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Funeral Suits

As you know, you have to pay last respect to a loved one, friend, or relative at the funeral. At the funeral, you interact with different people. It’s a formal event, so you have to wear the most respectful suit.If you are looking for what to wear at a funeral, show the respect you hold for the person you mourn. You must have to put on a suit on this occasion.

Usually, a classic black suit is worn for a funeral, but people prefer vibrant colors to celebrate the dead’s life. If you don’t want to wear other colors, we suggest wearing a classic black funeral suit. Please have a look at our best formal funeral suit collection. It is always best for those who are organizing the funeral or speak to some of your friends or family that will also be attending.

You may have a favorite flashy tie or colorful accessory that looks great with your dark suit, but this isn’t the time to look stylish because it’s the time of grief. Switch with a white shirt, dark tie, and black socks. Otherwise, it will look like you’re trying to detract from the event.

We have a wide collection of funeral suits with different styles and fit. We are providing three types of fits in the funeral collection.



A classic fit suit is recognizable in its large cut over the chest and waist, leaving the wearer with ample room for suppleness and comfort. However, these styles of funeral suits are less productive than a slim or modern fit. Our funeral suit shapes the body fine and should not be loose. The pants in a classic fit suit are even fitted and sit on the waistline.


Slim fit suits are well fitted much closer to the body and don’t consume any extra fabric. But you don’t have to worry about comfort because our slim fit funeral suits are also skin-friendly and comfortable. The pants in a slim fit suit are straight-legged and fit the leg closely always sit below the waist.


A modern fit suit falls down the middle of a classic and slim fit. Our modern fit funeral suits are not close to the body as a slim fit, not tighter fit than a classic.

Not only that fits and style, but we are also offering a variety of colors in the funeral suits collection at MenstuxedoUSA. You can opt for a funeral dress according to your preference. Most people would go for black color, a symbol of death, sorrow, or mourning. On the other hand, if you want to wear white color, go for a Men’s high-quality funeral suit in white.

The best alternative for a black funeral suit is a grey suit, which is popular among people who wish to put their suits for everyday use. Charcoal grey or navy blue funeral suit is okay as well.

When making the final choice on which color to wear at the funeral, it would be appropriate that you go with the cultural and traditional prospects. Shop our mighty collection of the funeral suit at an affordable price.

Mens Slim Fit Funeral Suit Charcoal

We always worry about our clothing being appropriate for the event we are attending. But in most cases we are mostly focused on the formal events that concerns our work or sometimes weddings and such. One event that often gets ignored or tactically avoided is the funeral. It is a grim topic that we all want to avoid but this is one of the events you should be dressing carefully for, arguably even more than the weddings or any happy events. You will have enough articles to guide you through these but when it comes to funerals both the options and guidance is much lower. Thus we in this article will guide you through the appropriate funeral suits or funeral attire and how you can pull through the event without feeling awkward.

The reason why dressing for a funeral feels hard for a person is that it is a grim event and any mishap in your clothing might translate to disrespect to the dead or worse the remaining family members. Thus there is a pressure of looking appropriate in the clothing that you wear while you pay your respects for the dead. While there is no extravaganza involved (not even an ounce) with the funeral suits it might be better if you have one suit that is set apart for these events to be the funeral suit exclusively.

Now before going into the picking and styling of the mens funeral suits you should know the overall idea of a funeral. You are paying your last respects for a person who has passed away but you should do it without attracting too much attention to yourself. Thus the funeral suits or any clothing that you select to the wearing should reflect this thought process. Go with the most subtle and simple look that you can get from your wardrobe. Over the years the funeral attire has become more casual but when you follow the above advice and look through your wardrobe most people would end up with casual clothing like tshirts and sweats. But these are again going to disrespect the service since this is the another extreme when compared to showing up in a flashy suit. Thus we would recommend you to keep things moderate and choose a funeral suit that would be respectful.

History of funeral suits and etiquette

Funeral attire has been a thing for a long time now. It has been changing in the details but the main concept still remains the same. For example people in Victorian era not only had amens suits funeral attire to be worn to the funeral but also had an attire that they wore during the mourning period. They mostly wore black for the funeral but if the dead is a close relative like a parent or a spouse they carried out a mourning period of about 6 months during which they went into half mourning. During this time the men dressed in gray while the women went with mauve clothing.

After this the funeral suits etiquette changed and instead of the mourning clothing people started to wear funeral bands which indicated that they are still in the mourning of their loved ones. Now there is no particular mourning attire and funeral suits are all there is.

Choosing the mens funeral suits

When you are choosing the funeral mens suits there might be many thoughts in your head and it is definitely easy to get carried off and get confused about the choice. If you are caught up in this swirl then simply think about what you will wear to a job interview and then go with the same choice since it would be considered appropriate. Now here are some more recommendations and tips on how better to choose the funeral suit mens.

1. Keep the color dark

One basic rule that no one would refute is the funeral suits colour. The suit that you choose to attend a funeral should be very dark in color and you don’t have to consider the season at which you are attending the event. This is one thing that most men confuse them selves with. We are taught to choose our suits color depending on the season. Dark for winter and fall while light colors for summer and spring. But this does not apply for the funerals since it is only appropriate to go with the dark colored funeral suits all the time.

