wore sashes around their waist which they called as kamarbands since kamar means waist. British people who wanted a break from the heat adopted this sash as a replacement to the vests thus making way for a cooler formal attire.

This style soon spread all over the world. This was the time when tuxedos made an appearance in the Tuxedo Park, New York and with it came the popularization of the accessories related with tuxedos such as bow ties and black vests. With this new black tie dress code came the introduction of the cummerbunds and Mens vests into the formal mens attire. Since then the cummerbunds have become a staple addition in mens formal wear.

Though the original purpose of the formal cummerbunds was to escape the heat now it is used to cover the waist. This is because of the one of the principles of the black tie attire which involves covering every wokring parts of one's ensemble. For example the buttons are covered with satin facing while the shirt buttons have studs and cuff links. Now the function of cummerbund is to cover the waistband of the tuxedo trousers and also hide the awkward bunching of the fabric where it is tucked in.

Now when it comes to styling the cummerbunds with the tuxedos there are certain rules in wearing it properly. Cummerbunds bow ties and tuxedos are considered to be the basis of any formal black tie attire but there is right and wrong way to wear it. The pleats of the cummerbunds should be facing upward when you style it. Also the mens tuxedo cummerbunds should always be worn at the natural waist that is around the level of the navel. The cummerbunds should be half covering the waistband of the trousers and half covering the shirt. Wearing them too high or too low can impair the visual aspect of the outfit.

Red & Grey Stripe Bow Tie Set There are many advantages in wearing the tuxedo cummerbunds other than covering the shirt area and waistband of the tuxedo trousers. Over the years since its origin the cummerbunds have had many uses and some of them are truly fascinating. For example when the British military officials first started out with the cummerbund style they used the upward facing pleats as crumb catchers in the formal dinners. The name has stuck on till now and cummerbunds are sometimes still recognised by the name.

Other than this when the Mens tuxedos became popular among ths British aristocrats they were worn to the symphony and opera shows. At this time the gentlemen used the cummerbunds to hold the ticket stubs instead of rummaging through their pockets. The cummerbunds also have an advantage of giving a slimming look for the wearer. If you are a tall person with a slim waist then the cummerbunds will beautifully accentuate your body shape.

If you are thinking of getting the cummerbunds mens then here are few things that we recommend you to note. First is the fabric of the cummerbunds since it influences the look to a great degree. You can also choose the cummerbunds according to the event you are attending. For example the usual recommendation for you is to go with the satin cummerbunds or the silk cummerbunds since they give out the best look. If you are dressing for a wedding or looking for prom cummerbunds then there is no better choice than the above mentioned ones. But if you are attending a summer event and expect the weather to be scorching then we recommend you to choose wisely and go with the linen cummerbunds so that you don't suffer much from the heat. When you are looking for cheap cummerbunds then you can try out the synthetic fabric ones. Other than these you can also choose to go with the custom cummerbunds when you want something original and detail oriented for the outfit.

There are a lot of styles in the cummerbunds and you can choose the best cummerbunds after going through the styles. You can look through the cummerbund sales available in the online stores and if you want to shop offline you can try the cummerbunds near me option.