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Mens suits are available in a variety of styles and colors but we tend to stick with the usual styles and the subtle colors. Part of the reason is because of the dress codes especially in the workplace but there is another part which inherently makes us believe that the colored suits are hard to pull off. To avoid all this we tend to stick with the neutrals since it satisfies everyone but we also have restriction in that. For example a black suit are one of the most preferred and even a grey one but when it comes to white suits most of us tend to shy away from the choice. White suits are considered to be high fashion and harder to style. But when you know to style it in the right way white suits can be one of your most favorite wardrobe choices. In this article we discuss the mens white suits and everything you need to know so that you can pull off the look.

Mens Long Tuxedo Zoot Suit in White

White is indeed a bright color and we can understand the hesitance of the people to choose it instead of a navy suit. If course you cannot go dressed in a white suit for a regular office day but there are many more events that you attend which are not related to office. In that case instead of suffocating yourself with the same old navy suits and the charcoal grey suits you can give yourself a break and choose the white suits instead. This will give you a new and refreshed look that will help the viewer think that you put some effort into the styling of your garments.

White suits give out a simple and elegant look and when you style it right it can even work as a perfect alternative to the black suits. The white suits because of their simple look also suits most people's body types. But the details of the white suits are the ones that matter for you to achieve the best look while wearing it. While purchasing the mens white suits there are some things that would benefit you a great deal if you select them carefully.

Starting with the shade of the white suits even the phrase looks absurd since white is a neutral color and that means that there is no other shades to it. But when it comes to suits you can try out the different options depending on your need. For example if you are hesitant about pulling off the bright white suit look then you can go with the subtler ones like the cream suits, ivory suits or even the tan suits. These light colored suits will help you get used to this type of clothing and eventually when you feel confident you can go with the white suits mens.

The next thing to note is the fabric of the white suits that you choose to go with. This must depend on the event you are attending and the season at which it is happening. Now we all know that white is a bright color and thus would make your outfit stand out in the crowd. This is the reason why the white suits are not much suited for the winter and fall events. These seasons have a dull vibe about them and it would be best to stick with the darker side of the color spectrum for the suits for these seasons. But when it comes to summer and spring events it is a different story. The brighter months tend to give out a celebratory feel and thus most events are scheduled in these months. White suits are perfect for these events and thus you can make use of the white suits for this season invitations.

Coming back to the fabric of the white suits consider the one in which you will feel comfortable. Bright colors do not tend to absorb much heat and thus you can with the wool white vest suit for a spring event when you consider the weather to be slightly chilly. But if you are attending a full blown summer event then it is best to go with the lightweight fabrics. Also the brighter and lighter colored suits look the best when they are of lighter fabrics. Cotton white suits are considered to be the best pick when you need a garment that looks formal but also keeps you comfortable through the heat. But linen white suits give you the relaxed and laid back vibe that is best suited for the beach parties and such. But beware of the wrinkles in linen since it would be enhanced by the light shade of the suit. If you are still concerned go with the linen suit blended with cotton or silk so that the wrinkling is reduced.

Now we have made it clear that the white suits cannot be worn as workwear and thus they are better suited for the special occasions. In that case you would want to look dressed up for these events especially if you have a role to play or you simply want to make a fashion statement. While the wool and cotton suits will provide you with a standard look you will need a different style to turn eyes. For this we recommend you to go with the luxurious styles like the silk white suits or the sharkskin suits. These style of the suits tend to have a sheen which makes them look richer and gawk worthy. Purchasing a white suit might be a hard decision for most and thus a high price tag might scare away most of the people. Thus if you are a person who is experimenting and would not want to spend a fortune on the style then you can choose the synthetic white suit styles. Polyester white suits and rayon white suits can be great choices and since the light color does not absorb much heat you will not feel too much uncomfortable with the fabric.

Now we can move on to the styling of the white suits but before that we will have to answer the question that would be nagging most people's minds since we mentioned the white suits. Where on earth am I going to wear the white suits? White suits are going to be a fashion statement type style and thus they are not versatile as your navy suits. There are some events for which it is considered inappropriate to wear the white suits. Usually you would hear that the white suits are not allowed for the weddings but this rule started out for the women. The bride is dressed in white and thus the guests should not be wearing the white dresses. As in the case of the white suits you can definitely wear them for the wedding but it would be best for you to avoid going with the full white suits since it might turn the attention on you. Other than this you can wear the white suits for the parties or the events for which you will have to dress up like prom. As for the events for which you should avoid white suits it would best to stay away from it for the interviews and business meetings since there is a chance for the people to not take you seriously when you go with the light colored suits.

Thus when choosing the white suits it would be best for you to consider the type of event and whether it would be appropriate to wear the white suits. Here are some of the ideas for styling the white suits to different events so that you will feel confident in your look. For example if you are attending a dinner event that comes with the white tie dress code then the white suit is the most appropriate look for the event. If you are dressing for this event it would be best for you to style the long tuxedo white suit with a white tuxedo shirt and black bow tie. To complete the look you can add with the white tuxedo suit outfit a pair of black patent leather Oxford shoes or if you are feeling confident go for the white tuxedo loafers.

Other than this when it comes to a formal dinner event and you want to go with the elegant white suit look then there are a lot of options for you to choose from. For a simple but elegant look you can choose to style the vest white classic fit suit with a white dress shirt, tan print vest, silver tie and a multi colored pocket square. To complete the look in the perfect way then you can choose to add with the outfit a pair of dark brown suede loafers. When you go with the 3 piece white suit you have the option of styling the vest with different garments to achieve various looks. You can choose the white suit vest when you need an all white look but you can also change up the vest like in the above white suit outfit style. You can choose the contrasting look depending on the event for which you are styling the outfit. For example if you are looking for white wedding suit especially if you are the groom then instead of the full white suit look you can go with the white suit red vest look since it attracts more attention and gives you a stylish look.

Mens 2 Button Vested Skinny Wool Suit in White

An all white look is something people avoid mostly but if you feeling confident enough you can try going with this style. For this you can choose to style the white suit with a white dress shirt but leave out the tie option. To add a stylish effortlessness to the sharp look you can pair it with black leather double Monks. When you want a little more color to the white suit outfit you can style it with different combining garments other than the usual white dress shirts. For an elegant look you can choose to style the white Slim Fit Suit with a light blue dress shirt, yellow and blue striped tie and a tan pocket square. To complete the look in the perfect way you can add with the outfit a pair of brown leather Oxford shoes.

Usually the single breasted white suits are the best choices when you need a versatile look but if you like to go with a elegant and more formal look then you can go with the double breasted white suits. For a cool style you can style the double breasted white suit with a light grey dress shirt, dove grey single breasted vest and a black pocket square. You can choose to complete the outfit by adding with it a pair of dark brown woven leather derby shoes.

For a cool summer look you can choose to style the white suit coat with a light blue chambray long sleeve shirt. To finish off the outfit you can add some accessories like a pair of navy sunglasses and dark brown leather loafers. For a classy and smart look you can choose to style the 2 button white vest suit with a white and navy striped dress shirt and navy pocket square. To complement the look you can choose to add with the outfit a pair of navy leather double monks.

When you need a casual look with the white suit you can style it with garments like t-shirts and turtlenecks. For an handsome and smart look you can style the white suit formal with a beige crew neck t-shirt. Other than this you can go with the white suit costumes like in Scarface and such especially if you are a movie buff. There are a lot of white suit designs like white mandarin suit that you can try but if you are still not going with the full white suit look then you can go with the separates like the white suit jacket.