Mens Savvy Slim Vested Funeral Suit Black

Black suits are the ones that are most preferred and they can be worn in the mornings when it is for the funerals. Black suits are the ultimate formal choice and the color also suits the mourning nature of the event. Black also has been the natural choice for the funerals and if you want a safe choice then we would recommend you to stick with the mens black funeral suits.

But if you don’t have a black suit or cannot get your hands on one at the right time then you can move on with the dark colored funeral suits. Dark navy funeral suits and Charcoal grey funeral suits are some of the best alternatives to the black funeral suits. Go with the darkest shade that you can find and one which closes on the black color. These are the only three colors that we think are appropriate to be worn to a funeral. Never choose colors that would draw attention to your outfit even if they are dark in shade. For example maroon and dark green are shades that are dark but they still turn heads and you do not want that for a funeral. Thus keep your funeral suits dark and subtle.

2. Style of the suits

Mens 2 Button Modern Fit Funeral Suit Navy Blue

There are different choices in the suits and most of the time we choose the ones that look great upon us or in which we feel comfortable in. This can be the case with the funeral suits too but focus more on the comfortable part.

As for the style of the suits both single breasted suits and double breasted suits are considered to be appropriate to be worn to the funerals. But know that double breasted suits are dressier than the single breasted suits. Thus it would be best if you stick with single breasted funeral suits or single breasted blazers. Also choose good quality suits that aren’t too tattered and this is the reason why we insist on having a suit that is reserved for the funerals.

You don’t have to go with high funeral suit costs like going all out with the designer funeral suits. Instead choose the ones with appropriate costs. Off the rack funeral suits would be a good choice but make sure to go with a nicely fitting choices. Avoid flashy ones like skinny suits since they again attract attention. Slim fit suits and modern fit funeral suits would be a good choices if you are a tall and lean person. If you are on the bigger side then you can go with the regular fit funeral suits and classic fit funeral suits. The fit do not have to be flaunting your body type too much and should be decent.

3. Keep the shirt simple

Funeral suits aren’t enough and you will have to choose appropriate combining garments to be worn with it. Choose the dress shirt that would be subtle and simple. The standard choice would be to go with the white dress shirts since they pair well with almost any colored suits.

For example if you are going with black suits then we would recommend you to stick with the white dress shirt. Light blue dress shirt could be an alternative if you can’t find your white dress shirt. French cuffs give out a formal look but know that they are usually worn with the tuxedos and thus it would be better to avoid it. Other than this there is also the option of going all black with the black dress shirt. But know that the all black outfit can sometimes look dressier and unless you have no choice do not take the risk. Also whichever dress shirt you choose to pair with the funeral suits make sure that it is clean, properly washed and ironed.

4. Shoes and accessories

Again the mantra here is to be simple and formal. Thus when choosing the shoes go with the most basic choice that you have in your collection. Black leather Oxford shoes is the best choice that you have since almost every man has one and thus it would not stand out too much. Other than this you can also choose to go with the black leather brogues since they are also formal and appropriate. Stick with the shoes with laces and avoid loafers or monk straps since they look a little bit too stylish for the event like funeral.

The accessories that can be worn with the funeral suit should also be kept at minimum. Some of the appropriate accessories that can be worn with the funeral suits are ties, pocket squares and a watch. Other than this you can add sun glasses if the light is too much on the outdoor services and as for the jewellery it would not be appropriate to wear anything other than your wedding band (if there is one).

Picking of the funeral suits can be easy since there is not much to do than to pick out a black or charcoal suit. But when it comes to the ties there are a lot of choices and thus it can get confusing. Thus here are some of our recommendations for the ties that you can wear with the funeral suits. The basic recommendation is to keep the color of the tie dark. Always go with the long ties and it would be never appropriate to wear bow ties.

Mens High Quality 2 Button Wool Funeral Suit in White

Our first recommendation of ties to be paired with the funeral suits is the black solid tie. This is the most basic choice and you cannot go wrong with this especially for a funeral. If you are going with a plain black suit and white dress shirt then this would be the best choice. The next recommendation is the black tone on tone tie. This is a step up from the plain black tie but is still a basic look in which you can feel comfortable in.

Other than these you can also go with the black patterned ties but make sure that they are not too extravagant in their design. In any case you shouldn’t go with the bright colors and patterns that would stand out too much. If you do not have a black tie then you can go with the plain charcoal gray tie or the navy ties.

As for the pocket squares it would be never useful than for a funeral. The interesting back story of the pocket squares is that they were kind of a second kerchief that the men offered when a women started crying. Now there is no real need for the pocket squares but when it comes to funerals there is going to be a lot of tears shed and finally pocket squares can serve their purpose.

You would now know that there is no better choice for the best funeral suits than to go with black. Thus the argument that black suits are dying cannot be true atleast to a certain degree. After you have decided on the funeral suit attire make sure that you have a respectable expression. Funeral is not the place to catch up with old friends or relatives. This is a long shot but if there is any tradition that the family of the deceased follows during the funeral make sure to respect that and maybe indulge in that too. Other than this you can also get a bouquet when attending this funeral since it is polite gesture.