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With the pandemic cornering us with the boredom we have turned to the films and TV plays. Netflix and chill have been a daily routine now and with that we have going through all the possible shows. It helps us keep our mind off the serious things and there are a lot of things to note. One among them is the costumes of the characters in the show. It gives you a time to breakdown the styles and you can even reproduce the style when you get the chance. In this article we discuss the various mens TV costumes that are popular and everything you need to know about the style.

When we mention Tv shows we cover some popular shows regardless of the time it was released. Depending on the look that you prefer you can choose the right style of these mens Tv costumes. Starting with a iconic show from the golden 90s which is Miami vice. This was the American crime series that created quite a fanbase at that time. If you have watched friends then you would know that Chandler and Joey were diehard fans of this show. The costumes of this show were mostly based on the 1980s new wave culture. Also the miami vice was recognized for its perfect integration of the pop music with the stylish costumes. This made the Miami vice costume one of the iconic style for the people at that timeline.

When you want to go into the details of the Miami vice costume most of the male characters have the same type of the costumes. But one that captured most attention is the don Johnson's costume. The heart throb of that time with his stylish costumes made the headlines in the fashion world at that time. For the mens Don Johnson costume you will have to go for the eighties style. These mens tv costumes also incorporated pastels and bright colors when compared to other shows. This mens tv costumes created a lot of trends at that time and here is some of the details to note about the classic mens tv costume.

For the mens Don Johnson costume it would be best for you to choose a bright colored or pastel colored suit and then pair it with dark colored shirt and patterned tie when you need a formal style. But when you need a more casual style then you can choose to style the light colored Miami vice suit with a tank or t-shirt. Also it is a nice touch to roll up the sleeves of the suit jacket so that the lining shows. Here are some of the styles that you can try out when you want to go with the Miami vice mens tv costumes.

Mens Don Johnson Miami Vice White Suit Costume

If you are going to dress for the Halloween or the costume party it would be best for you to first choose the right style for you and then proceed with it. For example when it comes to mens Don Johnson costume he sticks with pastel colors and lighter shades for most part. For the iconic don Johnson costume style you can choose to go with the white suit and then pair it with colored t-shirt or tanks. For the t-shirt you can go with the black tshirts or you can opt for shades like the light blue t-shirt or pastel pink t-shirt. But if you are more into basic style and hesitant about trying the white suit then you can go with the dark suit like the brown jacket with dark brown t-shirt and a pair of dark brown trousers. Other than this you can also double reference by going dressed in the chandler and Ross's Miami vice prom attire. In this Ross is seen wearing a bright blue suit with a bright yellow t-shirt and chandler goes with the white suit and burnt orange t-shirt. To further enhance this mens tv costume style you can choose to go with styling your hair in the slicked back look with one or two strands slipping away artistically. Also the mens tv costume would look better when you add some bling to the outfit with the chains and bracelets.

The next style that we are going to discuss is a more recent one which is the peaky blinders. The stylish criminal gang has swiped us off our feet in many ways. The storyline of the show makes it worth for binge watching but the fashion lovers are also in for a treat. This mens tv costume style is based on the 1920s and 1930s fashion but the real success is to make the recent generation to consider the style as fashionable. The trademark style of the peaky blinders has captured the attention for understated monotone palette along with the stylish details.

Now starting with the basic peaky blinders suit costume you will have to go with some of the details to make it authentic. When you need the basic style without too much of the detailing then you should acquire a three piece suit, Oxford boots, heavy overcoat and a newsboy cap. The gang started out as working class and thus the monochrome color of the suits is justified. As the show progresses and the wealth status of the gang also changes the suits become nicer but the monochrome palette remains the same. This might be to show their loyalty to their society and their cause.

The mens peaky blinder costume shows their vested suit which was the prevalent style of that time. The heating system was not as advanced as it is now and people opted to wear the vests even in their homes to ward off the cold. Also the vests were considered to be a standard addition to the daily attire and people who stepped out without the vests were considered to be underdressed. Now if you are quite taken with the peaky blinders mens tv costume then you can go into the details of the costume.

