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Mens shirts might be the most underrated garments in the clothing industry. Most of the people tend to focus more on the jackets and pants while the shirts remain forgotten. But with the rise in the use of smart casuals and casuals it is time to bring back the focus on the mens shirts. It is common knowledge that there are varieties in mensshirts and different ways to style them. Thus when you go purchasing for it make sure to try starting with options like see all shirts in the web and then try to know more about the styles available. Only if you know the options you will find the style that suits you the best.

We all know the basics of the shirts and the structure of it and thus we will straight move on to the different styles that you need to have in your wardrobe. There are various details that you will have to note while purchasing the mens shirts. Thus think about the event for which you are getting the see all shirts and then make the best pick. Here are some of our recommendations for the shirts that you should definitely consider adding to your collection.

Mens Cotton Blend Mandarin Shirt

We will start with the most formal look that you will find in the market which is the mens tuxedo shirts.They give out a formal look and most might consider to be the same as the usual dress shirts but there are a lot of differences involved when you look closer. Tuxedo shirts are definitely more formal than the usual dress shirts and the placing of the buttons is the one that indicates the difference. There are various styles of the tuxedo shirts available in the market and you can make your choice according to your taste and need.

If you are a person who loves minimalism and do not like the flashy styles then we suggest you to go with the plain front tuxedo shirts.These come with the usual look and thus would be the perfect look for the formal tuxedos. Another thing that is a must with the tuxedo shirts is that they should come with French cuffs. French cuff tuxedo shirt is the one that is considered to be the traditional look for pairing with the tuxedos. Thus if you go with the usual cuffed tuxedo shirts your outfit might not be approved by the conventional dressers.

On the other hand if you are a person who loves flashy looks then you can go with the classic ruffle tuxedo shirts. These shirts come with the ruffles in the front of the shirt and was extremely popular in the precious century. But as we move fast towards minimalistic outfits there are very less percentage of people who prefer the ruffled tuxedo shirt style over the plain front tuxedo shirts.

The collar of the tuxedo shirts is another important detail that you should note. Usually wing collar tuxedo shirts are the ones that are most recommended but there are other options too. The collar of the tuxedo shirts frame your face and thus it would be best if you choose one that suits your face type. For example if you have a round face then you can choose to go with the point collar dress shirts while people who have narrow faces can go with the spread collar tuxedo shirts.

The fabric of the mens all shirts induce a lot of factors and thus we recommend you to choose it with care especially of you are going to wear it under jackets. Cotton shirts are most recommended since they can keep you cool throughout the day even when you wear it under garments. If the weather is not too hot and you think you can manage better then you can go with the mens cotton blend shirts. Blended cotton shirts with synthetic materials would not provide you with the same comfort as the full cotton shirts but if you are choosing it for an office day which you spend most inside an air conditioned room then the blended look would be sufficient. People who consider the all cotton shirts to be expensive can go with these blended shirts since they have a reduced price range. If you want a more dressy look then you can choose to go with mens dress shirts.

Moving on to the dress shirts there are different choices but make sure that you choose the one with the right fit since it influences the look a great deal. Depending on how you are intending to use it you can choose the right fit of the dress shirts. For example if you are getting a shirt that you want to wear with the formal garments like suit jackets and blazers then we would suggest you to go with mensmodern fit dress shirts. But if you are looking for a shirt that you can wear with the jeans and chinos without the jacket then you can go with the mensslimfit dress shirts. Custom made dress shirts give out a good look but it might be hard for people who want shirts at cheaper price.

Oxford button down shirt is the one that is most preferred when it comes to formal look. Other than this you can also choose other styles of the formal dress shirts. White dress shirts are the best but you can also choose to go with the light blue dress shirts and pale pink dress shirts. Darker the color of the dress shirts more casual it becomes.

Now if you are purchasing for a casual shirt our first recommendation is the one that is mostly ignored by men – mensmandarin shirts.Banded mandarin shirts come with the stand up round collar that makes it more casual and laid back. There is even the option of going with Mandarin Collar Shirts. Go through different styles of see all shirts and then make your pick.