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Alberto Nardoni

Mens Classic Vested Zoot Suit in Navy


Sick of all those short coats? Just want to put a little 1920's in your step? Well our classic vested zoot suit is the perfect option for you. This 7 button, full length jacket comes in a fantastic navy microfiber with a matching vest, and traditional cut pleated pants. The pants come with a six inch drop. That means if you subtract six inches from your jacket size you will determine your pant size. This means if you order a coat size of 42R the pants will be a 36. All pants are tailor adjustable, and can be let out 2 inches or taken in up to 4 inches. So those aforementioned 36W pants can adjust from 32-38. The pants also come unfinished at the bottom, so you can have them hemmed to the perfect length by a tailor or dry cleaner once you receive them.