When you decide on the peaky blinders costume and want to execute this to perfection then you can pin any one of the character's style. While all of the Shelby brothers go with the classic and standard style there are a few perks and details which sets them apart from each other. When you get these details right you can easily choose to go with the mens tv costume style of your favorite character. Other than this it can also come in handy when you are looking for outfits that you can execute with your gang for any of the costume parties or Halloween.

Tommy Shelby is the main character and it is hard not to fall in love with Cillian Murphy literally living the character on the show. He is the stylish kingpin of Birmingham but his style is more on the muted side unlike most of the gangsters flashy looks. He sticks with the peaky blinders suit costume but there are several differences in his style. For example he is the only one who goes with the forward swept hair on the forehead while the rest of the gang goes with the slicked back style. Other than this he is also the only one who wears an overcoat with a black velvet half collar. On the whole he is a leader who does not have to exert his authority with the clothing and instead does it with his actions.

When you want to go with mens Thomas Shelby suit here are some ideas which might help you get the look. At the start Tommy goes with the typical style of three piece tweed suit paired with detachable collar shirt with no neckwear. Detachable collar shirt is another major style of the 20s and 30s especially among the working class men. People who worked manual labor did not have the provision of going with different white shirts for every day and this was hard since the collars gets dirtied easily. Thus the detachable collar shirts where the collars can be removed, washed separately and then attached to the shirt was invented. This style eventually went out of style but it is one of the key styles of that time. As the series progresses Tommy Shelby gets to wear more neckwear. You can choose knit ties or tone on tone ties, patterns or not depending on your style since he tries almost all styles through the show.

Mens Don Draper Solid Charcoal Grey Suit

As for the color of the mens tv costume stick with the muted colors when it comes to Tommy Shelby costume. Grey Thomas Shelby outfit along with a penny collar shirt or a club collar shirt would work. Other than this you can also see the character wearing Patterns now and then especially the stripes. If you want this classic and retro look then you can choose the Thomas Shelby pinstripe suit or you can go with the striped shirt that is often seen wearing. Other than this you can also go with the Thomas Shelby herringbone suit with standard notch lapels when you need a more subtle look. To further make the look convincing add with the Thomas Shelby costume outfit a classic newsboy cap preferably in grey and a vest chain.

Now if you want to go with the Arthur Shelby mens tv costume then you can choose the garments that are little rougher around the edges. For the Arthur Shelby vested suit it is best to go with a tweed one in the muted colors. A three piece dark green suit or a brown suit with the standard notch lapels would be a great choice to perfectly reproduce this mens tv costume. While all the basic styles of the peaky blinders costume remain the same for Arthur Shelby to give it the signature look you should go with the bow tie instead of the long one.

For a little more stylish and more banker type look you can choose the cousin Michael costume outfit. For this you can go with the Michael gray 1920s vested suit or the navy pinstripe suit paired with a white dress shirt and burgundy tie. While he habors an obvious admiration for Tommy his style is a little different than the rest of the gang. He almost never wears the signature newsboy cap of the gang and he also wears his hair different.

As for the younger members of the Shelby family there is also a good potential for mens tv costume outfit. For John Shelby vested suit style you can choose a bold glen check suit and then pair it with a light blue striped shirt with club collars. He leaves out the tie option and instead his suits notch lapels are wider than usual. As for the signature details you can wear the newsboy cap at a rakish angle and then a pinkie ring to top it all. Other than these you can also go with the Finn shelby 3 piece suit or the villain's look depending on your need. Whichever the peaky blinders suit costume you choose make sure to add the standard heavy peaky blinders trench coat or the overcoat to make the style complete.

As for mad men mens tv costume there are a lot of options for you to choose. The 1960s style trend came into light with this series and suddenly the tight fitted gray suits and spread collar shirts came back into style. Mens Don draper costume is fun to put together since you will need a body hugging aggressively masculine suit which emphasizes your shoulders but the colors and the patterns are usually muted and understated.

The last style is from the movie gentlemen which came out in 2020. The costume of Colin farrell garnered much attention and would be perfect for cosplay. When you want to go with the mens Colin Farrell costume then you can choose a cotton blue checkered suit and then pair it with a white crew neck t-shirt.