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Sharkskin Suits

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For people who are new to the suiting world it is easy to think that you have limited options. With most men being content with their navy and charcoal grey suits, exploring the suiting world is a feat only interested by some. If you truly look into the details you will find that there are a lot of options for you to choose from and all you have to know is be aware of them. In this article we help you take a step further by introducing you to sharkskin suits and everything you need to know about the style before adding it to your wardrobe collection.

For a person who is shopping for their first suit, the name sharkskin might usually bring about all the wrong images. First let us make that clear – Sharkskin suits are not made from the real shark skin or have anything related to harming of the animal. The Sharkskin suits are usually made from woven rayon or acetate. The sharkskin suits have an eye-catching, metallic tone which is the result of basketweaving two colors. The look of the mens sharkskin suits is slick and have a shiny pearlescent texture which makes them look similar to the shark's skin and hence the name.

Mens Modern Fit Shiny Sharkskin Suit in Silver Grey

When choosing the sharkskin suits there are a few things that we would like you to note. First selecting the type of the sharkskin suits is important since it influences the look of the outfit to a great deal. For example if you want a impressive garment that would make you stand out then you should go with natural Sharkskin suits which usually involved fabrics like silk or alpaca. But if you want a cheaper and more modern look then you can choose to go with the sharkskin suits that are made of the artificial fibers.

The sharkskin suits is not a recent style and have been in menswear for a long time now. It came into use in the mid 1900s and was greatly popular among the working men. Some of the famous people like Harry S. Truman and many of the Hollywood celebrities loved the style and soon it became one of the most preferred style in the United States. The style then became popular among the disco and party goers in the 1970s and since then it has been in and out of style.

If you want a sharp and sleek outfit then you should definitely try your hand with the mens suit. The fabric has undergone much changes in all these years and we are sure that you can find a style that is of desirable match to you. The sharkskin suits has a cool and sleek look that is best suited for the special occasions like the weddings and dinner events.

If you are thinking of trying out the sharkskin suits but do not know the naunces of it then we are here to help. Here are some of the ideas which we think might help you find the right one. Though the sharkskin suits are definitely flashier than your usual suits you need not treat it much differently. While they would look the best for the events like weddings and such you can also style them for work events. If you are having a work dinner and do not want to show up in your usual navy suit then you can choose to go with the 2 piece sharkskin suit and then pair it with appropriate combining garments.

As for the color of the Sharkskin suits they usually come in shades of grey and you can choose the one that would suit your need the best. If you are looking for a formal style that can be versatile then we would recommend you to go with the dark shades of the sharkskin suits. But if you are looking for a garment that you can wear to the casual events in summer or spring then you can choose to go with the lighter shades of the grey suits. Grey being a neutral color it is easier to style them with different colored combining garments. Thus you have a wide range of styling options with the Sharkskin suits.

If you are looking for a formal and standard look then you can style the peak lapel Sharkskin suit with a white dress shirt and a dark brown tie. You can complete the look by adding with the outfit a pair of dark brown suede Chelsea boots. For a cool smart casual look you can choose to style the Sharkskin dress suit with a white long sleeve shirt and white pocket square. To step up the look of your outfit instantly you can add with it a pair of dark brown leather loafers.

If you are dressing for a special occasion like a wedding you can go with the Sharkskin suits shiny styles. For a sharp and sophisticated look you can style the Sharkskin suits mens with a white dress shirt, burgundy tie and hot pink pocket square. To complete the look you can add with the outfit a pair of dark brown leather loafers. If you are the groom and want to look your best you can choose to style the satin sharkskin suit with a white dress shirt and navy Paisley tie. To complete the outfit you can add with it a pair of navy leather loafers.

The fit of the Sharkskin suits is another important factor that you will have to note. Choose the right fit that would be perfect for your body type. If you are tall a tall and lean person then you can go with the slim fit suits. But if you want a more versatile style which you can style for both formal and casual events you can go with modern fit sharkskin suits. If you want to take it slow then you can start with first getting used to styling the Sharkskin suit jacket and then move to the full suit look.