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Traditional Dinner Jackets

If you are a person who likes to notice the changes in fashion you would have noted that though people speak favorably of casual garments when a formal event turns up everyone goes back to the tuxedos and the dinner jackets. This is because of the fact that dressing up makes us feel better given that we look better. But most people argue that the formal clothing market is stuck in the past and needs evolving. But it is the styling ideas that needs evolving given that the dress codes are being constantly relaxed. In this article we discuss the traditional dinner jackets and some of the stylish ways in which you can style them for modern looks.

Mens One Button Shawl Collar Dinner Jacket White

The traditional dinner jacket and the tuxedos have been the most preferred formal styles when it comes to the dinner events and other special occasions. Most people opt to rent out the tuxedos and the traditional dinner jackets since there aren't many events that happen in an year that require you to show up in dinner jacket. Also most wear the traditional mens dinner jacket in the same way and thus do not see much use to have it in their wardrobe. People who already have it in their collection take it once or twice in a year.

Traditional dinner jackets are worn usually with a white tuxedo shirt, a bow tie and a pair of tuxedo pants. While this is the best look for the events that come with black tie dress code it does not mean that the traditional dinner jackets are only capable of this. For people who think that the traditional dinner jackets are boring there are a lot of new looks you can try with this garment. If you learn to style it right the traditional dinner jacket might be one of the most versatile pieces in your wardrobe.

Before we go into the details of this creative styling of the traditional dinner jackets mens it would be best for you to know some details which would help you pick out the best garment – since you will need a dinner jacket to style it. The first thing that you will have to note is the fabric of the traditional dinner jackets. This greatly influences the look of the outfit on the whole but most importantly the comfort of the wearer. Now the choice must depend upon the nature of the event you are attending and look that you require.

For example when you need a simple and subtle look then you should choose to go with the wool dinner jackets or the cotton dinner jackets. But when you are the groom of the wedding or the guest of honor for the event then this simply would not be a good look. These cases require special styles and some of the best picks are the velvet dinner jackets and silk dinner jackets. The natural sheen of the material along with the right styling would provide you a stunning look that is best for the said event.

As for the styles of the traditional dinner jackets there are smaller details like the type of lapels and dinner jacket fit. For example the peak lapel dinner jackets are considered to be the most formal but when you need a dressier look you should go with the shawl collar dinner jackets. Take some time to know the importance of these details and then choose the ones that would best suit your need.

Coming back to the styling of the traditional dinner jackets we all know the black tie attire which would be the perfect look for the most formal events. But when you attend an event that does not mention any dress codes then you should try something creative instead of sticking with the usual styling. These days most events have relaxed dress codes which lets you be creative with your outfit.

Here are some ideas on how to style the traditional dinner jackets differently yet make the look work. If you are trying out the casual style for the first time after sticking with the formal styling for a long time then it might make you anxious and self conscious about the outfit. Thus you can start slow by going with the traditional dinner jacket with dinner jacket shirts and tuxedo pants but leave out the bow tie. Instead of the tie you can choose to add a silk scarf with patterns.

The next thing you can try with the traditional dinner jacket style is to go all black. If you own a dinner jacket then it most probably is black. The usual black and white look turns boring at a point and at that time you can pair the black traditional shawl dinner jacket with a black silk dress shirt, black jacket vest and a pair of black tuxedo pants. This look gives you a posh look and would be perfect for parties and such.

Mens One Button Contrast Shawl Collar Dinner Jacket Burgundy & Gold

Other than the dress shirts you can also style the dinner jacket blazer with lightweight knit wear to achieve a more laid back and comfortable style. For example a 1 button dinner jacket paired with a merino crew neck knitwear, a pair of chinos and chukka boots would be a great style when you want a casual yet stylish look.

If you are feeling experimental drop the usual solid dinner jackets style and try the modern ones like the patterned dinner jacket tuxedos and such. There are a lot of options in the patterned dinner jackets and you can choose the one which would suit the event you are attending. For example if it is a formal and classy event then we would recommend you to choose the Paisley Sequin Dinner Jackets but if you want a more fun type of style then you can go with the dinner jacket floral. You can go through the available styles of dinner jackets online or you can choose to use the traditional dinner jackets near me option.